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Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Mini-Con Weaponizers) – Strongarm and Sideswipe

We are going back in the vault for this set. Today we are looking at the Mini-Con Weaponizers 2-packs of Strongarm and Sawtooth, and Sideswipe and Windstrike.

The idea of the Mini-Cons morphed into their moving beyond the ball and torpedo shapes and becoming weapons. I have collected many of the Mini-Cons, but they became much more fun when they became weapons. One of the problems with the initial line was for them to be viable as toys, they needed to be a certain size. And unfortunately that was bigger than what would fit in with the Warrior Class, were we saw most of the figures. Once we went Weaponizers, the Warrior Class figures could wield the weapons. Well, in comes the 2-packs. The first two waves of the series was a versus wave. The smaller scale figure would battle a Mini-Con from the other side. This time around, they are a team.

Strongarm and Sawtooth:

This is the first Strongarm we have seen in this inbetween size. It is similar in scale to the Legion Class we see in the Generations line. Strongarm is teamed up with Sawtooth, a pretty nasty looking Mini-Con.

Sawtooth becomes a long-handled bladed weapon of some sort. Kind of an axe.

There is the pile of clear plastic parts that can be put on Strongarm to create battle armor. It is much more fitting this time around, since the two figures are teamed up. In the versus line, it is a bit odd that the Transformer can wear the armor of their enemy.

Strongarm can of course transform into her truck mode. This is a more simplistic mode from her Warrior Class, which is pretty simplistic from the Generations line. Nothing to call home about.

Sawtooth can of course wear the armor as well. It looks pretty cool on Sawtooth. It has the feel of an energy field around him.

And Sawtooth is able to transform while wearing the armor to make a very formidable weapon for Strongarm to wield. It is taller than she is.


Sideswipe and Windstrike:

This time around, Sideswipe is in his Alpine Strike color scheme. Funny that they would not have listed that on the box. Seemed like a good selling point to me. But I am not in charge, so I will just report what I see. It is just a new paint scheme on the figure we got back when he was versus Anvil.

He comes with Windstrike, who becomes a sword. And a long sword he is.

Sideswipe can use the armor, and it looks really good. He looks like he has wings. With the white and orange, it looks like he is on fire.

Windstrike can use the armor as well. It looks like it is way more tailored to Sideswipe, and doesn’t really work all that well with Windstrike.

And of course we get a big weapon. Another weapon as tall as the user. That is a pretty nasty looking sword.

This is an okay wave of figures. Overall, I think the Robots in Disguise line uses too many gimmicks to try and sell the toys. They have made much cheaper versions of toys they are not selling for all that much less than the higher quality Generations line. They come up with armor that does not always fit well. Kids will be losing the pieces all over the place, since they do not stay in place well. Hopefully with a new TV show coming, there will be a revamp of the toy line, and we will see some better quality coming out of Hasbro.

Mini-Con 4-Pack – Transformers: Robots in Disguise

The Mini-Cons were a bit of a strange idea for the Robots in Disguise line. In the show, they were great. Small robots that teamed up with a leader to create a bigger team.

Where the toys fell short was in the size. The toys had to be a certain side to work right, and that size was much larger in scale than what works with the Warrior Class figures they are supposed to work with.  Independently, they are fine little Transformers. Usually a pull on one part, and the intricate mechanics inside allow for a transformation.  Originally the figures transformed into either a ball or a torpedo. Not terribly original, but there were some really great little figures.

Then the Weaponizers came into play, and it got so much better. Since none of the Warrior Class figures could hold the standard figures, the world of integration grew by leaps and bounds, since now the figures can actually wield the weapons. Playability went up a lot.

This is a fun 4-pack with Dragonus, Bashbreaker, Lord Doomitron, and Lancelon. A gun, a hammer, a rake, and a sword. Collect them all and have a nice little battle. As with the other 4-packs, only two of the four figures came with the transparent armor. It works sometimes, but not always. I can see the armor being totally worthless for kids to try to play with and keep track of.

I am telling you this guy turns into a rake.

All of the Robots in Disguise line started way back in 2015. Now at the later end of 2017, it will be interesting to see where the brand will take us next.

More pictures on my Flickr page.  Link to the right on the menu bar.  —->

Mini-Con 4-Pack Wave 1 – Transfomers: Robots in Disguise


I just got done saying in the last post that I didn’t like straight repaints of figures…and here I am looking at a wave of mini-cons that are all repaints, except for one that came out before his initial release.

This 4-pack consists of 2 Autobots and 2 Decepticons. The Autobots are Scorch Strike themed, looking like something you would find in the desert, while the Decepticons are Blizzard Strike, with 2-tone blue paint to look like ice… if you squint and imagine it is white like the arctic.

We have Backtrack, all in blue this time as a repaint of his initial release that came with Deployer Overload. Next to him is the ever angry Swelter. Funny to have an ice themed character named “Swelter.” The irony is not lost on me. This is a repaint of Wave 3 Swelter, which I have still not been able to find. Backtrack comes with a clear-red sprue for armor, while Swelter comes with none.

On the other side, we have Beastbox. Still one of my favorite designs for the Mini-Cons. He is a repaint of the Wave 2 figure. Fighting alongside in the tan desert theme is Undertone. Undertone is in his initial release in this 4-pack before getting his standard deco release in Wave 2 of the 4-pack. He is not going to be released as a single figure. He comes with clear orange armor.

Having the armor on the sprue does help the overall look of the figures. It seems like they should have released all 4 with sprues, since now some will not have armor. They can share with their repainted selves, but they cannot transfer to other figures.

These are a lot of fun to collect. They have a wide variety of figures that can be loaded onto the Deployers to fire. I still have not gotten around to getting any of the Deployers yet. I still think the Warrior Class figures should have been pre-fitted with ports to hold the Mini-Cons like they do in the show.

Decepticon Hunter Bumblebee vs Major Mayhem and Decepticon Hunter Grimlock vs Back/Forth – Mini-Con Battle Pack Wave 2 (Robots in Disguise)

This is wave 2 of the Mini-Con Battle Packs that includes on Autobot with a bunch of special armor, and a Decepticon Mini-Con.

Decepticon Hunter Bumblebee vs Major Mayhem:

Bumblebee comes with Major Mayhem. In the show, Major Mayhem is a bunch of characters, so it is a bummer for anyone who wants to army build this guy. You will have to army build with a bunch of Bumblebees too. That could get pretty expensive.

Our fearless leader is in the new Commander-style scale, where he is an in-between size from the Legion and Warrior Classes.

He fits in so well in scale with the Warrior Class figures of the big guys like Grimlock and Optimus.

Bumbleebee comes with 5 pieces of armor and a gun. The first gun we have seen the Robots in Disguise Bee carry so far. The armor is for the shins, shoulders, and head. The gun fits in well with what we have seen in the show.

Major Mayhem is a cyclone style mini-con, or a dude that changes into a ball. His transformation is as simple as it comes. He has a strangely long neck to get his head out to the front of his body.

Bumblebee’s armor can combine with his weapon as the gimmick goes. It becomes a gun.

It is very reminiscent of the gun that was given to the Generations Bumblebee back in 2013.

Decepticon Hunter Grimlock vs Back/Forth:

Grimlock come with 7 plates of armor and no weapon. He comes with Back/Forth who is yet another Cyclone Mini-Con. We have a lot of balls going on in this series. I would have thought we would see a torpedo type in here somewhere.

Grimlocks size is a bit on the small size, but he is a bigger figure, so he is too big for each of the scales. This Commander Class is too big for the Legion Class, and too small for other figures in the Commander Class with him. But he is not a total waste. This is the best example we have of Grimlock so far. He has better transformation than the Legion Class, and he doesn’t have the wobbly elbows that has plagued the Warrior Class Grimlock. The color is good, with more of a green look to him.

When he gets his armor on, it is clear that he IS the weapon. He didn’t have a weapon in his regular form, he shouldn’t need one as a Decepticon Hunter. On his forearms, he has long saws that can be used as a weapon.

When the armor pieces are combined, it creates a dangerous looking T-Rex head that Grimmy can wear on his arm.

Better yet, he can also use it in dino mode, where he gets an extra-big head to attack with.

Overall these are fun figures.  The armor works well, and stays in place.   The weapons are pretty fun for the most part.  I think they did a better job with Bumblebee and Grimlock with the execution of the armor, and combining it into a weapon.

There is one more wave coming out in the future with Strongarm, and it looks like Sideswipe again?  It looks like the next wave will feature Autobot Weaponizers versions of Mini-Cons, so we could get an epic Sideswipe and Strongarm with some great weapons capabilities.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Con Battle Pack – Wave 1 – Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon and Sideswipe vs Anvil

As we continue on in the world of Robots in Disguise, we are taken on a long journey of the Mini-Cons.  We are starting to see lots and lots of repaints popping up from Scorch to Blizzard paint jobs.  One of the new stand outs in the Mini-Cons sub line is the Mini-Con Battle Packs.  A Decepticon Mini-Con is packed in with an new scale Autobot, and armor for the Autobot to help catch the Mini-Con.  We are going to take a look at Wave 1, consisting of Optimus and Sideswipe.

Decepticon Hunter Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon

Optimus Prime comes with the transparent armor we have seen the Mini-Cons come with up until now.  They usually have a sprue with the parts attached.   Take them off and power up the Mini-Con.   This time around, the power goes to the Autobot!  Optimus comes with 6 armor pieces, and an axe.  He also comes with Bludgeon, who we see here for the first time.

The new scale for the Mini-Con Battle Packs is similar to the Commander Class scale we saw in the Transformers: Prime line.  This scale is larger, and has better articulation.

Pretty standard for transformation.  Optimus becomes the annoying truck that does not have a bend between the cab and the trailer.  I wish we were still in the days of Optimus being just a cab.  Bludgeon is a “cyclone” mini-con and turns into a ball.  He is a pretty spiky ball to be sure.

Dressed in his armor, Optimus looks pretty good.  It is a good start to this sub-line.  He keeps his articulation, and the parts hold fast.  The only trouble I had was the helmet does not want to click into the chest plate to stay attached very well, but it holds in place when over his face.

When all else fails, hit it with a bigger hammer.  All of the armor plates combine to form a really big axe, or what looks to me to be more of a hammer.  Optimus will really be able to catch some Mini-Cons with this!  This also stays together very well when all of the pieces are attached.

Decepticon Hunter Sideswipe vs Anvil

Sideswipe is the second character for the first wave of the Mini-Con Battle Packs.   He comes with 7 armor plates and a weapon.  It looks like some sort of cub.  Quite a change from his sword.  He comes with Anvil.  This is the first appearance of Anvil in the RiD toy line.

Sideswipe, like Optimus is a part of the new scale of what should be called Commander Class figures.   He is about half way between the Legion and Warrior Classes.   The best part of this new scale, is that he is now in scale with the Warrior Class of the larger characters like Optimus and Grimlock.

It allows the too-small Optimus in the Warrior Class to have a better scale to play with.

The transformation is again straightforward for both Sideswipe and Anvil.   Sideswipe is the same sports car we have seen before.  His transformation is closer to the Warrior Class than the Legion Class.   Anvil, like Bludgeon is a “cyclone”, this becoming a ball.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

Combine the armor pieces together, and Sideswipe has a claw arm for catching Mini-Cons.  You know how yucky Mini-Cons are…  The claw actually does not open at all, so the opening is not large enough for holding a Mini-Con.

How unfortunate.

Together for Wave 1, Optimus and Sideswipe make a good team.   Their armor colors are a little too similar for being in the same wave.  Up next, we will take a look at Wave 2.  I think they got the ball rolling with these two, but the next two figures really are better.

Transformers Generations: Mini-Con Assault Team

The Mini-Con Assault Team is the next set of figures in the Deluxe line of the Transformers: Generations.  It is fun to look at the larger robot that the three figures form.  I see two cockpits that form his chest.

The three Mini-Cons consist of: HeavytreadRunway, and Windshear.  These are three half-sized robots, looking more like they are out of the Power Core Combiners than the Generations line.  They are somewhat limited in their articulation due to their size, but they are pretty good.  They certainly look like they belong together with the color scheme they are all sporting.

Their vehicle modes are pretty well done.  The jet is fine.  No extras there.  The tank would have been much improved with a rotating turret, though it is easy to see why he can’t with the small size.   The helicopter is probably the weak link in the three.  The legs of the robot just hang out there on the sides of the copter’s body.

In all, this is another good figure for the Generations line.  What I really like is the diversity we have seen with this wave.   From an Armada figure, to a War for Cybertron figure.  Throw in a combiner, and next we will look at a figure that comes with Targetmasters.   This is proving to be a  great part of the long lasting Generations line.  I sure hope there is more fun to come.

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