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Beast Hunters: Knock Out

Boy am I surprised by this Knock Out.  I have two of the first versions of this guy (regular ver., and Dark Energon ver.), and I was not really expecting a whole lot from this one.   Turns out, I like him better than the first version.   He has great colors going on, with a little nod to his original dark red color.   He still looks like himself, but with a bit of a Beast flair.

He comes with a much better weapon than he did before.   This one is a blaster when it is one way.  The handle comes off to reveal a chain and a biting gimmick that works well.

Seamless integration of the weapon to the figure?  Yup, and it looks good.   It beefs him up a bit on the upper body, and it works.

Transform him into vehicle mode, and you get a much stronger sense of the beast look.  He has some vents on the hood, and a really cool side intake along the door.   Give him a vicious looking face in the front, and some scale/fins in the back.  If you know anything about Knock Out, you know he loves his paint job.   He would not allow just any changes to his car’s body and paint.

I don’t really know if I am going along with this “weapon as a tail” thing, but I am impressed with the seamless design.  It fits back there nice and tight.  Mount it on the roof, or hang if off the back.  A few different choices for this guy.


Overall, this is a great Deluxe figure.   He looks good, transforms well, and fits well into the last style changes of making the main characters into Beast Hunters.


Transformers Prime: Dark Energon, Full Review

Six figures with special, unique color schemes. All full of Dark Energon.  An exclusive from Big Bad Toy Store, this one does not fail to impress.  The colors are very different, not just some little redeco.  Fully refined, and worth it for any Transformers fan.

Voyager 001 Megatron:

Lots of black and purple, and black/purple all mixed together.  It would not be a Megatron figure without a bit of purple.

The original Megatron had a bit of semi-transparent parts, once being brought back to life using Dark Energon.  The DE version of Megatron adds a new purple color in the forearms as well as the chest.  The rest of his forearms and shoulders are a different color of transparent purple.  The addition of black parts really gives Megs a much more menacing look.

In vehicle mode, his ship remains quite menacing with all of that black.  Still not one of my favorite vehicle modes, but this color variation is quite fetching.

Let us not forget the DE version of the Decepticon symbol.

Voyager 002 Optimus Prime:

Ah, Optimus.   Leader of the Autobots, and cornering the market on lots of clear parts. The entire truck cab is clear, giving him lots of clear parts all over his arms, shoulders and back.

Also a more menacing look with more black in the body.  He has some great details of color like his abs that really help him stand out.  All of the clear blue parts in the original version are now clear florescent orange.  Look close, and you will see the only new part of any of the six figures.  The head sculpt is all new, featuring more of an Orion Pax look.  At least and open mask face.

All of the clear red parts really come into play in the vehicle mode, which really happens with all of the vehicles other than Megatron who has much more black than anything.   You can see the alternate Autobot emblem on the hood, an orange shield around the symbol.

Deluxe Class 001 Bumblebee:

Unfortunately they used the second version of Bumblebee for this model. I was pretty sure that would be the case, but I was hoping.  The vehicle mode is okay.  The clear yellow is really good and shows off all of the unique special connector points.   The plastic has glitter inside that gives Bee a glimmering look.

Less black and more dark blue in robot mode.  It is interesting to see quite a change from the look of the yellow vehicle to the much darker robot mode.  I like the color in the head, the blue and silver work well together.  The eyes are creepily dark.

Deluxe Class 002 Wheeljack:

Wheeljack has taken quite a deviation from his original color.  From white to clear blue.  This color works well for him.

Still one of the best transformations from vehicle to robot.  Lots of movement in the legs to allow the changes.

The Dark Energon version of Wheeljack looks more like a “brother” than an alternate color version.  Most of the other figures keep at least a part of the original colors.

Deluxe Class 003 Starscream:

And then there is Starscream.  Lots of bright pink on this one.  Not many clear parts either.  Mostly just the wings, and a little bit around the fuselage.

Somehow in robot mode, the pink looks better.  Maybe it is because a plane should not have pink on it, but Starscream looks pumped up on Dark Energon with it.

I think I am going with the original version of Starscream on this one.  The alternate version is lacking some of the color variations that the original version has.

Deluxe Class 004 Knock Out:

Now THIS is how a figure should be changed by Dark Energon.   The bright green and pink really work well to make Knock Out look like he is glowing.  The Xed Decepticon emblem on the hood and a swept emblem down the side.

What else can be said about Knock Out. That guy looks like he took an extra dose of Dark Energon.   He is all kinds of jacked-up, and it suits him

All six figures




These guys look tough, and they look different from any other Prime figures to date.  This is a great set of Exclusive figures from Big Bad Toy Store.  Have some extra cash around, you might want to pop over there and buy them up before someone else does.

There are lots more pictures on my Flickr page.  Just click on any photo to be taken there.

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