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Transformers: The rest of the current Voyager Class

Today I am going to look at Payload and Night Ops Ratchet.  A while back I reviewed Sea Spray, and a few weeks later I picked up these two figures.  I was having some trouble getting pictures taken since the summer is gone, and the sun is setting earlier, so back inside for photos.  Since I have a new hobby room to work in, I am trying to figure out the best way to get pictures.   Still working on it.


He looks like a giant Hot Wheel car if you ask me, but he is fun.   Boy does he fold up.  I think he squishes down to half his size by folding up really nicely into the truck.  In his vehicle mode, he is a solid mass of plastic.  The transformation is pretty straight forward, making for a fun transformation.   The folded up body parts hang pretty low, as you can see in the front of the picture above.

Having the truck be able to actually dump is a great feature.  I wonder how hard that was to make happen.  You can see again just how low the parts hang down under the front end of the truck.

He looks a bit top-heavy with those wheels mounted up there, but he is one tough looking dude.    Gotta love those feet.  They found a way to get a good size on the feet, but have them fold up into themselves when it is time to transform.   They are reminiscent of thee Macross type feet.

Payload has some great little extras.  There are pistons that move with his arms at the elbows.  There are two in the front and two in the back.  Also, there is a spring looking part right at the ankle in the front that moves with his feet.

Then of course there are the blades.   They flip out with a push of a button.  Typical for what we have seen as of late with the Hunt for the Decepticon line.

Night Ops Ratchet:

Ratchet is a well designed figure.  Not a surprise that he keeps showing up.   This time we are treated to the “Night Ops” stylings, a black with bright green highlights. I think the design of Ratchet is about as close to Generation 1 to movie designs we have seen.  He has fairly squared off legs and all of the parts fold up nicely.  Ratchet is a workhorse of the Autobot team, and looks the part.

Ratchet’s claw can be secured to his back, or fitted to a hole in his arm.  Not the best weapon, but what we should expect from an ambulance.

He is really big in the movies, and does not disappoint here.  He has pretty good clearance under the body.  I did find that he only sat on three of his four wheels, but maybe with some tweaking of parts, I can get him to sit flat.  Those colors are great.

Two heavyweights from the Voyager line of figures.  Both figures are nice overall.  Lots of good design on both figures.

Coming up next, another Transformer, an Anime figure, and GI Joe!   Lots of stuff got photographed this weekend.   Look for more coming this week.

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