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Guardians of the Galaxy (comic) Marvel Legends – Entertainment Earth Exclusive Box Set

Way back when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was announced, I had know who The Guardians were, but not a whole lot about them. I had seen them pop up now and then, but not really that mainstream. I knew Marvel was really taking a risk going all in by adding a team that was mostly unknown. I trust Marvel, and I knew they were going to do a good job. I was all in. Well, the crazy hit, and The Guardians gained more followers. One of the advantages of that is that there are other risks taken when putting out toys.

The comic version of The Guardians was made in the Marvel Legends 6 inch line and was an exclusive to Entertainment Earth. Originally set at about $120, I was not going to be able to get this one. Besides that, it was WAY too high priced with each figure going for $24, if you are including Rocket as one figure, which would be hard to do for that price. Then back in March, I had some money for Amazon, and this set popped up for 30% less than it sold for on Entertainment Earth’s site. Funny enough, it is still available on Amazon for the 30% off, and EE says they are sold out.

Anyway, let’s take a look. That is a lot of stuff in one box of Marvel Legends. The whole team is here. Rocket in uniform. Groot is looking very angry. Star-Lord is looking great in his uniform. Gamora is clad in soft-goods mixed with some plastic. And Drax has some metal hands and is very very bright green.

Out of the box, they look even more dynamic. That is a team I can get behind. I LOVE teams, and this one looks great.

Let’s take a closer look starting with the firecracker, Rocket Raccoon. He comes with three different weapons. He is holding one that fits him pretty well. The other two are gigantic, but you know Rocket, that is the way he likes them. He is also posing with a baby Groot. Not nearly as cute at the movie Groot, but not much actually is. I really like Rocket’s paint. His face is so bright with the black and white face.

Star-Lord comes masked with his helmet and mask in place. With all of the extras, we didn’t get an unmasked version. Too bad. His suit is just fantastic. It has a classic feel to it, with the barnstormer jacket and the brown spats over his boots.

He comes with a pair of pistols. They are really well made with good details. They do need a bit of paint apps to really bring out the details. And some holsters would have been nice, but not the worse. He also comes with the Tesseract.

Drax has a pair of metal hands, as well as his bare hands. He comes with 4 knives. The metal hands do not allow holding of weapons. When the hands are removed, the gauntlets can be removed as well, but he always wears those.

The two big knives that look like big ole Bowie knives with guards for his hands. They are well made and look just right in the big guy’s hands.

The two smaller knives are the same as the pair that came with movie Drax, and they also holster in his boots.

Gamora is so lovely. Her paint is top notch. He comes fully dressed with a head that has a hood up. Her mouth is slightly open. She has the rest of the cape, made of plastic, going down the back.

There is a soft-goods poncho that goes on under the cape. There is one arm hole and a head hole in the poncho.

The extra clothing covers up so much great paint apps on the rest of her body. She is certainly not modest, wearing next to nothing. No wonder she has to wear a poncho and a cape. I hear space can be a cold place. She has a second head that does not have the hood. The hair is a bit more free. She also has a really big broadsword that is two-toned gold and silver.

You can make a lot of clothing choices with her. Her cape can be worn without the poncho, which is actually closer to the art from the cover of the box.

Finally there is Groot. This is not your ordinary movie Groot. This guy is angry. From the neck down, it actually IS the movie Groot, but with a darker paint job. The head is all new, with a look much closer to the comic books, with a much more root appearance.

This is a great team. They look so good together. They have the height, both high and low. They have a whole lot of different fighting attributes to bring to the table. I love teams!!!

And for good measure, the comic team is joined by the movie team. Comparing the two teams based on appearance: movie Groot wins, Comic Gamora. Comic Drax, Comic Rocket, and a tie on Star-Lord. I absolutely love the movie, and I cannot wait to see Volume 2, but for the Marvel Legends, the comic team wins on appearance.


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Tortured every January

Woes from a toy collector in after-Christmas-empty-shelves.

Every year about this time, January into February, we come to a dark time in toy collecting… if you are a collector like I am, who loves the hunt and search in the stores.   For reasons that I can only assume is due to the end of the year push of new toys for the holidays, we are left with empty shelves and pegs in toy stores and toy aisles all around.

What we have left are the dregs of the left over garbage nobody wants.  Right around the new year, Toys R Us put out a whole bunch of Transformers from the last movie.  I don’t know if it was to get old product sold by people with money to burn, or to try to pawn off old merchandise on people who don’t know their movies from their generations lines.

Either way, it has been a wasteland of plastic, and I am ready for the new stuff.   What a great year we have in store for us, with Green Lantern, as well as Thor and Captain America.   Not to mention the next installment of the Transformers movie.  There are statues galore, and so much more that I am sure are under tight wraps.

A few weeks back, I was in such dire straights I bought a Scout Class Transformer.   I don’t particularly like the scout class since they are small, usually poorly articulated, and otherwise out of scale with any other figures.

What I got was a small Decepticon, Crankcase.   Turns into a dune buggy with big guns and not much else going for him.   Very tricky to transform, only because it is hard to keep some part together while clicking other parts together.

There are some major gaps in the body when in vehicle mode.   The roof does not attach to anything, so if it is pushed down too hard, it will come apart.  I am sure any little kids who own this one HATE him.

As for the whole “Hunt for the Decepticons” story line, I would think the first thing a dune buggy like Crankcase would do is to get a paint job.  It is hard to hide if you are painted yellow and black.

I think he convinced me that this is the last Scout Class vehicle I am going to get.

I am however excited for the new toys on their way.

Iron Man 2 – New Figures

We are finally getting the new figures for Iron Man 2.  If you followed the press, Hasbro said it would be coming in a few waves, the first part coming with the initial release of the movie, and the second part coming with the release of the DVD.  Well, the DVD is here, and so are… a few of the figures.  Mostly high numbered figures.  We are still missing a whole bunch of figures in the middle of the entire line, but I can wait…. patiently…. for a little while.

Hulkbuster Iron Man:

One of the Iron Man figures that seems to be most sought after in any of the Marvel lines.   I still can’t find the Hulkbuster from the MiniMates line.  😦

This is a great figure.  There are so many little details, especially on the back.

He has great little jets sticking out the back to give just a touch of a third color from the normal red and gold.   The red is such a nice dark color.  To be menacing and tough but still Iron Man.  The paint is applied very well, no problems that I could see.

I was surprised to see how flexible Hulkbuster is.   Double joints in the knees.  Typical shoulder, elbow, wrist.  Even the head swivels side to side (no neck for up and down movement).   The shoulder armor does get in the way to allow the arms to move up too high, but that is not too much of a problem.   These bulky armors are not supposed to have too much movement anyway.

Hulkbuster doing what he is supposed to be doing. Busting Hulk.

Silver Centurion:

The Silver Centurion is a pretty basic figure.   It does not have too many details.  He does come with a blast attachment coming out of his arm.

The backpack that goes all the way around to his front is not really the right color.  It is a bit lighter and clearly molded in color, not painted.  It is a bit of a letdown.  With very basic details, something like this sticks out.

Arctic Armor Iron Man:

He has a cool blue/purple color with silver accents.  Not really what I would think of for the Arctic.  I guess none of Tony’s armor is made to be camo colored, so why start here?     I was a bit surprised that the armor was so thin.  In the 6in line figure, they made the Arctic version of the armor very bulky.

He does pack a lot of details.   The armor looks to be a mix of a lot of different armors.   He is very flexible, and has a chilling blast of some sort.

I had to add this in.   The neck actually bends back far enough so he can be in a flying position and be able to look forward.  A very nice detail not available with many of the Iron Man figures.   I would like to see this kind of neck being utilized on more of the figures Hasbro produces.   I would really liked to have had this on the Jungle-Viper so he could be laying down with his sniper rifle.

In all, more of the same.   Good figures.   Can’t wait to see how the humans turn out.  Hasbro has been a bit hit-and-miss with the human faces in the 3 3/4 scale.  Especially the female faces.  We will just have to wait a little longer to find out.

Let the blogging begin!

It all begins here. Have you ever had something to say, and everywhere you look there are people, but none of them have opening mouths. This is my daily life. From the time I get home in the afternoon, until my wife gets home, I am completely surrounded by strange little men and women.

Marvel characters

Marvel Minimates

I am a self-diagnosed Plastic Crack addict. That is, I collect toys. I know, what is a

32 year old adult doing collecting toys? Stick around and hopefully you will find out. I am not in the least ashamed about collecting toys made for kids, but they do have to be cool toys. 🙂

I used to be a kid. You know what those are right? Leeches that suck onto parents wallets for 18-20 years and then vacate the house, hopefully making it on their own. During that time, I grew up in the 80’s. This is by far the single greatest decade for pop culture in the history of the world. I don’t say that because I am biased, but based on truth.

Look at the run of movies we have had. Transformers, G.I. Joe, coming up is The A-Team. We saw the rebirth of Knight Rider on TV which did not stick around, but we also got Battlestar Galactica which had a good long run. Not to mention the return of V. The kids today think that Alvin and the Chipmunks were made for them, and they are the only ones who know who the Ninja Turtles are.

Apparently someone thought the 80’s were great too, because here we are in the aftermath of a financial meltdown, and Americans are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to go see these movies.

So, here we go. Dive into my mind and see what you can see. It should be a fun adventure full of plastic, but that is not all… you will just have to wait and see.

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