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Jetfire – Transformers: Generations (Leader Class)

One of the best loved figures and characters from the G1 cartoon, Jetfire finally makes a comeback, and in a BIG way.  This time around he is a Leader Class figure (the first for the Generations line), and he is making a big splash.

He is standing behind a Generations Deluxe Class Optimus Prime.  This shows just how giant of a figure he is.   I had not seen any pictures of him with other figures before, so I didn’t know what to expect.   I almost missed him at my Toys R Us yesterday, since I wasn’t expecting the giant box he came in.

In vehicle mode, he is the classic F-14 Tomcat that we know and love from his original design as a Macross vehicle.  The wings even sweep back, and boy do they work nice.

A little more of a nod to the G1 Jetfire, he comes fully equipped with the Macross jetpack that will allow him to fly in space.  Having a space faring character is definitely a nice addition to the Autobot team.  He also comes with plenty of firepower.

The designers finally gave a back-heavy character the proper footing.  His feet extend way back to allow him to stand easily with the wings and front of the plane, and the jetpack, all stuffed back there.

And when all else fails, put all of the fire power into one gun and let it rip.   Here goes the neighborhood.

The last time we saw a quality Jetfire was back in 2006 with the Classics line.  Even then, the scale was Voyager Class, so he was only marginally bigger than the other figures, except for the other Voyager figures that he matched sizes with.   We haven’t seen anything this big since 1985, so it is very fitting to see this guy in the 30th Anniversary lineup.  It looks like this mold is going to be used at least once more for Thundercracker, and he looks awesome!!   It will be nice to see the return of the Leader Class figures, something I think has been missing since The Animated Series.  Can’t wait.

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