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Smell Swell Lightning McQueen

Well, the stuff is coming out in droves to the store for the upcoming Cars 3 movie. The $3.99 price tag for the basic cars is way too steep for me. I was at WalMart, and they had single boxes like the old Matchbox cars. All 6 are different versions of Lightning. And all of them had come out before. I did not have the privilege of finding the Smell Swell Lightning McQueen before, so I grabbed him.

These are the same great vehicles that come in the standard packs, but they are just boxed specially. If you collect all 6 boxes, there is art that connects them. I don’t care to collect doubles, just so I can build some art.

Now, for those who don’t know Smell Swell Deodorizers is the first sponsor Lightning ever had. You can tell this is pretty early in his career. He only has the one sponsor. There are no little stickers either. Just the main Smell Swell sponsor and his light stickers. Pretty plain.

Even his “95” is a very plain font, with the lightning bolt running through it. What I like is that as he became better and got more cocky, his lightning became bigger.

This is a fun car to add to my ever growing Lightning collection. There are lots of great cars coming out, and I would not mind grabbing all of them. There is going to have to be a killer sale or price drop before I start collecting all of these though.

Transformers goes NASCAR

If you are a fan of the Transformers movies, I am sure you have seen the pictures of the NASCAR vehicles driving through a city.  I think they are going to be a fun part of the upcoming movie.

Anyway, I have two figures for review today, Topspin and Roadbuster.


Topspin, or Autobot Topspin on the packaging, is not really in disguise.  I don’t think he will trick anyone with all of the guns and extra pieces hanging off.

Based on the Lowe’s #48 car, this is a pretty good interpretation of the car in some kind of battle mode.  He comes with an additional weapon as all of the figures in this line do.   It has a bit of a cross-bow design to it, and can be mounted on any number of ports around the body.

If you are looking for a more traditional NASCAR vehicle mode, look no further than Roadbuster.

A very good representation of the #88 Amp car, the only thing missing are the sponsors.  He comes with an interesting gun that becomes a chainsaw.   This weapon can be mounted on the roof or on either door in hidden ports.

These are two very nice vehicles.  You get one traditional race car, and one that looks to be in battle mode.  Now for the robot modes:

In robot mode, all of Topspin’s weapons go up on his shoulders.   Some of the yellow is on his other body parts which is a nice touch.   The exhaust on the shoulders is pretty cool too.    I like how solid his lower body is.  He has a really nice stance.   I am not crazy about the arms.  I tend to lean more toward hands over claws.  Overall a nice figure.

Now, Roadbuster has some nice weapons in robot mode.  He has two shoulder mounted rocket launchers up there that really give him a mean look, and a lot of bite.  He has a very classic set of feet, not typical for the movie characters.  I do like the use of the roll cage in the leg desings.  He has good movement.

I really like how similar these two guys are.  Their bodies are very different in design, but they have the shoulder mounted weapons which tells us there is something the same about them.  Team mates or even brothers, I don’t know, but they are going to work well together.

Up next for my special two part series on the Transformers racing vehicles, we have two more Wal-Mart exclusive figures with very special racing paint schemes.  You will not want to miss this.

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