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Pacific Rim – Romeo Blue

This guy is great looking. He has the look of a Jaeger, but then he gets a little crazy.  First off, you might notice the giant fin on the front of the chest. This is supposed to be extra protection for the Conn-Pod, or the cockpit of the Jaeger.

Romeo Blue was only the second Jaeger sent out to fight the Kaiju, and was very slow. It is ranked as a Mark 1, and is/was deployed in December of 2015.

As a figure, it is yet another great figure by NECA. They continue to make these figures with such amazing detail and great articulation.  Romeo Blue has one forearm open, while the other is still closed.  He also has two jump jets on his back.   There is an overall look about him that says he is an early Mark 1 version of the Jaeger.   He looks very robotic from what we see later with the higher techs of the Mark 3 and Mark 4s, where the Jaegers become more robust and take on some very unique characteristics.Romeo Blue is a fantastic figure, and a whole lot of fun to play with.   He definitely stands out on the shelf.

Pacific Rim – Striker Eureka and Crimson Typhoon

Today is a look at a different kind of robot.  Slightly larger in scale than a Transformer, but no less important for the protection of Earth.   Today we are looking at NECA’s Pacific Rim figures.  More to the point, two of the Jaegers, Striker Eureka and Crimson Typhoon.

I missed most of these figures the first time around, since my local comic book store didn’t carry them, and I am not one to go and buy stuff online, sight unseen.   I was at a toy show last year, when I happened upon a few other Pacific Rim figures that had just been released.  I loved them instantly, bought them, and the Kaiju from the same wave, and lugged them all home.  Once home, I opened them and realized just how good they are.   These robots have some amazing detail that makes them stand out on the shelf.  What a treat.

I saw that these two were being re-released in what NECA called a 2nd Deployment.  The chance to get my hands on the three-armed Crimson Typhoon was too good to pass-up.  I got them, loved them, and then they sat in a pile for nearly forever… or at least June of 2014.  Six months is practically forever in the toy world.  Once open, I like them even more.

The level of detail is so outstanding on these.   They have great articulation.   With Crimson Typhoon, it has the three arms, controlled by triplets.   The mech also features backwards knees that give it such a great appearance that differentiates it from the other Jaegers.

Then there is Striker Eureka.  The last, best hope for bringing an end to the Kaiju.  For a while, it was on top, and then disaster hit.  Well, it still looks good before it got all bashed up.   With more of a human resemblance, he has a great anime style with the air intakes sticking up on it’s back.  There are also a could of extra shields around the arms.  The best part may be the giant scissors on each arm.  How better to cut a Kaiju down to size.

These are great figures.  They have such good articulation, and all of that detail only a few companies could bring.  There is an amazing cult following for the movie, and the toys too.   When I saw the movie, I instantly loved it.  I walked out and said, “This is going to do poorly.”  Why?  Because nobody seems to go see the movies I love.  Well, we get a second one here in the not too distant future, so probably more Kaiju and hopefully some new Jaegers too.

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