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Vorath and Mindwipe – Transformers: Generation – Titans Retrun (Deluxe Class)

Today we are going to look at the other Decepticon animal in this wave. Mindwipe is a Headmaster from 1987. He was teamed up with Vorath. Today, he has the same name, his Titan Master has the same name. That might be a first for the entire run. Probably not, but there seems to be a lot of trademark causing name changes from Headmasters to Titan Masters.

In robot mode, Mindwipe looks pretty good. He has a real G1 feel to him. Squared off corners, with big bulky square legs. He even has tiny wings on his back to show that he is a bat in his other mode. Do we really need those wings? It is a nice aesthetic in robot mode, but then it gives him extra wings in bat mode, which is a bit odd. I think they were needed to cover up the fact that Mindwipe has a giant bat head hanging off back there, and they needed to cover it up a bit.

He comes with a blaster with a good solid Transformers design to it. As with the rest of this line, Mindwipe comes with a second weapon that the Titan Master can interact with. It is a shield with blades and blasters. That is a pretty good weapon there. Close combat and range weapon in one. I like it.

As I mentioned earlier, Mindwipe comes with Vorath. Like with Wolfwire’s Titan Master Monxo, Vorath is also organic in some universes. Interesting that the two would be organic, and also team up with animals. He is standard with movement in the arms, head, and the legs attached.

When Mindwipe transforms into his bat mode, this is where things get really special. We know Mindwipe will have pretty sizable wings, but they fold up so well, and that is pretty awesome. They unfold out of the sides of his legs, with the foot becoming the bottom of the wing. He is fairly boxy in beast mode, with little movement besides his wings’ joints. He does have an opening mouth that is a nice addition.

In his chest, he has a cockpit hatch that opens to reveal a seat for Vorath. Vorath snuggles right in there, ready for his trip.

In the 1987 version, Mindwipe had a terrible tail that impeded his sitting. This new version is a bit better. It hinges out of the way. It is made up of the shield and gun combined. It is very long and very wide. It seems like it would have been a lot better to have the shield as a backpack. It could have ported in on the bat’s back, fit in between the fake wings really nicely, and been out of the way.

The gun and the shield can combine to form a weapon for Vorath. It is pretty much a triple blaster that he rides on. You can flip out the blades for a little extra weaponry, though I doubt you would really want your Titan Master in quite that close combat.

Mindwipe and Wolfwire make a good team in this wave. A couple of beasts hanging out together. I can’t imagine they would be that good of friends, you know, with one that talks to himself, and another that thinks he talks to ghosts.

Crazy is as crazy does.

Shhh… I don’t want to make any Japanese Transformers collectors sad

First a story, then a review of the new Scout Class figure, Sunspot.

At the 2010 Tokyo Toy Show there was an exclusive of Dreadwing and Smokescreen that could combine and become one plane.  A nod of sorts to the 1994 combination of Dreadwing and Smokescreen where they also combined in flight mode.

This weekend I went with a friend to see his friend’s new comic shop that he bought.  It is a mecca of toys from the past until now.  The previous owner collected everything under the sun, and then some.

While I was looking around, I came across a box that was this combination of Dreadwing and Smokescreen.   As I took a closer look, I noticed that the top plane looks an awful lot like the new Scout class Sunspot.  Upon even further inspection, the larger vehicle is Mindwipe.

All they did for this exclusive is paint them a shade of blue.    Sooooooooo, if you have Mindwipe and Sunspot, you can put them together as a combiner.  Hmmmm….  that just made me NEED to get Mindwipe, who I previously had no interest in getting.

I had bought Sunspot about a week or so ago as I was walking around Toys R Us, and he caught my eye.   It was his robot mode art work on the box that first drew me to him.  Looking closer, I was impressed by the amount of tranformation involved in a little Scout Class figure.  So I picked him up, and now I have a total of one Scout Class figure, but I like this little guy.

A little guy with a lot of details. Weapons store in the wings.

He has a great face and head.

They gave him a battle mode. Very Robotech of them.

Vehicle Mode. Still sees out of his eye. Not very common in a Transformer.

Undershot. Bulky legs don't fold away. Only letdown of the set.

Weapons in hand. Don't know what they are or what they do, but it is neat they they become a part of the wing.

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