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Legion Class – Warpath, Viper, and Groove (Transformers Generations)

Three Legion Class figures went on a recent holiday with me from California to Europe. I like taking the small guys since they fit easily in my backpack.

I ended up taking pictures of them on a Roman wall built in 71AD in the city of York, England.

I like the Legion Class figures. Warpath and Viper are better than Groove in this lineup.

Groove’s motorcycle mode is a bit stout.  He is extremely wide.   It is a pretty good representation of a futuristic bike, but it looks a bit too much like a scooter for my taste.

Groove is a bit gangly as a robot.  His legs are extremely long, and he has some strange articulation.   I don’t like his head being hidden as far as it is.

Warpath is on the top 10 of my favorite figures, when looking at the G1 design.  In tank mode, the brick red color really lets you know who this is.  As soon as we had Megatron, it was pretty easy to guess that Warpath was not far behind.

Warpath’s head looks great.  It is the flat back head that we know from the previous designs of the figure.   He does lose points with me in robot mode.  Of course, anyone who knows Warpath, knows he is known for having the cannon mounted right in his chest.   Not so in this release.  Too bad, but there is not much they could have done with this reuse of body.

Viper is a repaint of Powerglide, with a new head. This figure has been a long time coming. Many have been wanting a GI Joe/Transformers crossover for years of this figure. Finally we have it. Small scale, but better than nothing.  He is called Viper, named after the main troopers in the Cobra army, though his vehicle mode represents the Cobra Rattler, which is a take on the A-10 Thunderbolt II, or the Warthog.    He has the markings of the Cobra Rattler on his wings, with the Cobra marking being tweaked to also carry the Decepticon insignia.

In robot mode, he is just Powerglide with a new head.  But boy does a new head and paint really make a difference.  He looks great, and he looks like he could be a part of the Cobra team.

Once again, some good Legion Class figures.  Viper and Groove actually fit in with the Combiner Wars larger scale figures.  Viper becomes a gun, like Powerglide, while Groove becomes a chest piece for a combiner.   Warpath is in the Combiner line with name alone.


Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters, Commander Class Optimus Prime, Predaking and Bulkhead. Extra visit by Smokescreen

A quick look at the smaller side of Transformers. We have one Legion Class figure, and three of the new Commander Class figures. Not only do we get to get away from the rubber weapons from the earlier waves, but we get firing weapons for the Commander Class figures. Not necessarily a good thing though. Read on and enjoy.



Isn’t he cute. I did not like the Legion Class figures originally, but they have grown on me. There are some more intricate transformations as we go along, and they are finally done with those horrible rubber weapons.

I can’t help but think they were planning on a Smokescreen since he was in the last season of Prime, and then there was the push toward Beast Hunters. So, we get a standard looking Smoke to go along with a BH version of Bumblebee. Who knows, maybe Smokescreen gets left behind. You know, the most junior in ranking has to watch the base.

Optimus Prime:

I am digging this new Optimus. Big and bulky, and quite different than the first two seasons of the show. This just gets me REALLY excited for the larger scale version I hope to find some time… anytime… hopefully.

What do you do when you catch your “beast?” I guess you turn into a truck that doubles as a jail. At least that is the way it looks. Those big wheels are going to make driving anywhere a breeze.


As with Lazerback, Predaking still holds onto his beast heritage, but he does a lot better job of hiding it in robot mode. He does have his head sticking out of his back end like a reverse tail. There are a lot of similarities between Predaking and Megatron, especially in the chest area.

You should not be surprised that there is a lack of articulation in this scale. The front legs do have a knee, but the back legs do not. He is pretty rigid when in beast mode overall. His cannon becomes his tail. I am wondering if this is a theme with all of the Predacons. Lazerback’s gun also became a part of his body in beast mode.


Ah, my boy Bulkhead. The big lug stays big, and gets a bit of a color upgrade. We have seen him dark green, we have seen him dark blue, and now bright green, orange, and brown. I am not going to say this is the best color scheme, but I have seen worse. I am liking his new head with the horns. He has the addition of spikes all over.

And gone are the transforming hands. Well, I guess they are still there, but we get a new weapon for him. I was pretty excited about this “Nova Hammer,” but once I played with it, I was a bit less impressed. We are getting these firing missiles with Bulk, Optimus, and Predaking (Click on any photo to go to my Flickr site and see more). Optimus and Predaking make sense. With Bulkhead, the missile is the handle of the hammer. It makes the hammer head spin freely around up there. Boo!

Turning to vehicle mode, he does not look a whole lot different than he did before. He has the giant spikes in the front that could do some major damage. They also help to hide all of the robot parts tucked up under there.

This is a good start to the Commander Class. I am really looking forward to Optimus in the larger Voyager Class. I am not so sure about Predaking right now, but I will probably get there.

Transformers: Prime – Legion Class Arcee and Ratchet

A few more of the Transformers: Prime figures have started to trickle out there.  And boy do I mean trickle.  I am not a huge fan of the little Legion class figures, but Dark of the Moon had some really nice figures with good tranformations, and well done vehicle modes.   I figured I would give a few of these a try to see how they are.   Um… disappointed is a word that comes to mind.  Mostly in Arcee.

In robot mode, Arcee is okay.  She has some funny wings hanging off the back that don’t look anything like her TV counterpart. The rest of her is okay, with a pretty good face and the paint is pretty well done.   I am probably jaded a bit by her larger Deluxe figure that came out earlier that looks absolutely spot-on, and has some extremely well done transforming.

I start to loose faith in the figure as we get to the vehicle mode.  There is a place over her back tire where the two parts of her legs are supposed to stick together, and they barely do, some of the time.   The sides of the bike just stay in place, with no post or tab of any sort.   You can also see her back tire is off the ground from the bottom of the bike touching.    In all, this is not a very player friendly toy.

And let’s not forget about the horrible rubber weapon she comes with.  It pulls her over with no chance of her being able to stay up.  These weapons are terrible, both coming out of the packaging bent.

Thankfully, Ratchet does much better.

Ratchet’s robot mode looks really good.   They were able to give him all of this chest and head detail, and it is really well done.   His feet were quite a surprise for me.  Usually figures like this don’t have feet that move, but Ratchet’s do.   That helps to give him a nice stance.

In vehicle mode, Ratchet looks pretty good.  I think the wheels are a bit on the small side for how big of a vehicle he is.    The transformation for Ratchet is really well executed.  There are not very many moving parts, which is to be expected, so everything fits together well.

Just like with the previous Legion figures, they do fit in very well with the 1/64 scale vehicles like Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  This is great for kids who want to integrate the figures in with their other toys.

These figures are running about $6 a pop.  That is a pretty high price tag, but you have to pay to get moving parts these days, and we are always paying more for plastic all the time.  They are keeping pretty constant with the trend.

Luckily I also got a larger Voyager Class Transformer of Optimus Prime.  And he is really cool.   Come back tomorrow and see what the Prime of all Primes has in store.

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