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Wonder Woman – Variant Play Arts No. 2

I have been waiting for a long time to get these figures going.  Then I had to wait for an extra half-week while I waited to get my camera back from being cleaned.  It had been 8 years of photography all over the world.  It was time for a cleaning.  Boy was it worth it.


The mold is fantastic, as we would expect from Play Arts.  WW has long shapely legs, and it continues up from there.   The has the great articulation that we expect from the Play Arts figures, but with the larger scale of these Variant figures, I think the job of making a beautiful, womanly body is easier for them to accomplish.   Besides her open/flat hands, WW comes with three extra hands.  Two fists and one holding hand for her shield.  She also comes with an extra necklace that has a post on the back to allow her shield to be attached to her back.

If there is one thing I want from my female figures, it would be legs.  And WW has legs to the moon.  Shapely on top.  Great boots down below.  I cannot say they are the best boots for fighting, but come on, not much about WW is best for fighting.

If you were like me, and thought you did not need the new Batman because you already have the Arkham Batman, well there is a bit of a problem.  WW is a full head taller than Batman, so a lot out of scale. Doesn’t do anything for Batman’s ego.  Poor Batman.

As always, lots and lots more pictures on my Flickr page.

Play Arts Wonder Woman


I have her in hand. Unfortunately, my camera is in the shop until Saturday. I can’t wait to get her out of the box and show her off.

Play Arts, Kai: Harley Quinn (Upcoming), Armored Batman too.

Here she comes. If you have The Joker, you have to have Harley Quinn hanging off of him somewhere.  The amazing Play Arts Kai figures will get to be two bigger coming up in July.   We will get a Harley as well as an Armored Batman.   This is one crazy Harley, making a whole new generation of game players scared of clowns.  I am looking forward to this figure, since the details on the other figures have been nothing short of phenomenal.   And this figure has no lack of details to show off.   I will be watching to see how they handle things like joints on this figure, since Joker had a few that were quite dominant on his slim frame.   I assume Harley will be even thinner than The Joker.   July will tell I guess.

When these things run about $60 a piece, unless you pre-order them for about $10 less, it is hard to justify buying two of the same figure.  This Batman looks pretty darn good though.  I will have to wait and see if I say ‘no’ when I get to the store and see him in person.   I am thinking, probably not, but if there is something that blows my mind, I know I will have to have him to add to that Arkham Asylum collection.  It would be great to see more figures in this line.  They have no shortage of characters that would look great in this style.

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