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Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Con 4-Pack Wave 2

Wave 2 of the Mini-Cons 4-pack brings us 4 characters we have already seen. Three are repaints, while one gets the new Weaponizers look before everyone else goes full Weaponizers.

Hammer, Anvil, and Undertone are repaints of characters we have already gotten in single packs, or the first wave of the 4-pack.Undertone and Anvil do not come with the armor sprue. Undertone changes from a ball to a robot. Anvil is a little more fun by changing from a ball to a bat. These two are not the most interesting of characters.

Hammer comes with a clear/green sprue. The armor gives him a lot of firepower as well as some extra protection around the head. He changes from (yep you guessed it), a ball, into a dragon. Thankfully a different dragon than Dragonus, so we have a few types of dragons going on here.

The odd man out this time around is Slipstream. He is still in his original red color, but this time around he is a Weaponizer. He has the same basic underbody. Everything colored grey is the same. The red parts on this version are all new to create a double barreled cannon.  He comes with light blue clear armor, which is really a helmet and a bunch of firepower accessories. He looks good with or without the armor, and can utilize the armor in cannon mode.

He has a handle that flips down to allow anyone to hold him as a weapon. For the Warrior Class, he is a sizable weapon, but not out of scale.


I am excited to see where the Weaponizers go from here. I think the balls, discs and torpedoes has been beaten into the ground. It will be nice to have more usable figures.

2 waves of 4-packs. Decepticons on the left, and Autobots on the right.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Cons waves 3/4 sighting

It looks like retailers have shipped waves 3 and 4 of the Mini-Cons off to the secondary market.  Funny since the Transformers shelves are daily bare near me at ALL of the Tatgets.   

Today at Marshalls I found Hammer from Wave 3 as well as Glacius and Ransack from Wave 4.  I had not seen them at regular stores, and with new seasons of shows quickly approaching, it is not a big surprise that retailers would want to skip to Waves 5 and 6, where we will see the Mini-Cons take on rolls of Wraponizers, so instead of Buzzsaws and Torpedos, we will see the Mini-Cons transform into actual hand-held weapons.  

Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Con Battle Pack – Wave 1 – Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon and Sideswipe vs Anvil

As we continue on in the world of Robots in Disguise, we are taken on a long journey of the Mini-Cons.  We are starting to see lots and lots of repaints popping up from Scorch to Blizzard paint jobs.  One of the new stand outs in the Mini-Cons sub line is the Mini-Con Battle Packs.  A Decepticon Mini-Con is packed in with an new scale Autobot, and armor for the Autobot to help catch the Mini-Con.  We are going to take a look at Wave 1, consisting of Optimus and Sideswipe.

Decepticon Hunter Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon

Optimus Prime comes with the transparent armor we have seen the Mini-Cons come with up until now.  They usually have a sprue with the parts attached.   Take them off and power up the Mini-Con.   This time around, the power goes to the Autobot!  Optimus comes with 6 armor pieces, and an axe.  He also comes with Bludgeon, who we see here for the first time.

The new scale for the Mini-Con Battle Packs is similar to the Commander Class scale we saw in the Transformers: Prime line.  This scale is larger, and has better articulation.

Pretty standard for transformation.  Optimus becomes the annoying truck that does not have a bend between the cab and the trailer.  I wish we were still in the days of Optimus being just a cab.  Bludgeon is a “cyclone” mini-con and turns into a ball.  He is a pretty spiky ball to be sure.

Dressed in his armor, Optimus looks pretty good.  It is a good start to this sub-line.  He keeps his articulation, and the parts hold fast.  The only trouble I had was the helmet does not want to click into the chest plate to stay attached very well, but it holds in place when over his face.

When all else fails, hit it with a bigger hammer.  All of the armor plates combine to form a really big axe, or what looks to me to be more of a hammer.  Optimus will really be able to catch some Mini-Cons with this!  This also stays together very well when all of the pieces are attached.

Decepticon Hunter Sideswipe vs Anvil

Sideswipe is the second character for the first wave of the Mini-Con Battle Packs.   He comes with 7 armor plates and a weapon.  It looks like some sort of cub.  Quite a change from his sword.  He comes with Anvil.  This is the first appearance of Anvil in the RiD toy line.

Sideswipe, like Optimus is a part of the new scale of what should be called Commander Class figures.   He is about half way between the Legion and Warrior Classes.   The best part of this new scale, is that he is now in scale with the Warrior Class of the larger characters like Optimus and Grimlock.

It allows the too-small Optimus in the Warrior Class to have a better scale to play with.

The transformation is again straightforward for both Sideswipe and Anvil.   Sideswipe is the same sports car we have seen before.  His transformation is closer to the Warrior Class than the Legion Class.   Anvil, like Bludgeon is a “cyclone”, this becoming a ball.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

Combine the armor pieces together, and Sideswipe has a claw arm for catching Mini-Cons.  You know how yucky Mini-Cons are…  The claw actually does not open at all, so the opening is not large enough for holding a Mini-Con.

How unfortunate.

Together for Wave 1, Optimus and Sideswipe make a good team.   Their armor colors are a little too similar for being in the same wave.  Up next, we will take a look at Wave 2.  I think they got the ball rolling with these two, but the next two figures really are better.

Megatron and Starscream – Generations Legends

We had Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in the small Legends scale, so why not Megatron and Starscream?

Megatron and Starscream are joined by Chop Shop and Waspinator.   I like the theme of the Insecticons as the sidekicks to the two main figures.

Megatron is most similarly designed after the terrible Classics line Megatron which shares a similarity of being a tank.   At less than half the size, the Legends Class Megatron is twice the bot that the other one is, taking too many attempts at gimmicks that wreck the figure.

Along with Chop Shop, Megatron makes for quite an overpowering brute… as we usually find him.   The color scheme is really well done, with the two tones of grey and the black that makes for a darker Megatron than usual.

In robot mode, Chop Shop is nothing more than a pair of scissors for Megatron’s arm (check my Flickr site for more pics).  Where he really stands out is as the new front end for an already daunting tank.   Well done here.

As for Starscream, this is a fantastic version of the flyer.  I would love to see this as a deluxe version.  Guns on the arms, powerful body, and the awesome Macross feet.  Can’t go wrong here.  Instantly recognizable with the red and blue color scheme, and just a few changes to make an updated version of Starscream.   Waspinator is… well, Waspinator.  He is unmistakable as well.   Not much to change him from wasp to robot.  The real fun comes with changing him to gun.

The gun is not the greatest execution, but he is a tiny little guy, so Hasbro gets points for trying, as well as making quite a cool bit of scissor action that you cannot see in robot mode before he flips all apart to make the long gun.  I think it would have been lots better if the gun handle had not been quite so long to start with.

Ah yes, secondary weapons used on jets.  They never work quite right… unless it is on Jetfire.  Waspinator is big and bulky, but I suspect he would create quite a blast.

In all, a couple of great little figures, and a couple of even smaller accessory figures.   These along with the pair of Autobots, make for fun little figures.  They are quick to transform, and fit easily on a shelf… or in a pocket for sneak photography.

Bumblebee took an International trip with me this summer, spending most every day in my pocket as we traveled around Italy.

Looking for those pesky Mini-Cons?


It looks like as the movie figures came along, the Generations and Reveal the Shield figures went to the wayside. There are two sets out now at some stores. I found them at Big Lots. These guys are repaints, but they are new to me. There is one more I have to go back for in this set.
There is also a set of animals that look pretty good. They are priced at $4.80.

Get these fun little guys while the getting is good.

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