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New Appearance and a few new Transformers

Leadfoot and Pinpoint:

Leadfoot with his little sidekick, Pinpoint.   I think the Power Core Combiners finally have a name that matches the pair.   I have talked about it before, that so many of the pairings of characters have the wrong name.   This time it is right on.   The race car is Leadfoot, and the gun is Pinpoint. Can’t get much better than that.

Leadfoot has such unique colors.  We have not seen colors like this on a Transformer in a while.   The colors work well, with the combination of white and orange.  Pinpoint makes for an okay gun.   He just kind of stands straight with his guns deployed, but there have been worse designs for attempts to make these little robots into weapons.

One of the nice things about the two-pack sets is the post in the chest to make the smaller robot into the Power-Up Armor.   On Leadfoot, he actually has two (the other we will see when he is in Commander mode).  This is the first we have where the post is hidden behind a panel that flips down.

When attached, Pinpoint makes an okay armor.  Not many of the armor pieces ever fit the larger robot without looking like they are sticking way out there, but this one conforms fairly well.   With the addition of the two guns, it makes for better armor than most of the others.

Leadfoot’s vehicle mode is better than I had expected.  He has one of the better transformations of the PCC line.  In addition, the wheels are some of the best I have ever seen on a Transformer, and he rolls very easily.

Mounted on the front post (the second for Leadfoot), Leadfoot gets a power boost from a blown engine as well as a pair of mighty cannons.   Pinpoint stands quite a bit tall on the front of the vehicle.  The aerodynamics are blown to hell.

In commander mode, Leadfoot combines with drones to make quite a robot.   His transformation is really nice.  His body folds up really well, and changes the way he looks.  Most of the parts are not recognizable as the original body parts.

My collection of Power Core Combiners thus far.   More on the way.  🙂


Hailstorm adds another layer of armor to the already powerful line of Decepticons (check the last picture for the recent armored vehicles).   8 missile launcher that rotates 360 degrees makes for a great addition to the team.  A sturdy little guy.

In robot mode, he is STILL a sturdy little guy.  Short legs and long arms give him a look of being weighted down and a low center of gravity.   The tank treads fold in half to make the upper arm.  it gives a sense of power in the upper arms.

A look without the missiles in the launcher.

The missiles are pressure activated.  There is a ball a little off the tip.  When pushed into the launcher, it is held onto with springs.  When pressure is applied to the back of the missile, it will pop free.  This is not the best way to launch a missile.  First, you have to manhandle the figure to launch the missile.   You also can only launch one missile at a time.  I was hoping a guy named Hailstorm would have something to launch all of the missiles at the same time.   They also don’t all launch the same distance.  With other launching methods, they tend to be a little more uniform.

The recent armor from the Decepticons.

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