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Kitty Pryde – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

I was really looking forward to the Juggernaut Wave. This was a killer set of figures, with a few others that were a pass, except you need them to build Juggernaut, so I had to get them all.


First on my list was a long-time love of mine. Going way back to 1989, I picked up my first two comics at a convenience store. One was Excalibur #16. On the cover is a space scene like none I had ever seen before. Kurt Wagner with all of his blue skin showing, along with a trio of women. One of the women was none other than Kitty Pryde, though she was in armor in this picture. In the issue there are some clothing changes, and Kitty showing her shy side while she is given a very scant outfit. Well, that was it for me. She would be forever one of my favorite Marvel characters.

Now we get her in all of her plastic glory. We did see Kitty back in 2006 in the nearly impossible to find Giant-Man Series that was a Walmart Exclusive. Time passed, 10 years in fact, and we get her once again. This one blows the other Kitty away, so waiting was the right call.

Kitty comes with Lockheed, her ever-faithful dragon protector and friend. He is small, cute (but not too cute), and sits on her arm. It isn’t very easy to get him to perch on her arm, nor does he want to stay there long.

Her outfit is based on her current design. It is almost the same as her original design way back when she first joined the X-Men. Her outfit is detailed with a belt that is lose on her waist. She went through a lot of uniform changes over the years. There is a great article about it here: http://13thdimension.com/x-men-week-the-crazy-costumes-of-kitty-pryde/

Kitty looks super cute. Her face is just right. Cute youth with a well done sculpt. She has some bangs added to the front, and a long ponytail in the back.  The only problem I have found with her is that her head sits a bit high on the neck, so there is a pretty big gap between her neck and the back of her head.   Only a problem from the back though, so not a big deal.

She comes with one other accessory in the box. For what I think is the first time, we get an accessory that goes with the previous series. Kitty comes with the helmet of Onslaught.

So now you can turn Red Onslaught into Onslaught with his Magneto helmet. Boy does he look tough with that helmet on. I Hope Kitty can find some friends to help her deal with Onslaught.

This is a great first character to the series. I am looking forward to getting the rest of the series opened so I can play with them. There are a few I would have skipped, but as I said before, I really want the big Juggernaut, so I had to get them. I will look at them with open eyes, and I usually like the Marvel Legends, so I am sure I will not be disappointed.

Taskmaster and Red Onslaught – Marvel Legends – Red Onslaught Wave

Finally I was able to get my hands on the last figure I needed in the Red Skull Wave. It was a bit difficult. I could not find him in the store after I passed on him to get Mockingbird and Scourge on a weekend getaway back when the wave was first released. So, having seen him in the store and not getting him kind of stung a bit later on. I could see him on Amazon, but he was going for $34, and I was not going to pay that much extra for him. Finally at the end of last week, the price dropped at Amazon to a reasonable $19.99.

Taskmaster is a really nice figure. I was laughing at him initially when I got him out of the package. He stole his shield from Captain America. His mask looks like he copied Skeletor. He took his light saber from Darth Vader. Add in metal limbs stolen from RoboCop, and this guy doesn’t look all that original. But really, he does.

He is very well done indeed. His details are great. From the paint on his torso, to the great details on his limbs. He has fantastic articulation, as we should get from ALL of the Marvel Legends. The overall outfit is the New Taskmaster outfit. Much more tactical and less flashy. He has gun holsters over his shoulders.

His shield is Captain America’s, but painted with Taskmaster’s emblem. That is good because it has the swivel on the back to be a clamp for his arm, or a post for his back. He also comes with an orange sword. I had not seen him using a laser sword before.

Tasky comes with an alternate head that goes along with the New Taskmaster outfit, but he looks less like Taskmaster with the dark hood and more skeletal face plate.

Red Onslaught:

Let Red Skull rise again!

This is not the Red Skull we saw in Captain America: The First Avenger (which we did get a figure of). This is Red Onslaught, and he is bad news. Very powerful and very smart. Something that Red Skull had a problem with before. He was smart, and could hold his own in a fight for a little while, but he could not compete with Cap for the long haul.

This is a perfect example of a Build-a-Figure. He is huge, standing two heads taller than any other figure in the line. He is solid. The pieces fit together well, and he has heft to him to keep him in place. And he is beautiful. Taking into account the horrible red skull face, (which is well done in it’s own right) the rest of Red Skull is a lovely mix of red and purple. And it is so shiny.

Overall this is a fantastic wave. The eight figures are so different and fantastic when placed together. The four main bad guys are well done, with two that look more tactical, and two that are fun and cartoony.  On the other side, the three good guys are well done in their own right. Cap, which we have seen so many times, came with a wolf head this time. The two ladies are different body molds, so they don’t look too similar.  And then there is the great Build a Figure that just completes this set.

Up next, we finally get to move onto the Absorbing Man wave that came out at the same time as this one.  I was able to track down all of those figures a bit faster… so stay tuned.

Blast Off – Transformers Combiner Wars – Bruticus

It has been a long time coming, but I finally found Blast Off. I was on a little road trip this past weekend to visit my college town. On the way up, I stopped at a Walmart to see what I could find. There on the shelf was Blast Off, 200 miles from home, waiting for me.

I have had the rest of Bruticus for quite a while, but I could not seem to get my hands on this sneaky little flyer.

Blast Off is a standard robot. He is a retool of Quickslinger, and Firefly. He is color accurate to the 1986 G1 version with a mostly green body and purple chest.

Of course, compared to the G1 version, this one is bigger and has better articulation. He has all of the requisite movements for the Combiner Wars Deluxe figures including head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. He does not have any movement in the feet, which makes it a bit hard to make some poses.  He comes with a blaster rifle and a hand/foot gun. They work okay in robot mode, with the hand/foot gun being oversized, as it is with most of the Deluxe figures. We get to more of a problem with the guns in vehicle mode.

As soon as Blast Off was revealed, people came out of the woodwork with “But Blast Off is a space shuttle.” And I have to agree with them on this one. Generally I get the idea of repainting figures to keep costs down. But we have had some great remolds in the car based vehicles. We should get at least one in the plane based vehicles. If they can change Rook in to Swindle, they can certainly make Firefly into a space shuttle.  The jet is okay. This is the third time we have seen it, and you will see him again three more times if you are interested in getting the Generation 2 versions of all of the Combiners.

In jet mode, the top part is great. It looks like a stealth version of a Harrier Jump Jet. Down below, there is a LOT of robot body hanging around. Worse of all are the giant feet that hang down. They really needed to make the feet fold in somehow.

The weapons don’t really work with Blast Off too well. The blaster hands down pretty far, and is a bit clunky out there on the wing, but it works out pretty well. The hand/foot gun really makes a mess of the other side of Blast Off. The hand/foot guns just don’t work too well with the planes.

As Bruitcus’ right arm, Blast Off does a great job. The arm stays together very well, and holds it’s pose. Blast Off matches Brawl who is down on the left leg.

Bruticus is made up of a really good team. Two fliers, and three drivers. We can’t say he is too smart, but he is well rounded. And strong.

Up next, we are going to be finishing the other Combiner.  Same trip, different Walmart, and I found the other elusive figure.  Also a flyer by the way…

Onslaught – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

Well, the ever slow process of finishing another Combiner has taken one step closer to coming to a conclusion. Today we are looking at Onslaught. We have seen a few different variations of Onslaught over the years, and this is not the first in the Generations line.

In robot mode, he is a powerful looking dude. Made off of the same base as Hot Spot, he has the strong shoulders, and tall frame we need in a Voyager Class figure to be the core of a Combiner.  My is suffering from weak shoulder joints, so it is hard for him to hold a gun straight out. It tends to flop down. Thankfully that does not affect the rest of the transformations into either the truck or the torso of Bruticus.

Overall this is a good looking team. They are a fairly good combination of colors, with the notable exception of Vortex that has some wildly strange colors going on.

In truck mode, he is okay. I think this body worked better for Hot Spot. It is a bit hard to tell what Onslaught is trying to be. The guns are from Hot Spot, so they look like they should fire water. I am also not very happy about the giant head sticking out of the middle of the truck. Hot Spot’s head hid away much better.

It is awesome that they worked it out so Shockwave can be mounted on the truck. That adds a lot of this mode.

I can’t quite finish Bruticus yet. I am still missing Blastoff, and I am hoping to find him fairly soon. Overall I really like the look of Bruticus. He is a strong looking guy. He has a lot of changes from Hot Spot that makes him look unique from the Protectobots. His chest plate stands out as a really well designed part of the whole.

Transformers: Generations, Bruticus

Sometime it is hard enough to find a figure that I want for a collection.  When that one figure becomes 5 figures, it becomes quite difficult.  To go along with the Fall of Cybertron game, the Generations line of Transformers is presenting Bruticus.  Five figures formed into one giant robot.

In the not so distant past, Hasbro tried to give us combiners in the form of Power Core Combiners.  One Transformer with four drones that would attach and make a slightly larger robot.  This ain’t that!   We have five independent figures of normal size that are able to combine and form a REALLY large robot.  We are going to start with the five figures, and then we will look at this guy all together.


The torso of Bruticus, Onslaught is known to be pretty tough.  He is a well designed Cybertronian version.  The only letdown in his robot mode are his forearms.  He is so tough all over, but the arms are a little weak looking.   As the torso, we have seen other figures with giant knobs sticking out in weird places.  For Onslaught, he has two knobs, one on each shoulder that don’t really stick out that far, and don’t detract from his appearance.   He also has two knobs on the back of his knees, but those are really out of the way until they are needed.

He comes with a big gun that is hollow underneath, and detracts from the overall appearance a bit, but it is light and easy for him to hold.  The gun attaches to the back of Bruticus in a few different places, thus the need for the hollow back.

Blast Off:

Blast Off on first appearance is very purple and very yellow.  At least they are complimentary colors and work well together.  Blast Off, has the look of a Knight.  The chest plate looks like a knight’s visor, and he has big shoulders with the fins.  I really like the look of the robot mode.  Add in two blaster pistols (I love dual blaster pistols) and we have quite a guy.

In vehicle mode, he becomes a very well done space ship.  Everything fits tightly together, taking away any of the extra pieces that reveal he is a robot.


Vortex  is probably my least favorite of the five.  I am not a huge fan of his colors. Other than that, he is okay.   He looks good in his robot mode. He has hollow legs that are very apparent.  In vehicle mode, he is a helicopter.  Nothing special there either.   Not the best helicopter we have seen from Hasbro, but it is fine.  I do like the flip-out gun on the front. That was a nice extra touch.


Swindle, here we go with purple and yellow again.  Still okay.  Especially since this seems to be Swindles trademark color as of late.  In the Animated series he was purple and a more off-yellow tan sort of color.  And there would be no way THAT Swindle would be a team player.  But as a leg, I am sure this Swindle would definitely play nice.

He has a really weird design for his torso.  His head is way up there, and detracts from his overall appearance.  In vehicle mode, he is a tough looking vehicle.  Wide wheels and a sturdy stance.


I was so surprised at how skinny Brawl was… and small.  He is usually tough and big and break-em-all.  The last time we saw him, he was a massive tank on the Transformers movies.  This Brawl looks like he is a little less brawn and a little more brain.   He is a good looking figure.  He has the giant cannons on his back, so he has a bit of the turtle look to him.   Not much you can do with that.

The Cybertronian tank is a neat design.   Going with a hover tank over a standard treaded tank.   The turret turns all the way around.


The moment you have been waiting for.  Five Decepticons come together to form on giant Bruticus.   A return of the original from 1985.   All five characters that originally formed Bruticus are once again thrust together to create one massive robot.

Standing together you can see the slight size differences.   Onlsaught, in the middle is the tallest, and rightfully so as the torso.  Swindle (yellow on the right) and Brawl (Green on the left) make up the two legs.  It is funny to see them standing together and see such a size difference between them, but ultimately they fold up to the same height.   Then we have the two fliers making up the arms.   The size difference is not too different, but when they are in arm mode, they are quite different looking arms.

He is big, he is colorful, and he makes a statement.   He has movement all over the place, from shoulders to torso.  Knees and hips.   He is not just a block of colorful plastic in this form, he is a GIANT Transformer.

In case you were wondering, all seven weapons combine as well and become a “sonic blaster.”

And for those who were wondering just how big Bruticus is, here he is to Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime.  Bruticus is HUGE!!!

And for those of you who were turned off by the Power Core Combiners, here is a relationship shot between one of the PCC and Bruticus.  He is about twice as tall, and he stays together until you take him apart.  No more legs randomly falling off.

There you have it.  The hunt has begun.  Five figures to make one big robot.  A little hard to find, but they are coming out now.  He is totally worth the hunt. Good luck and happy hunting.

For those of you also collecting the Prime figures, you might be as happy as I was when I found that they “First Editions” have been given a second run, and now you can find those missing figures you could never get before.  For me it was:

Vehicon and Terorcon Cliffjumper.   I was so happy when I found them.

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