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Jazz – Transformers: Generations – Power Of the Primes (Deluxe Class Wave 1)

The internet seemed to erupt pretty quickly with hate for Jazz. So, I was a little skeptical about the figure when I first got him. Well, that was unfounded. He is a fine figure. Is he the best? Nope. But, there are a lot of things that are done right.

First off, it looks like Jazz. He has the wide body with the front of the car making up his chest. He has wheels on his shoulders, and wheels on his outer legs. The colors are there, just like they should be. The only thing missing is the shoulder-mounted rocket launcher… but we haven’t seen that since his first issue back in 1984.

Like with the Legends Class, the Deluxe Class figures come with a card as well. This one says “Onyx Jazz”. Onyx Prime is one of the original 13 Primes, and is the Prime of the Beasts. I would have imagined him teaming up with a Dinobot, rather than Jazz, but as per the card, it looks like teaming up with Onyx will improve Jazz’s fighting.

As with all of the Deluxe figures, Jazz comes with a weapon, and “Prime Armor.” The gun is very reminiscent of his G1 blaster, with a square body and and angular barrel that flares in the middle.

The Prime Armor can be worn on the forearm as a weapon and shield, or it can be attached to the chest of the Deluxe figure. In this case, Jazz is hanging with Vector Prime, since we don’t have Onyx Prime yet.

From the front, the chest mounted armor works, but from the side, it looks pretty silly. It seems that it would have been much better if it had been torso armor instead. Hasbro did such a good job with the big chest of Jazz, but it doesn’t work too well with the additional armor added on.

Transforming Jazz into vehicle mode is very familiar if you have been collecting the Combiner Wars figures. It has the same sort of folding parts that we have seen before. I am still once again amazed that Hasbro was able to make good looking robots, vehicles, and still be able to have them transform into arms and legs for a Combiner.

Jazz continues with his Porsche vehicle mode. This time around, he is a Le Mans style Porsche. I am sure much faster than the original G1 935 Turbo. He has his familiar #4 on the hood and sides. Where it used to say “Martinii” It now says “Autobot Jazz.”

On the back of the car, you can see the telltale port that is the same as with all of the Combiner Wars figures.

The Prime Armor can fit on the back of Jazz in vehicle mode. He can also carry his gun. I do wish the gun could be stored away inside the vehicle, but at this point, with a giant hunk of armor on the roof, there is not disguising this Transformer.

Along with a number of ports for holding weapons, there are also a number of posts for Prime Masters or Titan Masters to stand around. Why they would do that, I don’t know, but they are there anyway.

And of course, as we go full circle in this Prime Wars Trilogy, we come back to the beginning. The Deluxe Class figures can become arms or legs and combine with the Voyager Class figures. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the first two Voyager Class figure (Grimlock and Starscream) yet, so Battle Core Optimus will be stepping in to take control of the new recruits. On the directions of Jazz, it shows using Grimlock as the body, and having Jazz along with the rest of the Deluxe Figures of wave 1 becoming the limbs. That is a bit problematic as the Decepticon Dreadwing is a part of the first wave of figures. Alas, he will be a part of this first Combiner team until new recruits are released in wave 2, and then he can go and spread his doom and gloom on Starscream’s team.

Coming up next, the return of the Dinobots. These guys look great, and I cannot wait to get all 5 to form Volcanicus. I think that is going to be one mean Combiner.

Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus

I cannot seem to find all of the Fall of Cybertron guys at the same time.  Good thing I guess. It keeps me on the hunt.  The first two I found from the newest offering is Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus.  After Bruticus, we needed a few more good guys… until the other two in this set come out.

011 Sideswipe:

What to say about Sideswipe.  A washed up race car, turned freedom fighter.  He is a redeco of Autobot Jazz, but there is a lot of new stuff on Sideswipe to make him REALLY different than Jazz.  Starting with a new color scheme that screams “different.” Add in the whole new hood and roof sections, as well as a new head, and he really only has arms, legs and the torso skeleton in common with Jazz.

Oh yeah, and the GIANT gun he comes with.  This is quite a piece of engineering we get this time around.  No hunk of plastic on this one.   The gun barrel slides in to be reduced in size when it is on his vehicle mode.  The round part at the bottom looks to be some kind of magazine.  It actually spins.

And in case you were wondering, Sideswipe’s gun is WAY bigger than Jazz’s gun.  If you think it looks big in this form, just wait until you see Sideswipe in vehicle mode.

Similar, but not the same.   Standing side by side, you can see the much rougher cut of Jazz’s body, as opposed to the sleek lines of Sideswipe.  We also get a little bit more along the lines of detail paint on Sideswipe.

From about the doors back on the sides, the two cars share some similarities.  Other than the wheels, there is not a lot that is the same.  It is really nice to get some figures like this.  Not just a repaint of a figure.  (You will see that with Ultra Magnus).

And because you demanded it, one more look at Sideswipe’s giant gun.  The barrel slides in really far.  The car is still certainly heavy on one side, I am sure destroying all of the aerodynamics that Sideswipe’s body is known for.  But with firepower like that, who really cares?

012 Ultra Magnus:

Unpacking Ultra Magnus, this is what you get.  Optimus Prime with a new head and a patriotic paint scheme.  There are a few major faults about the directions that came with him.  They show the exhaust ports on his shoulders laying down like you are supposed to do with Prime.   They also don’t say anything about the sword coming apart and being able to form with the gun.  If you look on the back of the box, you can see him holding the super sword.  You will have to kinda piece it together from there.

The super sword.  I don’t know, it does not seem to have a name, since they did not even include it in the directions.  It goes from being a really cool big sword, to this amazing huge thing.  I think this makes up for UM being a repaint of OP.

Prime and Magnus.   I always think of Ultra Magnus being a really large, overly armored figure.  Having him be the same size as Prime is a bit disappointing.  Having him be small compared to the other figures is also a letdown.  I do like his paint scheme.  The only thing that I don’t really care for are the white toes.  It looks like he is wearing sneakers.

His truck mode is good.  Just like Prime, Magnus is nice and tight.  He has some great extra paint apps that were left plain plastic on prime.  The parts that stand out the most are the front grille, the exhaust tips, and the wheels that are a reversed paint scheme from Prime.

Similar, but similar.  No way around this one.  They are the same in truck mode with a different paint scheme and a sword.  Of course this is not the most important mode.

These guys really blend well together, color wise.  Red, white, and blue, with shades of grey.   Magnus and Sideswipe definitely have the better weapons.  Hopefully this is the way things will be from here on out.  Some killer weapons.

Here is the Fall of Cybertron offering so far.  I am missing the other two, new Decepticons, and the Soundwave recolors, but a great line-up so far.  I am really happy with what Hasbro has done with the Fall of Cybertron line, and looking forward to what is coming next.

Fall of Cybertron Soundwave

I have been collecting Transformers for a long time.  Before my last delivery of Dark Energon figures, I was so glad to find this guy, Fall of Cybertron Soundwave from the Generations line.  I posted a few posts back about the other data discs that went along with Soundwave.  Thankfully this figure (#300 in my collection) stands up to the original, looks great, has a good transformation, and actually works with the data discs.

Everything in the right place, that is for sure.  He is a truck/SUV type vehicle, but that is to be expected since it was always so strange in the original show for him to be a big hulking robot and turn into a small tape deck.   I think this one makes much more sense.

Planned or not, it is pretty darn awesome that he can press his own ejection button.

Once his front is open, you can see where the data discs go.   They fit tightly into the compartment.   I was able to get three of them into the compartment.  It was a little difficult to get them back out, but I had to at least try the experiment.

Here is how the holding of data discs works.   Soundwave’s back  moves out to allow the hole in his chest to elongate.   So, when there is one in there, it looks like the picture above.  If you try to fit three in there, it looks like his spine is sticking straight out with his back attached about three inches away from the body.  Kinda silly looking, but great for playability.

Soundwave comes with Laserbeak.  He was what I was thinking we were going to see.  Pretty much the same figure as Ratbat with a different head, and a new color scheme.  Still no legs, but at least Laserbeak can sit on Soundwave’s hand or shoulder.

In vehicle mode he looks a lot like the War for Cybertron vehicle mode.   This time he is WAY bigger and can have his shoulder cannon fitted to his exterior.  The wheels are a great looking clear purple color to match the front windshield.   There are a few other touches of purple around that really stand out.

Let us not forget he is still a transport, and in this mode he can hold his data discs.

It is clear that they are not just trying to throw something together in this Fall of Cybertron line.  They have found that people like it, and we are getting, not only more figures than the War for Cybertron line, but we are also getting better figures.  The first Voyager figure is the best to date in this line.

And we are talking BIG!!!  He is head and shoulders above the other figures.  A great figure you will not be disappointed with in any way that I can see.  I am really looking forward to what they are going to bring us next.

Transformers Generations: Fall of Cybertron Shockwave

The war is on!   It took a lot of persistence on my part to finally find a Shockwave.  It seemed that everyone had Optimus and Jazz, but Shockwave was a hard find.  But boy was he worth it. Design and function.  Could not ask for more.

Other than the addition of some wings, Shockwave looks very similar to his G1 counterpart.  Other than his tight joints, he looks amazingly similar to the 1985 version.  It is fun to look back.  This version of Shockwave does come with two hands though.  HAHA!!   That is a good thing… I think.

Calm, calculating, and emotionless, this is the real deal.  He would drop an Autobot just because he is supposed to.   The big gun is a massive beast that fits well into his hand.  The end comes off to reveal three barrels underneath.  I don’t know if there is a reason for that or not, but they do have sights on the end.

Fear not, he has a hole in his back to allow for hands free holding of his gun.  Finally we get some guys that can do stuff and still keep their guns with them.

With his Decepticon brethren, Soundwave and Megatron from the War for Cybertron.  Megatron seems to have a few good soldiers to rely on.  Too bad he ends up with a bunch of lug heads.  I mean bad for his sake, not the sake of humanity.

In vehicle mode, he becomes a weapons platform.  Put a handle on it, and you would have yourself something similar to the G1 gun that he became.  The transformation is nice.  There are a few tricky pins that have to fall into place just right, but once they are in, this is one solid vehicle.

The Fall of Cybertron team so far.  Two good guys and one bad guy.   I am sure we will see more of them here in the future.  Overall good figures and transformations.

Now for some fun.   Playing is the point, right?   I was talking pictures of Shockwave, and I had the HALO Micro Ops figures nearby.  It was too good to pass up.

I started with a face-off.  The scale looked to be pretty good.  Then I had a second thought.   This picture is too static with the white background.  A little computer magic, and here we go:

A little desert action.  It has been a whole bunch of years since I used Photoshop, and I am really looking to get back into it.  So, for a first shot, here it is.  Enjoy.

Skipped over Turbo Tracks a few times

I am glad I didn’t keep skipping over him though.   I went to Kohl’s for a little after-Christmas shopping, and while waiting for my wife to go through the return line I ventured from where I was originally looking (rugs for my hobby room) to the toy department.  For most of the year it is a pathetic grouping of plastic garbage suited more for the younger tykes.  But around Christmas time, the toy department opens into a great array of toys for collectors from Transformers to Star Wars.

I thought I might be lucky enough to get something, and what I found was 15% off most toys.   Not wanting to pass up a discount on a toy, I grabbed Turbo Tracks, from the new Reveal the Shield line.   Now I have passed him up at Target and Toys R Us for a few weeks, not really feeling the need to get him.

Thinking back to the G1 show, with Tracks and is snooty voice and corvette body with flip-out wings made me feel nostalgic for the old figures, and I figured I just had to give him a try.  And boy am I glad I did.  He turned out to be a great figure.

His vehicle mode is very Corvette like.   Low to the ground with a long front end and wheel wells that protrude out the top of the body.  I am not a huge fan of blue cars in scale.  For some reason to me, there is always something very toy-like about blue cars, and I am not sure why that is.

This flame paint job on the front really was the low point for me, when I was originally thinking about getting Turbo Tracks.  Upon inspection, I am still not a huge fan of it, but the lines are really clean and even go down into the hood vents without breaking up the paint.

Of course one of the best parts of the G1 Tracks was that he had a flight mode.   This was not executed very well, being that the wings are off from the body, as well as being below the wheels, so he cannot drive with the wings out, you know like getting a head start for takeoff.

The side exhaust becomes the jets on a pretty snazzy flip over piece on the back end that has posts to attach the jets.

There he is in all of his robot glory.  Wheels showing, wings out, rockets on his shoulders, and a great multicolored blaster that folds in half to hide in the car.  A few things about the blaster:   It had a spur on the back of the silver part which did not allow it to open fully.  I took a knife and sliced it off with no problems.  Easy fix.   The gun also has one of the ‘c’ shaped clips that all of the figures seem to be sporting now. I don’t know what it is supposed to hook to.

In his robot mode, he stands up well, and has that great G1 look we are getting from the Reveal the Shield line.

All three of the good guys so far, Jazz, Tracks and Rodimus.  They look great don’t they?  Ready to kick some 1984 Decepticon butt.

Transformers are going Old-School with the Reveal the Shield line

This line of figures brings back the dark shields that are heat revealed.   To me a gimmick that more often than not just adds a sticker that is not generally well placed.  The new line so far has throwback figures, and we start with a fan favorite, Jazz:

A classic paint job on a not so classic body style.  I am not outrageously fond of the design of the vehicle, more like a generic hatchback.  I think it is a bit of a letdown since we were given such a great body style for Jazz in the Animated line.

Having the speakers flip-out is a great touch.  They are on ball and sockets so they can be moved around once out of the vehicle body.

Classic Jazz.  Now this is where all of the style points are made up for me.  Jazz is one of those really recognizable characters in the Transformers cannon, and here they have designed him just right.   Big legs to his doors forming wings, and the telltale face with horns and visor.   Just about perfect for a modern interpretation of Jazz.

And again we get to let out the speakers.

Rodimus and Cyclonus:

This is the Battle in Space two pack.  Along with Rodimus and Cyclonus is Nightstick (who turns into Cyclonus’ gun) and a metal Matrix of Leadership.


Nothing much to say here.  Rodimus is made the way we remember him, in his red, orange, and yellow paint scheme.  His blaster, firing blue flame also launches.

I am not a fan of the blue windows, but what can I say. The rest of Rodimus is great.   I did accidentally leave out the back wheels when I took the pictures.  They do tuck in back there.  You can see Rodimus’ shield on the front.  Warm it up and it shows he is… an Autobot.  Big surprise right?

I did not think I was going to like the flame burning out of the back of Rodimus in vehicle mode, but I think it looks pretty good.  With or without, he is a fast machine.


Cyclonus is a menacing looking guy with Nightstick in his hand.  He has a very smooth design, without a bunch of extras sticking off of him.  His design is really good to hide his vehicle parts.

His transformation into a spaceship is a fun one.  The back end does not to the best job to hide his legs, but the rest of the vehicle looks good.   Nightstick attaches to his cockpit, and looks rather bulky up there.


Overall, a good start to Reveal the Shield.


Transformers fans get ready for the new incoming lines.

First off, in October we finally get Highbrow.  This is the figure I have been most anticipating for a LONG time!

Then in November we get the Deluxe Wave 5.   Including Fallback, Mindset (Generation 2), Special Ops Jazz (Generation 1), Turbo Tracks (Generation 1).

With this wide variety of figures, I would have expected this to be under the Generations line, not the Hunt line.   But either way, this looks to be a fun  set of figures for Wave 5.

Then in December… a dramatic pause for effect…   The triumphant return of a fan favorite (as well as one of mine) Rodimus, in a two-pack featuring Rodimus and Cyclonus.  And is that the Matrix of Leadership I see?  Why yes it is.

You know a guy is cool when even his weapon is a little robot.   You go Cyclonus.

I love getting to see pictures like these.  It just gets me so excited about the next hunt.   And the wave 4 hunt has not even started in earnest yet.

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