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New Wolverine and Phoenix – Marvel Minimates Wave 6 (2004)

Two teammates just hanging out on the street corner.

In the second year of the Marvel Minimates craze that has lasted for 15 years now. It is fun to look back the the beginnings of the line. Not many lines can boast a run like this, but we are 75 waves in, not including all of the exclusives, including 25 special movie waves at Toys R Us, 25 regular exclusive waves at TRU, and 8 waves at Walgreens. And that is just Marvel. There was a short lived DC line that was great and countless other properties that were tried as well.

“Hi Mary Ja-* Sorry, wrong redhead!”

All in all, Diamond Select and Art Asylum have really made a great set of figures, and it has given me one of the best scales (2 inch) to play with when diorama building. Lots more to come!

Juggernaut – BAF – Juggernaut Series

And we close out this series with a big ol’ bad guy. The one and only Juggernaut, also known as Cain Marko. He is the original unstoppable force, and he is a big guy.

Juggernaut has some pretty good sculpting on his body. Most of it is just muscle, but there are some veins in his arms. His boots are really well done. The most detail went into his face and helmet. You would expect for a guy who goes into battle head-first, he would have a pretty banged up helmet. And he does. The real shining light is the face sculpt that is hidden under the helmet. We get a fair amount of the face, showing through the holes. It is so well done, down to a chipped tooth.

Compared to the rest of the figures, he is a head and shoulders taller, and twice as wide. These are my favorite BAF figures. We get the bigger than life guys that cannot be sold as individual figures. They work so well, and end up being so much fun.  They tend to have a little less articulation than the other figures, but real big guys tend to be a little less flexible than the average guy too. So nothing lost.

This was a mixed bag of a series, with some of the best figures we have seen, and a few that are less than desirable. But once they are put together for the final team picture, there is no doubt that this is a great team.

Phoenix – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Oof, this figure is rough. I was not expecting her to be good, but she is pretty weak.  The paint is the best thing she has going for her.  The phoenix emblem is well done, and there is a good contrast between the green and gold.  It gets really sloppy around the hair, spilling onto her skin.  It is really clear the hair is just placed on her head, and is not a part of the sculpt.

This funky pose was all I could do to get her to stand on her own.

This funky pose was all I could do to get her to stand on her own.

She is on the terrible skinny woman body. I HATE the skinny body. It has tiny feet, and cannot stand worth a darn. On top of that, they gave Jean a mess of terrible hair that is a giant plastic blob. She is top heavy!! Come on! You can’t make a figure skinny and then make it top heavy. Not Cool!

She comes with no accessories, so other than the Juggernaut piece, I think Phoenix is pretty worthless. I am starting to like the previous figures I said I would skip, more and more. At least with the other figures, they could stand and pose. Not much we can do with this skinny one. Ugh!

Up next, we are moving onto the big guns, and they do NOT disappoint!!!

MLiS: Marvel MiniMates Wave 34

This is a fun set. It is all 90s era characters, in the styling of the great Jim Lee. There are two main parts of the set, the good guys and the bad guys.

The Good: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Rogue

The Bad: Black Queens Jean Grey and Selene and their Hellfire Club Guards

Hmmmm…. 4 boys and 4 girls. 4 good and 4 bad. This is kind of the perfect ying and yang set if I have ever seen one. I don’t know of any toy wave outside of anime/manga figures that has such a high percentage of females in a wave.

I had to get this wave on the internet since it was not available in the stores. If you are fan and collector of the MiniMates like I am, then you have had your brain scrambled trying to figure out the different waves as well as the sets being sold at Toys R Us.

The Figures:

Scott comes with alternate hair. When his visor is removed, he has on red sunglasses. Jean has the typical 90s hair. It is really big. It is so heavy, it was really hard to keep her upright for the picture.

Beast comes with an alternate set of hands and feet that are more of the standard size of MiniMates. Rogue has the 90s hair as well. Her hair is also very heavy.

Jean Grey is delightfully beautifully deadly looking as the Black Queen. She comes with a Hellfire Club Guard that is the same with the Selene figure. We tend to get two figures after getting the variant set, but at least in this set the double figure we got was one we could use a few of.

Selene is looking evil in this set. She and Jean both come with a whip, and their guards each come with a nice silver machine gun.

This is a very nice set indeed. These are 8 very nice looking figures, and they have very nice costumes with a lot of details.

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