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Quick Pics: Marvel Vs Capcom MiniMates

Today are some quick pics of the Marvel Vs Capcom line of MiniMates.   There are a LOT of accessories that go along with the figures.  Some stands, and more extra weapons than these guys know what to do with.   Stand out favorites are Deadpool and Dante.   Both are really well done.  I am a little bummed that Deadpool does not come with the straps to hold his swords, nor holsters for his guns.  Ah well, can’t have everything.  At least we get a great looking Super Weapon for Iron Man.

Deadpool and Dante

Iron Man and Arthur

Iron Man and Arthur facing off

Magneto and Zero

Hulk and Mike Haggar

All 8 figures

8 figures plus the first 4 pack including Morrigan, Red Hulk, Stealth Iron Man and Mega Man Zero

Marvel MiniMates: X-Men: First Class (TRU Exc)

Eight simple figures.  Not a lot to them, but nice paint and a interesting new costume designs to go with the movie.   Let’s bring on the figures:

Xavier and Shaw

Magneto and Mystique

Beast and Azazel

Havok and Emma Frost


The First Class

This is a nice wave.  They could have easily gone with a whole bunch of different stuff, Beast in his non-blue, Emma in her diamond.   I am glad they went this way.  The costumes are a bit more reminiscent of the comic versions of the blue and yellow X-outfits.   They have a more comic vibe to them than the X-Men movie’s biker leathers.

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