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Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Shockwave

Shockwave.  Generally quiet, and somehow more devastating than Megatron.   In his Prime version, he looks very much like his G1 version.  A giant cannon for one of his arms, and the single eye..  He has antenna all over the place.

He has a gimmick in his cannon.  I wish they would just stop with all of this gimmick crap, but I guess Hasbro feels the need to do so in order to sell the larger toys.  When the grey button is depressed, the front portion of the cannon spins around.  The centrifugal force of the spin separates the two sides of the cannon, showing the inner workings within.
Not the worse gimmick I have seen, but it does leave that arm a bit rattly.  You know, when you move him around, that arm makes some noise, and it moves around.   Not the best for play time.

And of course, since we are in the realm of Beast Hunters, there has to be something beastly about him.  I am happy to report, just as with Smokescreen, you get a second version of Shockwave.   The three extra “Beast” parts fit into small holes on the body that really do not do anything to detract from the overall appearance of the standard version of the figure.

As with Smokescreen, since we did not get him the first time around with the standard Prime figures, it is nice to be able to choose which version to be able to display him in.  The chest piece looks okay.  The shoulder armor is a bit off, and gets in the way of raising the cannon.   It looks much better in vehicle mode.

Just in case you were thinking, “Golly, he looks big.”   He IS big.  He stands nearly a head taller than Megatron, which is saying something.  Don’t tell Megatron, but Shockwave’s gun is bigger too.   Add in those great solid legs and you have quite a figure.   And when I say solid, I am referring to the nearly hollow legs of Megatron that is wide open in the back.  His lower half is so light.   Not so with Shockwave.  There is even a bit of extra weight as his feet have to do some pretty cool tricks to get into his vehicle mode.

Yet again we are going away from the silly notion that a giant robot could somehow manage to transform into a small handgun.  Let’s go with a tank again.   A little reminiscent of the Dark of the Moon version of Shockwave.  The tank has a very aggressive style that I think looks really good.

He has a rather unique transformation.  He is laid out on his back.  The front part of the tank are his legs, splayed out, with his chest as the part that holds it all into place.  One arm wraps under the body, while the other is of course the cannon.  The back tread of the tank are his backpack.  The tread is unique in that there is actually rubber tread back there that can be taken out to attach to the cannon as a belt fed system.   In vehicle mode, it looks really good.  They could not get something like that to move, so they do have to have wheels under the tread.  It is hidden really well, and along with the fat front tires hidden up front, he actually rolls pretty freely.

Don’t forget about the Beast Hunters stuff.  Added on here, Shockwave looks like a nightmare born of the ThunderCats’ Thunder Tank.   I would not want to meet this guy in a dark battle field.  This is the best beast representation, with the claws out front.    I do have to wonder how the Predacons would feel about the skeleton of one of their own being used as armor.

In all, a big, strong, well designed figure.   Feels good to hold, and he is great in both modes.   I picked up the Commander size version of him as well, so we will have to see how this holds up in the small scale.  For now I am going to enjoy playing with this one.



Transformers Prime: Dark Energon, Full Review

Six figures with special, unique color schemes. All full of Dark Energon.  An exclusive from Big Bad Toy Store, this one does not fail to impress.  The colors are very different, not just some little redeco.  Fully refined, and worth it for any Transformers fan.

Voyager 001 Megatron:

Lots of black and purple, and black/purple all mixed together.  It would not be a Megatron figure without a bit of purple.

The original Megatron had a bit of semi-transparent parts, once being brought back to life using Dark Energon.  The DE version of Megatron adds a new purple color in the forearms as well as the chest.  The rest of his forearms and shoulders are a different color of transparent purple.  The addition of black parts really gives Megs a much more menacing look.

In vehicle mode, his ship remains quite menacing with all of that black.  Still not one of my favorite vehicle modes, but this color variation is quite fetching.

Let us not forget the DE version of the Decepticon symbol.

Voyager 002 Optimus Prime:

Ah, Optimus.   Leader of the Autobots, and cornering the market on lots of clear parts. The entire truck cab is clear, giving him lots of clear parts all over his arms, shoulders and back.

Also a more menacing look with more black in the body.  He has some great details of color like his abs that really help him stand out.  All of the clear blue parts in the original version are now clear florescent orange.  Look close, and you will see the only new part of any of the six figures.  The head sculpt is all new, featuring more of an Orion Pax look.  At least and open mask face.

All of the clear red parts really come into play in the vehicle mode, which really happens with all of the vehicles other than Megatron who has much more black than anything.   You can see the alternate Autobot emblem on the hood, an orange shield around the symbol.

Deluxe Class 001 Bumblebee:

Unfortunately they used the second version of Bumblebee for this model. I was pretty sure that would be the case, but I was hoping.  The vehicle mode is okay.  The clear yellow is really good and shows off all of the unique special connector points.   The plastic has glitter inside that gives Bee a glimmering look.

Less black and more dark blue in robot mode.  It is interesting to see quite a change from the look of the yellow vehicle to the much darker robot mode.  I like the color in the head, the blue and silver work well together.  The eyes are creepily dark.

Deluxe Class 002 Wheeljack:

Wheeljack has taken quite a deviation from his original color.  From white to clear blue.  This color works well for him.

Still one of the best transformations from vehicle to robot.  Lots of movement in the legs to allow the changes.

The Dark Energon version of Wheeljack looks more like a “brother” than an alternate color version.  Most of the other figures keep at least a part of the original colors.

Deluxe Class 003 Starscream:

And then there is Starscream.  Lots of bright pink on this one.  Not many clear parts either.  Mostly just the wings, and a little bit around the fuselage.

Somehow in robot mode, the pink looks better.  Maybe it is because a plane should not have pink on it, but Starscream looks pumped up on Dark Energon with it.

I think I am going with the original version of Starscream on this one.  The alternate version is lacking some of the color variations that the original version has.

Deluxe Class 004 Knock Out:

Now THIS is how a figure should be changed by Dark Energon.   The bright green and pink really work well to make Knock Out look like he is glowing.  The Xed Decepticon emblem on the hood and a swept emblem down the side.

What else can be said about Knock Out. That guy looks like he took an extra dose of Dark Energon.   He is all kinds of jacked-up, and it suits him

All six figures




These guys look tough, and they look different from any other Prime figures to date.  This is a great set of Exclusive figures from Big Bad Toy Store.  Have some extra cash around, you might want to pop over there and buy them up before someone else does.

There are lots more pictures on my Flickr page.  Just click on any photo to be taken there.

Transformers Prime: Dark Energon

Big Bad Toy Store has an exclusive on a line of Transformers titles: Dark Energon.  Anyone who has been watching Prime knows that Dark Energon is some nasty stuff.   So, when six characters are treated with it, they get quite a great look.

I am not one to go and pre-order figures.  I never do it for anything I collect, but the only way to get these six was to order them from the source, so I pulled the trigger and hoped my Christmas money would come through for me.  It did.

There are six figures, including two Voyager figures (Optimus Prime and Megatron), and four Deluxe figures (Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Starscream, and Knock Out).  Each has a unique look and lots of clear parts.  I cannot wait to get the figures open and see them out of their boxes.  When I see them, I will share them with you.  I could not help but to share a quick post with some teaser pics.

Transformers Generations: Fall of Cybertron Shockwave

The war is on!   It took a lot of persistence on my part to finally find a Shockwave.  It seemed that everyone had Optimus and Jazz, but Shockwave was a hard find.  But boy was he worth it. Design and function.  Could not ask for more.

Other than the addition of some wings, Shockwave looks very similar to his G1 counterpart.  Other than his tight joints, he looks amazingly similar to the 1985 version.  It is fun to look back.  This version of Shockwave does come with two hands though.  HAHA!!   That is a good thing… I think.

Calm, calculating, and emotionless, this is the real deal.  He would drop an Autobot just because he is supposed to.   The big gun is a massive beast that fits well into his hand.  The end comes off to reveal three barrels underneath.  I don’t know if there is a reason for that or not, but they do have sights on the end.

Fear not, he has a hole in his back to allow for hands free holding of his gun.  Finally we get some guys that can do stuff and still keep their guns with them.

With his Decepticon brethren, Soundwave and Megatron from the War for Cybertron.  Megatron seems to have a few good soldiers to rely on.  Too bad he ends up with a bunch of lug heads.  I mean bad for his sake, not the sake of humanity.

In vehicle mode, he becomes a weapons platform.  Put a handle on it, and you would have yourself something similar to the G1 gun that he became.  The transformation is nice.  There are a few tricky pins that have to fall into place just right, but once they are in, this is one solid vehicle.

The Fall of Cybertron team so far.  Two good guys and one bad guy.   I am sure we will see more of them here in the future.  Overall good figures and transformations.

Now for some fun.   Playing is the point, right?   I was talking pictures of Shockwave, and I had the HALO Micro Ops figures nearby.  It was too good to pass up.

I started with a face-off.  The scale looked to be pretty good.  Then I had a second thought.   This picture is too static with the white background.  A little computer magic, and here we go:

A little desert action.  It has been a whole bunch of years since I used Photoshop, and I am really looking to get back into it.  So, for a first shot, here it is.  Enjoy.

Transformers: Prime – Commander Class, Dreadwing, Ironhide, Ultra Magnus

The Commander Class of the Prime series figures has been going on for a while now.  They started at with a little DVD way back when the series of toys came out.  Generally reserved for the bigger of the characters, these smaller figures still have really good detail and articulation.   They allow for a much closer sizing between the larger and smaller figures in the show.

This is being called”Series 2″ as it is the second series under the Cyberverse line.  The first line of Commander Class figures came out under the Dark of the Moon movie line.  We started with Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Megatron and Starscream.  Now we are adding on the next 3, Dreadwing, Ironhide, and Ultra Magnus.

Let’s go in order.  Number 005 of the series is Dreadwing:

As soon as I saw Dreadwing on the show, I knew I needed to see him in toy form. The unfortunate thing is that Dreadwing is a gigantic robot in the TV show, and he is about the same size as the other figures in the Commander Class.  What Hasbro needs to do is make him in the Deluxe line, and then he would be just about perfect in proportion to the Commander and Legion Class sizes of figures.

Dreadwing does not disappoint in the Commander size.  He came with a transformation page that is the size of some of the gigantic Voyager size figures.  He has good articulation in his arms and legs.  The color scheme is really well done, with only minor paint misses here and there.   He comes with two weapons, a big gun and a sword.  The two can combine to make a really good weapon as well.

Here you can see him relative in size to other figures, Commander Class Megatron, and Legion Class Vehicon.  He is not anywhere as tall as Megatron, but at least he has a lot going for him.

In plane mode, he looks pretty close to his TV couterpart.  Looking like a Blue Angel on steroids.   It is hard to hide all of the body parts when we are looking at this small scale, but they did a pretty good job there.


To me, Ironhide is one of the weaker Commander Class figures.  He has an overall appealing look, but there are some things that stand out.  Most notably are the truck parts around his forearm.  They really did not have any place to go, so they kind of hang there off the back of the arms.

He does have great feet and legs that give him a good stance.  he also has a face that is really close to the original G1 Ironhide.  He comes with two cannons, which is what you would want to see wit a “Heavy Weapons Specialist.”

His truck mode is pretty tough, with lots of great details, and big tires.  His transformation is really easy, and looks good.

Ultra Magnus:

Sometimes hero of the Autobots, and sometimes jerk (Animated verions).  He is usually seen with a big hammer, broad shoulders, and longer ears than Optimus.  Check, check, and check.   Visually, Ultra Magnus looks great.  Red, blue, and silver make for some great details.

Mine has a huge problem with the shoulder joints.  He cannot hold up his own arms, much less the hammer.

What happens when a Decepticon is too far away to smash with your hammer?

That’s right.  Attach it to your arm, and blow him out of the sky with your cannon.

His truck mode is fine.  Nothing special here.   A flatbed truck which can accommodate the cannon or a Legion Class vehicle.  His transformation from robot to vehicle is extremely simple.

So, here is Series 2 in all of it’s Commander Class glory:

Standout favorites?  Optimus has some of the best transformation from robot to vehicle.  Bulkhead has a great robot and vehicle mode.  Dreadwing is really nice too.  Megatron has a vehicle mode I don’t like in any class, so that is a hard one to get behind.  Starscream needs to eat a little more.  He is too skinny and falls over too much.   Ironhide and Ultra Magnus make nice robots.  Not quite as good in vehicle form, so they will probably exist in robot form.


Next time, we will talk about the return of the Generations line of TransformersFall of Cybertron anybody?

Transformers: Prime – Megatron

Ah Megatron.  One big giant block of crazy.   Okay, maybe more insane than crazy, but Earth had better watch out.   This time around, in the Prime Universe, Megatron is looking to take over Earth.  In other incarnations, he just wants to destroy humanity.   With Cybertron apparently gone, this place is as good as any to take over.

Megatron stands tall and strong in his hulking robot form.  Larger than even Optimus, he is a force to be reckoned with.  The figure stands in a good strong pose.  He is given his standard gigantic cannon that he seems to never be without in any incarnation.   He also gets a smaller piece that can either attach to his other arm as a blade, or to the cannon as a sort of bayonet.  As if he needed another weapon as you can push the large purple button on the back and add his giant blade out of the front of the cannon as well as give it a little light.

The cannon is nice.  It sure would be nice if Hasbro created a locking mechanism to allow the weapons to stay deployed in their alternate modes.  Here, the secondary weapon has been added to the main cannon.  It covers the barrel of the cannon… not the best design there.

As it appears to be a standard thing this time around in the Robots in Disguise figures, the cannon can be mounted to Megatron’s back.

In vehicle mode, Megatron is a spaceship, I guess.  He does fly around a lot, but he did not feel the need to take on an Earth vehicle form.  I would liked to have seen a bit more ingenuity put into the vehicle mode, and give him something at least a little Earth-like.  I can see how it would be hard to give him something too common, with all of the weird body parts that he has, a hulking torso, giant legs, and the cannon.  Not to mention the Shredder-like shoulder pads.

From the back.  Much like the front.  Not a lot of detail or design.  Kind of thrown together and then, done.  I am really not crazy about his head sticking out of the top.

As for Megatron, I am more interested in him as a robot, since he stays in that form for probably 90% of the first season.  It is his giant girth, and oversized body parts that make Megatron who he is.   I think the robot mode turned out great, and he is a fantastic addition to a Transformers collection.   He came out a while ago, being paired with Optimus.  We are starting to see the second part of the first wave with Bulkhead, so Megs is getting a little harder to find.   We seem to have tons of Optimuses out there.   Keep your scanners peeled for this one.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Coming up next, we look at some of the smaller figures, including one guy who has been around from the start, but I think this might be his best figure EVER!!!

Transformers: Prime Commander Class Part 2: Bulkhead and Starscream

Today we are going to take a look at the rest of the Commander Class wave 2 figures: Bulkhead and Starscream.  Last time we took a look at the two leaders of the teams.  This time we are looking at a couple of the soldiers.  They could not be more different.  Bulkhead is loyal, strong, and straightforward.  While Starscream is skinny (to a fault), more mentally fit, and a backstabber.  He definitely gives a bad name to being a Decepticon.


We will start with a look at that back stabbing Starscream.  In the Commander Class version, he is pretty straight forward as far as tranformations go.  He does not have anything that stands out that makes him fantastic.  His hands are sculpted into the nose of his jet mode, and does detract from the appearance a bit.  I do like how his wings and tail fold up, and out of the way.

It is interesting how, mounting the weapons on his arms, is the storage method of the weapons, as all of the Commander figures have.  The weapons can also be held in the hands, which make quite a menacing weapon to be sure.

Much like his boss, Starscream has a lot of funny bits that hang off of his jet mode that hinder the “disguise” part of the toy.  Most notably are the feet that are right in the middle of the jet’s body.  There is also quite a gap down the middle of the nose.   Overall, he looks quite a bit like his Deluxe class version, an looks like his cartoon version in both modes, but not my favorite.


Speaking of my favorites…  Bulkhead is done just right. He is a well designed robot and vehicle.  I think both are pulled off well.

Starting in robot mode, he is really well done, representing his tough self that we know and love.  The design follows closely with the Animated style, going for the top-heavy, big jaw that has made him a fan favorite.   The sculpt is fantastic, as Hasbro really handles the design and gets it sized down to the Commander Scale.

As per usual, Bulkhead comes with a storage hole for his weapon, a big fat mace for smashing the Cons.  From the back, there are a lot of hopes and gaps in the body, but that is to be expected in the smaller scale… and who wants to look at them from the back anyway?

And then there is the vehicle mode.  I think this is by far the best Commander Class design.  Not only does it look right compared to the show, but the design does a really good job of hiding all the robot parts.  The front end is low, but not necessarily recognizable as body parts, as we saw with the Decepticons from the same series.

Bulkhead and Optimus vs. Megatron and Starscream.   Good pairings to face off in the Commander Series.  I do like this larger scale compared to the much smaller Legion Class.  The figures have much better articulation and transformation.

Drive vs. Flight.  Generally the way the lines are drawn for Transformers.   They do get a bit blurred here in the Prime version.  I am hoping to see some of those driving Decepticons here in the near future.

Big vs. Small.  My only two Legion Class figures to give a comparison in size between them and the Commander Class.  I think Arcee looks okay in that scale compared, but I think Ratchet is too small. He should be much closer to Bulkhead’s size.  I do understand why Bulkhead was chosen though.

Coming up next, it is comparison time.  I have the new versions of Arcee and Bumblebee in hand and photos taken.  I am going to compare them with the premiere versions and see if the new figures are an improvement, or a dud.   I have side by side looks at both.

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