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Transformers: Generations, Bruticus

Sometime it is hard enough to find a figure that I want for a collection.  When that one figure becomes 5 figures, it becomes quite difficult.  To go along with the Fall of Cybertron game, the Generations line of Transformers is presenting Bruticus.  Five figures formed into one giant robot.

In the not so distant past, Hasbro tried to give us combiners in the form of Power Core Combiners.  One Transformer with four drones that would attach and make a slightly larger robot.  This ain’t that!   We have five independent figures of normal size that are able to combine and form a REALLY large robot.  We are going to start with the five figures, and then we will look at this guy all together.


The torso of Bruticus, Onslaught is known to be pretty tough.  He is a well designed Cybertronian version.  The only letdown in his robot mode are his forearms.  He is so tough all over, but the arms are a little weak looking.   As the torso, we have seen other figures with giant knobs sticking out in weird places.  For Onslaught, he has two knobs, one on each shoulder that don’t really stick out that far, and don’t detract from his appearance.   He also has two knobs on the back of his knees, but those are really out of the way until they are needed.

He comes with a big gun that is hollow underneath, and detracts from the overall appearance a bit, but it is light and easy for him to hold.  The gun attaches to the back of Bruticus in a few different places, thus the need for the hollow back.

Blast Off:

Blast Off on first appearance is very purple and very yellow.  At least they are complimentary colors and work well together.  Blast Off, has the look of a Knight.  The chest plate looks like a knight’s visor, and he has big shoulders with the fins.  I really like the look of the robot mode.  Add in two blaster pistols (I love dual blaster pistols) and we have quite a guy.

In vehicle mode, he becomes a very well done space ship.  Everything fits tightly together, taking away any of the extra pieces that reveal he is a robot.


Vortex  is probably my least favorite of the five.  I am not a huge fan of his colors. Other than that, he is okay.   He looks good in his robot mode. He has hollow legs that are very apparent.  In vehicle mode, he is a helicopter.  Nothing special there either.   Not the best helicopter we have seen from Hasbro, but it is fine.  I do like the flip-out gun on the front. That was a nice extra touch.


Swindle, here we go with purple and yellow again.  Still okay.  Especially since this seems to be Swindles trademark color as of late.  In the Animated series he was purple and a more off-yellow tan sort of color.  And there would be no way THAT Swindle would be a team player.  But as a leg, I am sure this Swindle would definitely play nice.

He has a really weird design for his torso.  His head is way up there, and detracts from his overall appearance.  In vehicle mode, he is a tough looking vehicle.  Wide wheels and a sturdy stance.


I was so surprised at how skinny Brawl was… and small.  He is usually tough and big and break-em-all.  The last time we saw him, he was a massive tank on the Transformers movies.  This Brawl looks like he is a little less brawn and a little more brain.   He is a good looking figure.  He has the giant cannons on his back, so he has a bit of the turtle look to him.   Not much you can do with that.

The Cybertronian tank is a neat design.   Going with a hover tank over a standard treaded tank.   The turret turns all the way around.


The moment you have been waiting for.  Five Decepticons come together to form on giant Bruticus.   A return of the original from 1985.   All five characters that originally formed Bruticus are once again thrust together to create one massive robot.

Standing together you can see the slight size differences.   Onlsaught, in the middle is the tallest, and rightfully so as the torso.  Swindle (yellow on the right) and Brawl (Green on the left) make up the two legs.  It is funny to see them standing together and see such a size difference between them, but ultimately they fold up to the same height.   Then we have the two fliers making up the arms.   The size difference is not too different, but when they are in arm mode, they are quite different looking arms.

He is big, he is colorful, and he makes a statement.   He has movement all over the place, from shoulders to torso.  Knees and hips.   He is not just a block of colorful plastic in this form, he is a GIANT Transformer.

In case you were wondering, all seven weapons combine as well and become a “sonic blaster.”

And for those who were wondering just how big Bruticus is, here he is to Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime.  Bruticus is HUGE!!!

And for those of you who were turned off by the Power Core Combiners, here is a relationship shot between one of the PCC and Bruticus.  He is about twice as tall, and he stays together until you take him apart.  No more legs randomly falling off.

There you have it.  The hunt has begun.  Five figures to make one big robot.  A little hard to find, but they are coming out now.  He is totally worth the hunt. Good luck and happy hunting.

For those of you also collecting the Prime figures, you might be as happy as I was when I found that they “First Editions” have been given a second run, and now you can find those missing figures you could never get before.  For me it was:

Vehicon and Terorcon Cliffjumper.   I was so happy when I found them.

Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Two new offerings from the Power Core Combiners line of Tranformers.   There are 4, but these were the first two I could get my hands on.

Skyhammer and Undertow:


Skyhammer is joined by his sidekick, Airlift.  It is clear to see that Skyhammer is a jet in his vehicle mode.  Kinda hard to hide that one.   There are some really nice transformations on him to get him looking his robot self.  The one problem I have with the design is his head.  It sits way up on top of his body, and looks like an additional piece, not like it is a part of him.  This could be due to the addition of the larger head part to form his “commander” body.

Airlift makes for a nice weapon.  A pair of gattling guns for arms makes for a tough sidekick.   It does look like his legs fold back, not really disguising his robot mode.

Oh my!  I cannot believe it!   A Decepticon that transforms into a jet?  Haha!   A favorite of the bad guys.  This is a nice jet.   A different design than most of the jets we see, but still a little nod to the classic G1 jets with the double tail.  There is a front landing gear which is nice for a little guy like this.  I do so hate the blue cubes that hang off the sides, but a necessary evil to make a Power Core Combiner.

And then there is Skyhammer with some extra firepower from Airlift.   Um, I don’t think this is very aerodynamic, but I am not going to be the one to tell that to Skyhammer.  Those Decepticons have bad tempers.

And then there is the whole reason for this line.  To make some giant robots.  He has a great transformation into his commander mode.   The wings fold up to make room for the drone arms,  The legs really work well too.     The best part is his face.  In the PCC line, there is usually a head change to a larger head for the big robot.   It is really hard to see, but there is a head covering that comes out and looks like a WWII helmet with goggles.


Undertow with Waterlog.  This does not look like a very likely team to me.  Waterlog has wings.  He looks like he would have been way more suited to the likes of Skyhammer.   And as for Undertow, he does not look like he needs much help with those giant guns under each arm.   The guns can swivel out of the way.

Waterlog folds up nice, making a double-barrel weapon of some sort.

Waterlog makes for a great Power Up chest plate.  Good protection for Undertow.

Undertow makes for a devastating weapons platform in his boat mode.  That is a lot of firepower.

Add in Waterlog, and you have a force to be reckoned with.  Waterlog does sit a bit high in this mode.

With an attachment of drones,  Waterlog as his armor, and the guns mounted on his shoulders, Undertow is really tough looking.    His head in this mode is also really cool, using the old school brass diving masks.  Nice touch.

These are two tough robots.   Again, the best commander robots come on their own.  I am looking forward to at least one more of the two coming out.  A pair of Autobots to fight these two if I am not mistaken.


Wave 4 & 5 of the Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Wave 4 due out soon is a bit of a letdown.   They have to make their money with re-paints I know.

The top left pair is a repaint from way back.  This time they are called Steelshot and Beacon.  What an absolutely terrible pairing.   Sticking off the top with a hook?   Um, no thanks.

Next to him is Icepick and Chainclaw.  They did not even repaint these guys.   Just threw them in with the new wave.   Won’t need to get him, but he is a good figure none the less.

Bottom left is Heavytread and Groundspike.   Now that is how figures are supposed to fit together.   In vehicle mode, Groundspike makes for a giant claw, and in robot mode, he is a nasty pair of blades.

Finally we have Skyhammer and Airlift.   A good pairing.  Airlift is a repaint, but works pretty well with Skyhammer.   Too bad his legs stick so far into the air.


Wave 5 only gives us one new figure:

Skyhammer and Airlift as well as Heavytread and Groundspike make a reappearance here, with a new paint job.  This marks the first time that a figure gets repainted but keeps the same name in the PCC line.

We also get Salvage with Bombburst.  I did not like the monster truck the first time around, and I still don’t like him this time.

Finally the new figure, Undertow and Waterlog.   I think I would feel pretty sad if they called me Waterlog.  Being little and having a negative name would give a guy a complex.  🙂

Off to the stores later for a little Thursday shopping. Wish me luck!!!

Sunday Outing fruits new Power Core Combiner

Back to the silly names.

Sledge with Throttler:

Purple and yellow.  Complementary colors, and a good pair.   I don’t see a little robot that turns into a drill as a character that can easily be re-used again.  I guess maybe with the snow plow, but not too much need for a drill.   Maybe he is like the drill power in Gurren Lagann.  🙂

A drill shoulder?  Now that is just ridiculous. I did not  make this up.  It is in the directions.  And it is a lame weapon.  🙂

Drill Chest?  Okay, we are getting better, but little Throttler is proving to not be a very good offensive weapon.   How about as the Power-Up Armor?

As Power-Up Armor, Throttler does a good job.  He is able to wrap around the chest of Sledge, and does not look like a little robot stuck on the front of a bigger robot.

I will be surprised if this is not part of the new PCC Constrcuticon set.   He would make a really good Commander with a collection of drones.

Here is the only place that Throttler seems to be in his element as a drill.  On the end of the long arm.  Sledge folds up really nicely and Hasbro even seemed to incorporate two of the “blue-cubes-of-death.”   A name I developed for the blue attachment cubes that seem to just stick out there on the PCC figures.

New Appearance and a few new Transformers

Leadfoot and Pinpoint:

Leadfoot with his little sidekick, Pinpoint.   I think the Power Core Combiners finally have a name that matches the pair.   I have talked about it before, that so many of the pairings of characters have the wrong name.   This time it is right on.   The race car is Leadfoot, and the gun is Pinpoint. Can’t get much better than that.

Leadfoot has such unique colors.  We have not seen colors like this on a Transformer in a while.   The colors work well, with the combination of white and orange.  Pinpoint makes for an okay gun.   He just kind of stands straight with his guns deployed, but there have been worse designs for attempts to make these little robots into weapons.

One of the nice things about the two-pack sets is the post in the chest to make the smaller robot into the Power-Up Armor.   On Leadfoot, he actually has two (the other we will see when he is in Commander mode).  This is the first we have where the post is hidden behind a panel that flips down.

When attached, Pinpoint makes an okay armor.  Not many of the armor pieces ever fit the larger robot without looking like they are sticking way out there, but this one conforms fairly well.   With the addition of the two guns, it makes for better armor than most of the others.

Leadfoot’s vehicle mode is better than I had expected.  He has one of the better transformations of the PCC line.  In addition, the wheels are some of the best I have ever seen on a Transformer, and he rolls very easily.

Mounted on the front post (the second for Leadfoot), Leadfoot gets a power boost from a blown engine as well as a pair of mighty cannons.   Pinpoint stands quite a bit tall on the front of the vehicle.  The aerodynamics are blown to hell.

In commander mode, Leadfoot combines with drones to make quite a robot.   His transformation is really nice.  His body folds up really well, and changes the way he looks.  Most of the parts are not recognizable as the original body parts.

My collection of Power Core Combiners thus far.   More on the way.  🙂


Hailstorm adds another layer of armor to the already powerful line of Decepticons (check the last picture for the recent armored vehicles).   8 missile launcher that rotates 360 degrees makes for a great addition to the team.  A sturdy little guy.

In robot mode, he is STILL a sturdy little guy.  Short legs and long arms give him a look of being weighted down and a low center of gravity.   The tank treads fold in half to make the upper arm.  it gives a sense of power in the upper arms.

A look without the missiles in the launcher.

The missiles are pressure activated.  There is a ball a little off the tip.  When pushed into the launcher, it is held onto with springs.  When pressure is applied to the back of the missile, it will pop free.  This is not the best way to launch a missile.  First, you have to manhandle the figure to launch the missile.   You also can only launch one missile at a time.  I was hoping a guy named Hailstorm would have something to launch all of the missiles at the same time.   They also don’t all launch the same distance.  With other launching methods, they tend to be a little more uniform.

The recent armor from the Decepticons.

Ah, finally some Power Core Combiner Transformers for the Masses

There have been a bunch of no-name Transformers out there so far in the Power Core Combiner line.  But no more.   Here we have two of the most known teams in Transformers history, and they have a bit of history themselves.   The Dionbots and Constructions.

The Dinotbots and Constructicons have a history of battling during the G1 television show.  This time though the Constructions do not have the advantage of combining since the Dinobots will be able to do it as well.

I am surprised to see the Dinobots being made since they will not be able to be used in another PCC set very easily.   Like the Constructicons, it is probably for the fans.  The pictures are on the small side, but both sets are lookin good so far. It is a bummer that they made the PCC sets with only one true Transformer.  It would have been quite something to have a full set of transforming Dinobots.  It would have been like Power Rangers on crack.   Fun to the max.  But this will work too.  Definitely something a bit different from the previous sets.  And who knows, using other Commanders, they could make some pretty awesome combined robots.

Looks to be about December for the release.

New Power Core Combiners Transformers are showing up

I was really excited when I saw Icepick with his little sidekick Chainclaw back when they were announcing the new PCC figures.   They are both new molds for this wave, and they do not disappoint.

Icepick is a tough looking guy.  Strong legs,  big shoulders, claws for hands.   Chainclaw matches with strong squared legs.  He does not have any weapons in this mode which might be a bit of a disadvantage for him.

Chainclaw becomes an 8-rocket, rocket launcher.   He fits onto Icepick’s shoulder.

Generally the combiners have a place on their chests to attach their little minion to help them with some Power-Up armor.   This one is no different… but I do question the result.  This one seems more like an after thought of, “Sure, let’s throw him on  here like…this.”  He is not really good armor, and does not really fold up into anything useful or nice looking.   There are many other smaller robots that fold up much better.

In vehicle mode, Icepick is a menacing… snowplow.  Okay, so that does not sound very devastating, but what if we attach a rocket launcher:

Now that looks like a Decepticon vehicle we can get behind.

And of course, Icepick can combine with drones to make a sizable enemy for the Autobot forces.  The head of the Commander version of Icepick is really cool looking.  It is kind of like his head has exploded in shards of ice.  He is pretty sturdy, but gets a little top heavy when Chainclaw is attached to the top.

In all, another good figure in the Power Core Combiners line.  A good robot that makes into a nice vehicle.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

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