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Transformers: Generations – Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the Legends Class figures in the Combiner Wars line.   We have been getting quite a few, and with the exception of Power Glide (turning into a gun), these figures don’t really have a lot to do with the Combiners.  Blackjack is changing all of that.  If you looked at my earlier review, I took a look at Menasor.  Built using 5 figures, he turned out pretty good.  He did have a giant glaring hole in his chest.   Well, Blackjack is here to fill that hole.  But more on that later.

Blackjack comes with pretty good articulation.  Overall, what we expect from these Legends Class figures.   The only thing that seems funny to me are the holes in his toes.  That just seems a bit out there, but necessary in vehicle mode.   He shows a whole lot of purple in robot mode.  And as we know, purple means Decepticon.  He takes a lot of his look from his G1 counterpart, but with a lot more detail and articulation than the tiny Micromaster version.  They did a nice job of highlighting him with a bit of gold here and there.

His vehicle mode is a nice upgrade from the Ford Probe that we last saw him wearing back in 1989.  He has a bit of purple here and there to give some good accent to an otherwise black car.  The ports on the back are for the axe (coming next), and there are two ports on the roof for when he becomes the chest of Menasor.

First time I looked at him finally all together wearing the axe, I thought, “Gee, he looks a lot like a Dark Hot Rod.”  Well, guess what?  He is going to be repainted as Hot Rod, or Rodimus.  If Menasor gets a special chest vehicle, it is only fitting that Ultra Prime gets a chest piece too.

In place, Blackjack gets lost in there.   He is black on a black body behind.  It doesn’t really do a lot for Menasor other than filling out his chest some more.    I have a problem that others have mentioned too.  The posts on Menasor’s chest don’t fit well into the ports on the bottom of Blackjack.  The posts are too small, so Blackjack just falls off.   That’s too bad.   Well, it is nice to have a little more to add onto Menasor anyway.

Overall, I like this little guy.  As a robot and as a vehicle.  He is a bit boring as a chest piece, but what are ya’ gonna’ do?

Powerglide – Combiner Wars – Legends Class

Yup, that is Powerglide.  Different scale or not, a red A-10 Warthog jet turned into a robot is clearly Powerglide.   This guy does not seem to change much with each reiteration, and that is fine with me.  One of the things that stands out the most to me is his giant Autobot symbol on his chest.  He is not afraid to let everyone know his affiliation.

Here he is with the Legion class Strongarm.  He is in a slightly larger scale, to go along with the other Legends Class figures we have had in the Generations line.  Of course he is a large figure, so he doesn’t really work too well in the Legends Class, as with some other figures that have in some of the other more recent waves.  He sure does with well, playing with the Legion Class figures though.

As a jet, he is okay.  He looks like the A-10 Warthog that we know and love.  He does have the big arms hanging off of both sides, which does detract from the overall design of the jet mode, but what else can you do with the arms when he is in the smaller scale?  Not much.

A top-down look at him.  There are a lot of moving parts on this one, and he tends to sag a bit in the middle.  I think it is the usual problem of making a triple changer.  Robot, jet, and big gun.  Something has to give.  This time around, it is the jet mode.

Jetfire is lending us his Leader Class hands to show us how Powerglide looks in gun mode.   I don’t know, but I have not seen any of the Deluxe Class figures in the store yet, so I may never be able to fully build Superion.

Here are a couple of Powerglides.  The CW version is standing with the DOM Commander Class Powerglide. I definitely like the feel of the new one much better.  He has more of the G1 feel to him.  The more I look at him, the more I like him.  His robot mode is the best.  By far capturing that G1 look, with better overall appeal and definitely better articulation than the original G1 toy.

I will be looking at some more of the Legends Class figures coming up.  One of my favorite guys, Thundercracker, and Windcharger are both repaints of previous releases in the Generations Legends Thrilling 30 line.  Can you really go wrong with a whole collection of Seekers?  Starscream, Acid Rain, and now Thundercracker.  That would be 3 down and only, what 11 more to go?  Guess we will see how far they go with this one.

Transformers: Generations – Legends Class figures

I went camping last week, and it went terribly wrong.  Two full days of thunder showers.  Ruined camping, and ruined my chances of getting any photo shoots in the woods.  I did get one good thing out of the trip though, plenty of new Generations Legends Class figures.   These four new figures are way above the first four figures.  We had the likes of Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Starscream.  They were good figures, but they don’t really belong in this scale.  These new four figures work great with the standard Deluxe figures, since they are supposed to be a little smaller anyway.

They are ranked from lowest to highest in my rating of the four from left to right.  #4 Tailgate, #3 Skrapnel, #2 Swerve, and #1 Cosmos.  Let’s take a closer look at these figures and their mini-bots.

#4 Tailgate and Groundbuster:

First off, wouldn’t you name a truck tailgate, not a car?  Okay, I have that out of the way, let’s move on.  Tailgate ranks #4 for one reason: design.  He is extremely top heavy with spindly little legs below.   He does not have great articulation, which would have been fine for this scale other than the fact that the other three have great articulation.  HE comes with Groundbuster, who also suffers from being a poorly designed robot.  The vehicle modes are much better.

These two are looking much better in vehicle mode.  Their colors match well, showing they do belong together.   Tailgate has a very Cliffjumper appearance to him.  This is rightfully so since he was represented in the Prime show with this same color scheme, and based on Cliffjumper.

I don’t know how good of a “weapon” this is.  It looks more like Tailgate is on clean-up duty.

#3 Skrapnel and Reflector:

Moving up the rankings here, we have the lone Decepticon and Insecticon, Skrapnel, with Reflector.  Originally Shrapnel, the trademark gods strike again, and we have a new name, but a great figure.  he has a lot of good motion all over his body, and the extra legs all over are fantastic.   Reflector has a lot of color on him, really giving some good detail to the smaller mini-bot.

Reflector becomes a gun too, but come on, you can’t beat a camera.  Unfortunately, the camera details are on the side with the handle, so you get a lot of robot parts when he is being held by Skrapnel.

A great transformation to get Skrapnel into his beetle mode, and a perfectly placed port to allow for some good spy photography.

#2 Swerve and Flanker:

The 1986 mini-bot has gotten an upgrade in this newest version.  A bit bigger, but the big news is the massive amount of articulation and detail.  He comes with Flanker, who was an original member of Sixwing, but finding a new sidekick this time around.   He has a great transformation too, that allows him to be a robot, gun for Swerve, and a jet.

I managed to somehow knock the wings down into flight mode  as I got him ready.  The wings stick up, finishing the transformation of Flanker in to a gun.  He makes a nice weapon for Swerve.

Swerve becomes a truck, with some interesting transforming parts that make it feel more like putting together a puzzle.  Flanker can attach to the room to lend fire power, or…

He can spin around and lend Swerve a little support with a speedy getaway.

#1 Autobot Cosmos and Payload:

And now for my top choice.  The one I know a lot of people have been waiting for.  The quarky 1985 character with quite a chunky robot mode, saw a remodel in 2009 where he became quite skinny, but ultimately ending up with this version where he is the proper mix of fligth and fight.  Cosmos:

This version is quite tough looking.  Articulation all over the place, with giant hands and strong sturdy feet.  He has a great looking head sculpt, and cannons on his knees.

Cosmos comes with Payload, who I think is the best mini-bot in the line-up as well.  He has good paint and his transformations are the best, especially the gun mode:

Payload’s feet slide up his legs to reveal two large barrels for Cosmos’ gun.

Worse “robot in disguise” ever!  Come to a planet where humans are scared of being probed by spacemen from flying saucers, and you show up as… a flying saucer.  I don’t care!  He is awesome.  The details here are fantastic.

Looking to the back, the details still stand out well.   This is the first time he has engines showing.

This is the first of this line where the mini-bot cannot attach to the main figure.  I am not sure where they could have put a port that wouldn’t hurt the overall design of Cosmos, so I am okay with them not being able to connect.

Another great showing of figures for the Legion Class Generations line.   The choice of figures was great this time around.  Characters we have not seen a lot of, really helps.  The first four we see in every incarnation.  It is a lot of fun to see these guys re-imagined with more articulation and better transformation.  I am really looking forward to the next set of 4.  Three will be repaints of the first four figures (Optimus will be Nemesis, Bumblebee will be Cliffjumper, and Starscream will be Acid Storm).  The fourth will be Swerve repainted into Gears.  That sounds like a fun set to look forward to, but there are plenty more Deluxe figures in the Generations line still out there to get, as well as some more interesting movie figures.  The hunt continues.

Megatron and Starscream – Generations Legends

We had Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in the small Legends scale, so why not Megatron and Starscream?

Megatron and Starscream are joined by Chop Shop and Waspinator.   I like the theme of the Insecticons as the sidekicks to the two main figures.

Megatron is most similarly designed after the terrible Classics line Megatron which shares a similarity of being a tank.   At less than half the size, the Legends Class Megatron is twice the bot that the other one is, taking too many attempts at gimmicks that wreck the figure.

Along with Chop Shop, Megatron makes for quite an overpowering brute… as we usually find him.   The color scheme is really well done, with the two tones of grey and the black that makes for a darker Megatron than usual.

In robot mode, Chop Shop is nothing more than a pair of scissors for Megatron’s arm (check my Flickr site for more pics).  Where he really stands out is as the new front end for an already daunting tank.   Well done here.

As for Starscream, this is a fantastic version of the flyer.  I would love to see this as a deluxe version.  Guns on the arms, powerful body, and the awesome Macross feet.  Can’t go wrong here.  Instantly recognizable with the red and blue color scheme, and just a few changes to make an updated version of Starscream.   Waspinator is… well, Waspinator.  He is unmistakable as well.   Not much to change him from wasp to robot.  The real fun comes with changing him to gun.

The gun is not the greatest execution, but he is a tiny little guy, so Hasbro gets points for trying, as well as making quite a cool bit of scissor action that you cannot see in robot mode before he flips all apart to make the long gun.  I think it would have been lots better if the gun handle had not been quite so long to start with.

Ah yes, secondary weapons used on jets.  They never work quite right… unless it is on Jetfire.  Waspinator is big and bulky, but I suspect he would create quite a blast.

In all, a couple of great little figures, and a couple of even smaller accessory figures.   These along with the pair of Autobots, make for fun little figures.  They are quick to transform, and fit easily on a shelf… or in a pocket for sneak photography.

Bumblebee took an International trip with me this summer, spending most every day in my pocket as we traveled around Italy.

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