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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – M.O.U.S.E.R.S.

Yesterday we looked at the new little Turtles in Training.  Two in a pack.  Today we are looking at the Mousers that come 7 in a pack.   Knowing I was going to have fun with photos, I grabbed two sets, to give me 14 in all.  Oh what fun!!!

The set comes with 3 light grey, 2 dark grey, and 2 black figures.  They have opening mouths, a ball joint on the neck, and moving legs at the hips.  This is about all the movement you would expect, or want with these little guys.

These guys are nice and light weight.  With the articulation, they were so much fun to pose and create scenes.  I think the dynamics of my display is going to be so much better now that the Turtles will have someone worthy to fight.

You will not be disappointed with this purchase if you are a collector of the Turtle line.   Even if you only collect the original series Turtles that are out, you will probably want to grab this set.   It is like a bag of chips, you can’t have only one.   You will need to grab at least two packs of these great little guys.  7 is a great number to fight one or two Turtles.  If you want to fight all of your Turtles, you will need more.

More fun battle pics on my Flickr page.


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