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Marvel Universe: Iron Spider-Man

I am not a big collector of the Marvel 3 3/4 figures, but there are a few I do need.  And when I saw they were coming out the Iron Spider-Man, I knew that was one I needed for my Iron Man collection.  Since I have been collecting everything else created by Tony Stark, why not the suit he built to get Peter Parker to join his team?

A combination of Spider-Man’s style with Iron Man’s colors, and it was an instant classic.   Gaining four extra “legs” really did give Spider-Man an advantage… for a bit.  But he is used to being the underdog, and could not stay on top for long.

The pod on his back is the mounting point for the four “legs.”  They are on ball joints so they can be posed.  A really nice feature for the smaller scale.  And a big advantage is that he can actually stand on his own, even with the legs attached to his back.  I was expecting with the pod and legs that he would end up falling back too easily.   Not the case thank goodness.

Probably too tall for the scale, since Spider-Man is eye-to-eye with Iron Man, but he is proportionate for the most part.  He does have that long torso look that seems to be a curse of the Spider-Men in the 3 3/4 scale.

I am really happy with the overall look and design of the figure.

MLiS: The Avengers are coming!

This is the first poll on My Life in Scale.  Today we are covering the topic of The Avengers. They have been big news in the comic world as of late, but they are getting bigger. A number of titles are beginning, and that means a lot more characters being pulled into the mix.
Not to mention the prequel movies leading to the big budget Avenger movie in 2012.

My Life in Galactus Scale!

Can you believe it?  The fine people as Hasbro have been working hard to bring us a world in 3 3/4 scale, and now they are producing a GIANT Galactus.    I am talking huge!   A new exclusive for the San Diego Comic-Con was announced, and it was a big announcement.Now, having a 19 inch Galactus is one thing, but these guys put it on a 27 inch blister card.  WHAT?!?!    Yup, a giant blister card for those Mint on Card kind of people.   If you are afraid of having to wonder around Comic-Con with this behemoth, it actually comes in a suit-case type carrying case (as described in the current issue of Wizard).

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