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Gold Armor Grimlock (RiD) with special Guest Star Gold Ranger (Dino Charge)

“Finally you got here Grimmy.”

Gold Armor Grimlock.  In the same two vehicle repaint wave as Night Ops Bumblebee.

“One sec. I will have you out of here.”

Good use of the Decepticon Hunter Sword, huh?

“Look at your packaging Grimmy. You are supposed to be ‘Gold Armor.'” “You are ‘Orange Armor’ at best.”

“Me not happy Orange!”

Somewhere in the production process, gold became orange.   It is a total mess.  Not even close.  I know this was supposed to pay homage to the G1 Grimlock, but this is not the way to do it.

“Me no silver either.”

Not even the silver color on the back packaging.  We know well that Hasbro has a hard time bringing to light what they have preproduced.  This is yet another example of that.

“Me T-Rex, not Godzilla.”

Love him or hate him, we have Godzilla Grimlock in the Robots in Disguise show.  This is a real stretch to even call a T-Rex.

“Well Grimmy, looks like we both needed a repaint this time.”

Bumblebee got a bit of paint on the terrible yellow wheels.  I don’t think I can leave “Gold Armor” with orange armor.

But wait!  What is this?  A figure that is supposed to be gold, and actually is.  Gold Ranger is the newest release in the upcoming/current wave of Power Rangers Dino Charge.  We are going to get a whole host of bad guys, so we need more good guys to fight on the Ranger team.  Looking like something that belongs on the stage with KISS, this guy has it all.  Two shoulder armor pieces, back spikes, a silver sword, and a gold Dino Com.

Look at that back piece.  A new hero is born, and there are a bunch of Rangers that are going to be jealous.

“Grimlock, I have gold armor, and I can help you. Good guys have to stick together.”

“Me Grimlock want gold too.” “And you shall have it big guy.”

“The answer is Gold Flake from Tamiya. Now to take you apart and get you all fixed up.”

Ah Grimlock.  You always have so much potential.  I think the problem is his being at an unattainable level for so long.  They were fantastic figures for so very long, all the way up to the recent Generations line where we got a Fall of Cybertron version that was amazing, and in this scale.  I love the attempt to nod to the G1 color scheme, that we have had for so long.  Grimlock went green in the RiD series, and we got a close G1 repaint here.  Silver and Gold with red around the waist.  The only way to pay homage to Grimlock is a full repaint… except the waist.  The red is good there.  The rest has to be redone.  I guess I can fix that wonky elbow problem while I am in there.   This will be my first full repaint of a Transformer, but I think this is a great place to start.  Until next time toy fans!

Night Ops Bumblebee – Customized

This is just too much:
I think a disservice was given to Bumblebee by giving him yellow wheels.   I had not even had him for a whole weekend before I knew something had to be done with those terrible yellow wheels.

Bee was relieved of his wheels.  One thing about the current way the Transformers are made, they sure do come apart easily.  No tools required to pop off the four wheels.   Then it was onto sticks and a quick spray with a matte black (Tamiya Spray Can), and viola, complete and better than new.

For someone listed as “Night Ops” I think it is a requirement to have black on black .  I went back and forth, trying to decide if I should paint the rims of the wheels.  I ended up not doing it since there really isn’t another color on him in vehicle mode or robot mode that would look good as a rim color.   I did think about silver, but then the wheels would once again stand out, and I would end up having to add more details somewhere else on Bee.

This was a super quick job that I really think paid off.   Hmmm, who else could use a little work?

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) – Night Ops Bumblebee

Last night I went out for some Star Wars for Force Friday.  The shelves were mostly empty, so in that respect it was a bust.  But I did happen upon the new Night Ops Bumblebee from the Robots in Disguise show.   Now don’t take away my Transformers Fan card, but I have not yet seen the new show, and this is only the second figure I have opened from the main line.   I have almost all of the Warrior Class figures to date, but they got shoved to the back of the line with great Marvel Legends and Combiner Wars figures coming out all summer long.

Vehicle Mode – I didn’t realize, until this black version, that Bumblebee’s car mode looks just like The Batman batmobile.  The lines are quite well done.  There is one giant thing that is bothering me.  Those yellow wheels.  I tend to leave my Transformers the way they were made, but this is something I think I have to take care of.   It looks like something on a Legion Class figure, not the larger Warrior Class figure.

I am thinking all black will be the way to go to give him a meaner look… not to mention the Black Ops aspect he is supposed to have.

I think Bee’s robot mode is really well done.  He looks like the standard newer Bumblebee that we have seen starting with the movie redesign.  In Prime, we had a Bee that was a bit barrel chested, with the front of the car making up most of his chest.  This Bee has been streamlined a lot for the Robots in Disguise line.  He has taller shoulders, and thicker legs for a more sturdy stance.   He looks fast and capable.  And of course you want your scout to be quiet, so give him a sword.

“By the Power of Cybertron… I have the Power!”

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