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Marvel Legends – Mandroid complete

It was a long road to getting all of the parts of Mandroid.  I finally found the last two figures to finally build Mandroid.  He is big and impressive.  Let’s look at the last two figures on our way to the big guy.

Marvel Now! Captain America:

He is a big, tough version of Cap.  He has a lot of detail, and I found the paint to be pretty good.  He comes with his shield, which can be placed on his wrist, or thrown on his back.

He comes with the really good articulation we have come to know from the Marvel Legends line.   Double joints in the knees and elbows.  The leg joints are pretty soft.  I am not too keen on the rubber use that makes the knees and elbows.  The knees on my Cap are pretty loose.  I am expecting to find him laying on the ground quite often as he will no doubt loose his balance and topple over.

We have seen a lot of Cap’s as of late.  I don’t think I would have picked him up if I didn’t need the Mandroid part.   I think the movie version of Cap was pretty spot-on, so this is not that big of an addition to my collection.  Guess we will see what happens with the transition to a new Captain America.

Black Widow:

I am not a huge fan of Black Widow in the Marvel movies.  Scarlett Johansson is far from one of my favorite actresses, so I would have been fine if this had been a comic version, but the figure is okay.   She comes with two heads.  The long hair version above, and the short hair version below.  She also comes with 4 hands.  2 open and 2 grasping.  I cannot believe they would give us a Black Widow and not give her some weapons.   She has molded in guns on her hips, but that is all.

She has the same good articulation as we get with all of the Marvel figures.  It is hard to get her into poses.  She has skinny body parts and high-heeled boots that make it tricky to get her to stand on her own.  The outfit has so much detail close-up.


Six parts all in a pile.  This time I didn’t have to option to begin building Mandroid early.  Black Widow had the torso, and as she was my last figure, I just had a bunch of parts waiting around.  But from the size of the arms and legs alone, I knew this was going to be a big figure.

He is so easy to snap together, and then he can begin to wreak havoc.  The only problem I had with him was the paint on his chest.  It is a very big chest, and the plastic from the front of the box rubs against the eagle stamp.  When I found Widow, there were two, and I took the one with the least amount of damage to the paint.

He shares some of the same parts as the previous release Iron Monger.  From the abs down to the ground is the same, and they reused the fists.  The torso, arms, and head are new.  He is a great figure.  Well worth the wait and all of the hunting.  If you are still looking for parts, don’t give up, he is worth it.


Finally, Finally, Iron Monger is complete with the addition of Ultron

Ultron is a good bad guy in his own right, but with him coming with the final piece of the Build a Figure Iron Monger, I have REALLY been looking forward to getting my hands on him.

He is what we expect from a standard Marvel Legends figure.  He has great articulation, and a great sculpt.  Usually we look at the paint apps here as well, but really, we have two dots on the shoulders, and some on the face.  Not much here, but not really much needed as he is molded in the right color of metal.  Very nice over all.

Of course, even Ultron knows what I am really after.  The head of Iron Monger.  Now, for those that haven’t seen the progress so far, you can see that a chest-sized head is going to make quite a large figure.  Let’s get to it!

Big, bad, and tons of details.  The head really makes the figure.  I am really happy that I started collecting the series so long ago.  I am happier that it did not go the way of Giganta, who I am still looking for the head/waist piece to complete her.   Another figure to add to the lines of really good, large figures.

A good mix of movie and comic figures.  Good guys, and bad guys.  This is a very nice wave overall.  I am happy to have these 7 figures on my shelf.


Marvel Legends – Iron Monger Series – Iron Patriot

I am pretty sure, when I have a conversation with myself, I am there.  And I am pretty sure I was there when I was looking at some of the more recent Marvel Legends figures I told myself I was done with the Marvel Legends.   After the days of getting the Sentinel, and some other big, bad figures, the new stuff from Hasbro has never really grabbed my attention.  Even when the Iron Monger wave came out, I was not really interested.  Well, I saw some pics of the upcoming figures from the Iron Man 3 movie that fit into this wave, and I was sold.   I had to go out and get the first three figures since I would eventually need to build the really nice sized Iron Monger.

The first figure I tracked down was Iron Patriot.  This is the Iron Patriot that Norman Osborn created to give a false sense of patriotism, and seducing the people to follow him.

First figure in a long time that is of this scale, and I like him.   I am used to the Iron Man 2 figures I collected a ways back, and they were great, but it is nice to hold a figure that is about double the size.  He has great coloring.  I was able to select the best of two I found at Target.  The other had a few paint mistakes on the chest area, but the rest looked this good.  Bright, shiny paint, all in the right places.

Iron Man 2 figures: Iron Monger (comic) and Advanced Armor (comic)

The other day, while slushing through and endless army of Iron Men hanging on the little metal hooks at Target, I came across two figures I did not yet have.  Iron Monger and Advanced Armor Iron Man.

These two figures could not be more different.  Other than the fact they are both in the Comic Series of the Iron Man 2 series, they have NOTHING in common.   As you will see, Iron Monger is huge and cartoonish looking, while Advanced Armor is thin and much closer to the movie series.  They are both really nice figures though.


As with many of the other figures, we get a repulsor blast to go over his hand.  This one is a nice two-toned clear color, and not overly heavy.

The color scheme is the red and gold we are used to from Iron Man but with a few modifications in the design to make this version interesting.

The Advanced Armor has a stronger looking neck and larger shoulder pads that do rotate for arm movement.  The arms have larger parts around the upper forearm that are reminiscent of the classic armor.   There is quite a bit of detail around the torso area as well.   The upper legs have a fun design with the red wrapping around the gold.   The knees have a sharp point to them which does seem helpful.

Again, we get that great neck articulation that allows him to be posed in a flying position.  Here you can also see those sharp knees.    On his back he has two fins, one over each shoulder.  I assume those are for flight.  Not much else they could be for.

The generational gap, from the comic version of the first Iron Man armor to the Advanced Armor, which is supposed to be the best of the best.   These are fun to have side by side to compare how far Tony came in his designs from the original to now.  The first armor was more of a necessity armor, making due with what he had.   To think it started with a bulky armor where he could hardly walk, to an armor where he can fly.   How times have changed.

Iron Monger:

What it would look like if Smurfs built an Iron suit?    That is a lot of blue.   Thankfully Hasbro did a bit of weathering on the Iron Monger suit, or it would have been REALLY bright.  He is a much more cartoon looking figure.  Big body parts, feet, and hands.  That is not to say it is a bad thing, just different.   He has a great amount of detail, and the dark wash really brings out the details.

My favorite part may just be the back.  He has SO many details on his back, and really does take away from the cartoon look of the front.

Even though he is so big and “balloony” he does have really good articulation.  Thankfully the shoulder pads are on a pivot so they move up with the arms.   Of course, Iron Monger will never be able to scratch his head, but that is to be expected with the larger figures.    He has rotation in both his wrist and arm right below the elbow for a little extra movement.    Of course, he also has the double joints in the knees that thankfully look to be the new standard.

The Iron big boys, the movie version of Iron Monger and Hulkbuster IM join Iron Monger.  There is definitely a difference in style from from the movie and comic versions of the character.

These figures are great.  I cannot wait to see what else they have.  And when we get Iron Man 3 toys?  Heaven to be sure.   As long as they stay in the 3 3/4 scale.   Do you hear me Hasbro?  DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?!  🙂

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