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Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Wave – Morbius, Speed Demon, and Absorbing Man


A lot of people skipped Morbius. He is not that great of a character, and he comes with a second set of arms. So most people looked at either Ben Reilly or Morbius, and swayed their way to the better figure to get Absorbing Man’s arms.

Morbuis is a bit of a strange guy. He has a weird skin color. Of course he is a vampire, so his skin would be a bit off, but he is pretty far off.  His outfit is just skin tight paint with added bare forearms. Not a lot of originality here. He does come with two capes, so he can have arms up or arms down. That could be useful for the ACBA photographers.

Overall, this is the guy to skip in the line if you are trying to save money.

Speed Demon:

Speed Demon uses the skinny buck, and it works great on a speedster. Wait, are they still speedsters in the Marvel Universe?!?! Ah well, whatcha gonna do?

As with many of the fast guys, he seems to have a good sense of humor, and it shows with the smirk on his face. The rest of his body is just a painted buck, but there really isn’t a lot more they could have done for this guy.

He comes with a second pair of hands laid flat for running. It really adds to the illusion of his moving fast. They could also be used for karate chopping the good guys.

Speed Demon comes with one of the strangest accessories to date. A head mounted on a RC car. This is Silvermane, and he is missing his body. I guess Speed Demon is going to help him get it back. Either way, we get a bonus character in this wave.

Absorbing Man:

Absorbing Man comes with a lot of extra parts when if you get Morbius AND Ben Reilly. He comes with four arms, and two heads, along with the rest of his body, and a wrecking ball.  This is the comic photographer’s dream. Each arm is a different material, flesh, steel, stone, and wood. Even one of his faces has stone to add to the effect of being able to change.

The wrecking ball is garbage. It is a hollow sphere with a molded chain attached. It isn’t even molded into a usable shape. This is definitely going to need some work.

This is definitely a wave for Spider-Man. It is potentially the first wave with 7-1 good to bad guys, if you give Ben Reilly the Carnage parts. Poor Gwen has a lot of work to do. There are generally more good guys in waves than this.

The next two waves coming up, Space Venom, and Juggernaut have nearly all good guys, so the hero factor will once again climb.

Marvel Legends – Absorbing Man Wave – Jack O’Lantern and Beetle (Janice Lincoln)

Continuing on with the Absorbing Man Wave, we have two sets to look at.   Today one great and one not-so-great figure.

Jack O’Lantern:

Jack O’Lantern is one of my favorite figures of this wave, and one of my favorite new figures for a long ways back. He has a great body, with skinny arms and legs. Jack is wearing a great outfit with lots of straps and buckles.

Even though he is a little top heavy, he has a great sculpt for the head, with flames.

He comes with a sickle, flaming broomstick, and a fire bomb. All nice touches that go well with his overall theme.


Beetle (Janice Lincoln):

Oh Beetle, what a disappointment for the wave. Clearly they wanted to reuse the wings from Wasp, and this is who they picked. A bit of a nobody, that clearly has a few loose screws. Who else would wear a head to toe body suit and then add on a dancing dress?

She is not all bad. The body sculpt is sound. They went with the mid-range female body, so she is not too skinny. The wings look great in the transparent pink. It sets her apart from Wasp.  Even though the outfit is weird, it is well done. The green is nice and dark, and the pink/purple color really shines.


Up next we will finish off this wave of figures, working our way to the BAF of Absorbing Man himself.  After that, the plethora of fun stuff I got on my 3 1/2 week car trip.   It is so hard to decide what comes next.  I am certainly leaning toward the Transformers: Titans Return line.  It looks like it is going to be so much fun.

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