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Springload – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Legion Class

The Robots in Disguise line has not been fantastic in my eyes. Their Warrior Class is a simplified version of the Deluxe Class we have been seeing in the Generations line. The idea was to make a cheaper line of figures that parents would want to buy their kids. It really hasn’t happened that way. Most of the time, the figures in the RiD line are just as much as the Generations line, and they do not have the detail and precision.

For the most part, the entire line of RiD is simplified, with one-step and three-step changers taking a lot of room on the pegs at the store. And then there is the Legion Class. Tiny versions of figures we have in larger, better looking scales. Occasionally though, a figure comes along that really makes sense.

In this case, Springload. Originally we saw him as a one-step changer. The problem with that one was that the vehicle looked like a dune buggy, not the truck he is in the show. That is pretty terrible. Now we have a more show accurate version in the Legion Class.

Springload looks like a truck, so that is a nice bonus for him. He is not really this small in the show compared to other characters, but as a little frog guy, it works in the toy line.

When he transforms, he really comes alive. I am really impressed with the level of engineering that went into making this little guy. There are a lot of parts that fold up really well to get a square truck to turn into a round frog.

He has a whole lot of articulation to boot, which is both amazing and impressive. He is my new favorite figure in the line. He is a lot of fun to play with, and interacts well with other characters. When I first saw the horrible one-step version, I prepared myself to never see a good version of Springload. And then he suddenly appeared. A welcome sight to be sure.

Legion Class – Warpath, Viper, and Groove (Transformers Generations)

Three Legion Class figures went on a recent holiday with me from California to Europe. I like taking the small guys since they fit easily in my backpack.

I ended up taking pictures of them on a Roman wall built in 71AD in the city of York, England.

I like the Legion Class figures. Warpath and Viper are better than Groove in this lineup.

Groove’s motorcycle mode is a bit stout.  He is extremely wide.   It is a pretty good representation of a futuristic bike, but it looks a bit too much like a scooter for my taste.

Groove is a bit gangly as a robot.  His legs are extremely long, and he has some strange articulation.   I don’t like his head being hidden as far as it is.

Warpath is on the top 10 of my favorite figures, when looking at the G1 design.  In tank mode, the brick red color really lets you know who this is.  As soon as we had Megatron, it was pretty easy to guess that Warpath was not far behind.

Warpath’s head looks great.  It is the flat back head that we know from the previous designs of the figure.   He does lose points with me in robot mode.  Of course, anyone who knows Warpath, knows he is known for having the cannon mounted right in his chest.   Not so in this release.  Too bad, but there is not much they could have done with this reuse of body.

Viper is a repaint of Powerglide, with a new head. This figure has been a long time coming. Many have been wanting a GI Joe/Transformers crossover for years of this figure. Finally we have it. Small scale, but better than nothing.  He is called Viper, named after the main troopers in the Cobra army, though his vehicle mode represents the Cobra Rattler, which is a take on the A-10 Thunderbolt II, or the Warthog.    He has the markings of the Cobra Rattler on his wings, with the Cobra marking being tweaked to also carry the Decepticon insignia.

In robot mode, he is just Powerglide with a new head.  But boy does a new head and paint really make a difference.  He looks great, and he looks like he could be a part of the Cobra team.

Once again, some good Legion Class figures.  Viper and Groove actually fit in with the Combiner Wars larger scale figures.  Viper becomes a gun, like Powerglide, while Groove becomes a chest piece for a combiner.   Warpath is in the Combiner line with name alone.

Strongarm and Steeljaw – Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Today we are going to look at two of the smaller Legion Class figures that are coming out now for the new Robots in Disguise show.


Strongarm comes with her face in a shield, as opposed to mouth showing as the box art shows.  I like my Transformers much better with masks anyway.  She is a good sized figure.  Mostly due to the large shoulders that are head height and above.  She is very typical for the Legion Class figures.   She has movement in her shoulder, arms, hips and knees.   She has some really nice details for a small Legion figure.

She is a little shorter than the Prime Legion figures.   I don’t know if this is going to be the new standard for height going forward, as there are only two figures out now, but at least the hands are still the same size, so the RiD figures can borrow weapons from the other Legion figures, since they don’t have any weapons.  Boo!

In vehicle mode, she takes on the appearance of a police SUV.  This does not look like any SUV I am used to.  Maybe she is taking cues from Bulkhead’s SUV.

Overall, I like how she looks. It is hard to tell she is a female Transformer, except for her face on the box art.


Now for the tiny werewolf Decepticon, Steeljaw.  He is really intriguing to me.  I can’t wait to see how he is in the show.   The Legion Class figure is again similar to the others.   He has a little less movement than Strongarm.  He is bent at the knees, and cannot stand up very tall.

They even found out a way to give him a tail.  Pretty fun.  It does bump the legs on the way down, so it looks like he is constantly wagging his tail.  In the Warrior Class figure, the tail is actually a nice support to help him stand.  He is pretty sturdy in the Legion version.

He turns into an off-road vehicle of some sort.  Whatever it is, he looks fast and mean.  His vehicle mode is a direct representation of his robot mode.  Well done.

These are the first two releases for the new Robots in Disguise show/line. It is a little strange to me that they would bring out two characters who are very similarly colored.  One thing that stands out right away is the size difference. Strongarm is a lot taller in robot mode, but Steeljaw is a lot wider in vehicle mode.

Well, I am now three figures into the Robots in Disguise line, and I am excited.   I have these two Legion Class figures, and the Steeljaw Warrior Class figure I will look at next.  Overall, they are well done.  It looks like a pretty slow roll-out for the toys, so we will have to see how it goes. Hopefully not another thousand versions of Bumblebee this time around.

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