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Star Wars Black Series: Boba Fett 6 inch figure

I was a little bit on the reluctant side to spend so much money for what would ultimately be a scaled-up version of a figure I already have  a bunch of, but I was pretty sure it would be darn cool to have such a large scale Boba Fett.

Standing tall, he comes with his jetpack, blaster, and blaster rifle.  His cape is made of fabric.  It is pretty stiff, but I am glad it is fabric.

There is a lot of paint detail on him.  I figured if I were to only get one figure from this line, he would be a good one to go with.  Han was my other choice, but Boba won out with a better all-around sculpt.  All of his buckles are painted.  His jet pack and his helmet have a lot of weathering on them.

He has some great articulation.   Double joints in the knees make for some dynamic flight poses.

Now, why couldn’t Playmates make a Shredder that is THIS tall?  This is a perfect size to go up against the Turtles.  Boy, Leo looks pissed at Boba.

You know Boba is good with the ladies.  He is a little tall for these two, but come on, who wouldn’t be short around a couple of Amazon types?


DC Comics Bishoujo Statue: Power Girl

Happy end of 2012.  One last review to celebrate the end of the year.  Today, we are going to look at the Kotobukiya statue of Power Girl.  One of my favorite female DC characters, due to the fact that she is a fish out of water.   Showing up from Earth-2, an alternate version of Supergirl.

Power Girl is in a dynamic pose, showing off her muscles.  The colors of her costume are really well done.  Shiny boots, gloves, and outfit.  Slightly dulled cape.   Her skin tone is fantastic, with shadows added to all of the right places.

Her face is really well done.  Not a hair out of place.  She has slightly mussed hair.

Her base is really well done.  Textured metal floor with “Power Girl” written in it.   The base is awfully large.   I don’t think there is anything about the figure that needed such a large base.  Her cape actually comes off the back side a bit, making the footprint of the figure much larger. It does make it troublesome to find a place to display her.

Along with the other Bishoujo figures, this one is really well done.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I was a little worried since I had been looking forward to her coming out for quite a while.  She makes the grade.

Lots more pictures on my Flickr page.   Click on any picture to go to my page.

See you in the new year, lots more good stuff on the way.

MLiS: Infinite Crisis Power Girl

Spotlight on: Infinite Crisis Power Girl

After a nearly four year hunt, I have finally gotten my hands on the Infinite Crisis Power Girl.

To me, this is one of the Holy Grails of action figures. DC has a great handle on creating most of their women, and this one does not disappoint. The most important part of the figure to me is in the face. Does the face look like the character they are supposed to represent? Does the figure look like a female?

Thankfully, in the design of the Infinite Crisis Power Girl, the answer is, yes she does.

This is a well designed figure based on the art of Phil Jimenez, and sculpted by John G. Mathews. (The back of the packaging lists the sculptor as Jon G. Matthews, but I could only find a John G. Mathews)

One of the nice features of the figure is the title in the packaging becoming the stand for the figure. The REALLY nice part is that she was designed well enough, with strong enough legs to be able to stand on her own.

There is only one drawback to the figure I could find. The left arm cannot be raised all the way since her shield gets in the way. It is fine for normal posing, but it does hinder a flight pose.


The idea of Power Girl is as alluring as the design of her outfit. She has had a strange and disjointed start to her existence. Power Girl, aka, Kara Zor-L, came into being in the first part of 1976 in All Star Comics #58.

She was a member of the Earth-2 story idea that helped to explain how silver age and golden age characters could interact with one another.  It was hard to explain how the JSA and the JLA could be in a book together.

This created all kinds of problems when Crisis on Infinite Earths destroyed the Earth-2 continuity.  Kara became the granddaughter of Arion.

When Infinite Crisis came about, her origin was restored.  This was a good thing for continuity, but a problem for the character, as there was already an Earth-1 version of her as Supergirl.

Most recently, her fame from Infinite Crisis, and Justice Society of America really brought her the A-list, and she was given her own series in 2009:

The first collection will be available on April 20th, called: A New Beginning.  I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Over all this is one really  nice figure.  Well designed and executed well.  What do you think?  Have thoughts on a better figure of Kara’s?

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