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Springload – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Legion Class

The Robots in Disguise line has not been fantastic in my eyes. Their Warrior Class is a simplified version of the Deluxe Class we have been seeing in the Generations line. The idea was to make a cheaper line of figures that parents would want to buy their kids. It really hasn’t happened that way. Most of the time, the figures in the RiD line are just as much as the Generations line, and they do not have the detail and precision.

For the most part, the entire line of RiD is simplified, with one-step and three-step changers taking a lot of room on the pegs at the store. And then there is the Legion Class. Tiny versions of figures we have in larger, better looking scales. Occasionally though, a figure comes along that really makes sense.

In this case, Springload. Originally we saw him as a one-step changer. The problem with that one was that the vehicle looked like a dune buggy, not the truck he is in the show. That is pretty terrible. Now we have a more show accurate version in the Legion Class.

Springload looks like a truck, so that is a nice bonus for him. He is not really this small in the show compared to other characters, but as a little frog guy, it works in the toy line.

When he transforms, he really comes alive. I am really impressed with the level of engineering that went into making this little guy. There are a lot of parts that fold up really well to get a square truck to turn into a round frog.

He has a whole lot of articulation to boot, which is both amazing and impressive. He is my new favorite figure in the line. He is a lot of fun to play with, and interacts well with other characters. When I first saw the horrible one-step version, I prepared myself to never see a good version of Springload. And then he suddenly appeared. A welcome sight to be sure.

Brawn – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Brawn is the second Titan Master I am looking at from Wave 2. He is a classic character from the G1 show. Strangely, he was not a Headmaster, so it is odd that he would be represented as such. On top of that, it looks like we will be getting a nice little Legends scale figure next year. And the Legends scale vehicles such as Wheelie are able to carry around the smaller Titan Masters. Brawn will get to drive himself around on the lookout for robots to control with his head mode. Wrap your mind around that one!

Anyway, let’s look at the figure. Out of the package, you get a tiny Titan Master, Brawn, in all of his green and yellow glory. He comes with a jeep just like his G1 vehicle mode, with the exception of this one having treads instead of tires. Neat!

Brawn transforms into the head, flips face down, and becomes a roof for the jeep. Nothing terribly special going on here, but it does look really nice together.

With a few flips of the wheels, Brawn’s vehicle turns into a flying motorcycle… I think. It looks like it should fly to me. Brawn gets to ride in his robot mode this time around.

A couple more twists and a flip, and the handle slides down out of the base, and we have a gun. Brawn once again folds down a bit and slides into the big gap in the gun, and he is ready for some action. I did find it difficult to keep the handle of the gun out while I was trying to slide in into Hardhead’s hand.

Finally, if you can get Brawn away from his vehicle, he creates a head that is a pretty good representation of the G1 Brawn, gruff scowl and everything. The head is a great design, and the colors work well. It is so funny to me that they do such a great job on the head, but cannot seem to get any paint on the robot side of these little guys. At least the faces look great.

I am really happy with this guy. The vehicle is one of the best we have had so far. I am looking forward to tracking down the last one in Wave 2, while I wait on Wave 3.

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