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Wonder Woman – Variant Play Arts No. 2

I have been waiting for a long time to get these figures going.  Then I had to wait for an extra half-week while I waited to get my camera back from being cleaned.  It had been 8 years of photography all over the world.  It was time for a cleaning.  Boy was it worth it.


The mold is fantastic, as we would expect from Play Arts.  WW has long shapely legs, and it continues up from there.   The has the great articulation that we expect from the Play Arts figures, but with the larger scale of these Variant figures, I think the job of making a beautiful, womanly body is easier for them to accomplish.   Besides her open/flat hands, WW comes with three extra hands.  Two fists and one holding hand for her shield.  She also comes with an extra necklace that has a post on the back to allow her shield to be attached to her back.

If there is one thing I want from my female figures, it would be legs.  And WW has legs to the moon.  Shapely on top.  Great boots down below.  I cannot say they are the best boots for fighting, but come on, not much about WW is best for fighting.

If you were like me, and thought you did not need the new Batman because you already have the Arkham Batman, well there is a bit of a problem.  WW is a full head taller than Batman, so a lot out of scale. Doesn’t do anything for Batman’s ego.  Poor Batman.

As always, lots and lots more pictures on my Flickr page.

Play Arts Wonder Woman


I have her in hand. Unfortunately, my camera is in the shop until Saturday. I can’t wait to get her out of the box and show her off.

Play Arts Kai – Arkham City – Catwoman

Catwoman is a great character in the comics.  I am sure she is also quite good in Arkham City, but I have not played it, so I would not know.  But how could I pass up on getting Catwoman to add to my growing collection of Play Arts figures?  I can’t.   There was also ANOTHER Batman, but I think one is enough.  He takes up a LOT of room with his giant cape.

Catwoman comes with accessories, as any woman should.  A whip, an extra head with goggles down, grabbing hands, and what I like to call “scratch your eyes out” hands.  All three sets of hands fit well.  The grabbing hands really hold on to the whip.   I wish we would have gotten a second expression with the second head.  The only difference is the goggle placement.  I would have loved an angry face to go with the claw hands.


She has really good flexibility with movement in the wrists, elbows and lots of movement in the shoulders, including the shoulder blades that allow the arms to come out over the body much better than a simple ball joint.   I have talked about these before with some of the larger scale, male figures where you can really see the shoulder blades move in and out.

One of the really impressive joints is in the torso.  She has a joint in the chest that moves side to side as well as swivels.   She has a second joint in the waist that allows the same movement.   This is the way Catwoman should be able to move.

With three sets of hands, two heads, and more articulation than you can throw a stick at, you will be hard pressed to not be able to find a pose you like.  She has the double joints in her knees that the other Kai figures have.  It seems as though, with each figure that comes out, they are better able to mask the joints.  It is pretty easy with Catwoman, since her outfit is all black.

One other joint that is really hard to show is in her foot.  The front 1/3 of her foot swivels around, really helping to make her stand on those small feet.

Somebody is not having a good day.  Come on Batman.  Smile.

As always, click on any photo to go to my Flickr site and see more pictures.


Play Arts: Kai, Batman: Arkham Asylum – Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn.  Made for the small screen in Batman: The Animated Series, but a strong audience following allowed her to finally make her debut in the comic pages under the art direction of one of my all time favorite artists, Terry Dodson.   Then came Arkham Asylum.  Take Harley, and turn her on her ear.   This is not the bi-colored spandex wearing follower of The Joker that we have known in the past.   This time around, we are treated to a little more of her wild side with a bit of dominatrix leather, and her blond locks exposed to the world.   Somehow I have a feeling that Mr. J would be okay with the change in 0utfits.

Harley comes with a second gripping hand, a cane, and the creepy little Scarface.  Might as well start with Scarface.   When my wife came home, she saw Harley and Cammy on the counter, and then she looked at Scarface and said, “Why did you buy this creepy little guy?”   I had to explain that he was an accessory of Harley.

No pants, and a green jacket with a “J” on it, and paint that looks vaguely familiar all over his head.  I think maybe Harley thinks this is a Joker doll?   Maybe you players of Arkham Asylum can help me out on this one.    He has hip articulation so his legs swing back and forth.  One of the legs is loose, and pops off the ball joint.  I think the arms are supposed to swing as well, but they seem to be stuck, and I don’t want to break him.   He also has a ball joint at his neck so his head can move all over the place.

On inspection of his back, I found a funny lump.  No, he does not have spinal cancer, it is Harley’s hand in the back of the dummy.  It is really well molded, and can be attached in place of her right hand.

When attached, it looks SO good.  With the great joints Play Arts uses, he stays right up where you put him.  The weight is not too much to either pull Harley over, or make her arm droop.  Both are really nice to have.

Ooh, that dirty little Scarface.

She is actually shorter than Joker, but Joker has so much trouble standing on his own that his legs have to be bent funny, as well as his torso.  Thankfully no problems like that with Harley.

The Arkham crew so far.  There is also an Armored Batman, but at this price point, I am definitely not out to collect all of the figures, and one Batman is enough I think.

Play Arts: Street Fighter IV: Cammy

My first video game love was, and always will be Chun-Li.  Later, in the Street Fighter series, we got a scrappy girl named Cammy.  She definitely comes in a close second.  I was so happy to hear she was going to be coming out in the second wave of the Play Arts series.   I reviewed Chun-Li and Ryu a few months back.   We now have Cammy to go with them.

Cammy comes with an alternate head with an open mouth.  She also comes with open hands, and a blast for her foot.   Good extras to come with, and what we expect to see with this series.

Another great deign that Play Arts is known for, allowing for great movement of the figures.  Spinning and ratchet joints galore.  Along with the double joint in the knee, you can capture any position possible.  It would be nice to get a stand to be able to hold all of these great poses.  I will have to see who is making one that will fit with these figures.

For me, one of the best joints in the whole body is the joint at the back of the shoulder.  It allows the arms to move forward like the human body can achieve.  It does not look the best from the back, especially with a figure like Cammy who does not have any clothing back there.   It does however up the power of the dynamic posing of the figure.

Three of the four figures so far.  The last is Akuma.  I have no desire to get him, and as I am not a completest, my collection is complete…for now.  Who will we get next?  I don’t know, but I am ready.   I wonder if we will ever get the really big guys.  Only time will tell.


Up next, the other cutie-patootie from Play Arts.  When it rains it pours.

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