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War Machine and Marvel Now Iron Man – Hulkbuster Series Part 3

Today we look at the Iron Men from the Hulkbuster Series. Well, hello there, War Machine we have already seen. Nothing new here. We saw it as Iron Patriot, featuring Col. James Rhodes, in the Iron Monger Series.

Same figure with the blaster on the shoulder. He is missing a bit of good articulation in the ankles, which makes it hard to pose.

He comes with an alternate head, with the mask up, so you can see Rhodes face. It is not the best face out there, but it works. I would love for Hasbro to figure out this dead eye problem.  We have seen it in the Star Wars figures too.  I had a really hard time getting the head to pop on.

I think with this version of War Machine, we are ready to start playing Civil War.

Marvel Now Iron Man:

Iron Men

Um, Iron Man, you are tiny. Something went terribly wrong here. He is half a head shorter than War Machine.

This version of Iron Man is black and gold repaint of Iron Man 2. What we ended up with was fairly comic accurate, but overall, we have come a long way past these days. It is a fine figure for the shelf. Nice to see a black Iron Man amongst a shelf of red, but we have seen many better Iron Man figures in recent years.

He is a necessary figure to bulid Hulkbuster, and he looks fine on the shelf, but I don’t think he will be coming out to play very often.

Finally, Finally, Iron Monger is complete with the addition of Ultron

Ultron is a good bad guy in his own right, but with him coming with the final piece of the Build a Figure Iron Monger, I have REALLY been looking forward to getting my hands on him.

He is what we expect from a standard Marvel Legends figure.  He has great articulation, and a great sculpt.  Usually we look at the paint apps here as well, but really, we have two dots on the shoulders, and some on the face.  Not much here, but not really much needed as he is molded in the right color of metal.  Very nice over all.

Of course, even Ultron knows what I am really after.  The head of Iron Monger.  Now, for those that haven’t seen the progress so far, you can see that a chest-sized head is going to make quite a large figure.  Let’s get to it!

Big, bad, and tons of details.  The head really makes the figure.  I am really happy that I started collecting the series so long ago.  I am happier that it did not go the way of Giganta, who I am still looking for the head/waist piece to complete her.   Another figure to add to the lines of really good, large figures.

A good mix of movie and comic figures.  Good guys, and bad guys.  This is a very nice wave overall.  I am happy to have these 7 figures on my shelf.


Marvel Legends – Iron Monger – Still Building

The first review I saw of the two figures based on Mark 42 and Iron Patriot made me start to collect this line, and rekindle a collection from Marvel Legends that ended for me back in 2006.  I collected the smaller offerings from Marvel, a few Universe figures, and Iron Man 2 figures, but the Legends went to the wayside.   Now they are back on my radar.  This weekend I was out on a hunt and came across the very figures I was waiting for, so now this wave is nearly complete.  That also means Iron Monger is nearly complete.

Classic Iron Man:

Figure number 2 of this wave is this good looking guy from early on in the days of red and gold.  He comes with a second head, so if you don’t like the pointy helmet, you have the rounded version.  Your choice.  The colors are great.  Lots of good mobility.  The only problem I have with him is in the shoulders.  He walks around like a bodybuilder.  He cannot lower his arms to his side.  He came with the waist-high right leg of Iron Monger.  This guy is going to be BIG!

Heroic Age Iron Man:

The Heroic Age Iron Man is a bit more bulky than the other offerings.  He has a lot more movement.  You can see the cut joints in his upper legs, his ankles move, and he can really rotate those shoulders.  All of the extra blue lights really add to his good looks.  He comes with the equally impressive left leg of Iron Monger.

Along with the Norman Osborn version of Iron Patriot, these three make up the comic portion so far of this line.  Ultron will ultimately join this group when I finally find him.   No head yet, but Iron Monger is a big boy.

Iron Man Mark 42:

And here we go with a more realistic look.  Funny how the figures can look Legends, and movie accurate at the same time.  This suit definitely looks like it can hold a real person.  There are lots of movement in the design.  He can touch his own shoulder with the hand on that arm.  Double joints in the elbow help that accomplishment.  One of the best parts is the huge range in the neck.  This Iron Man can actually take on flight poses and be able to see where he his going.

Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes:

With this movement in the movie series that the people in the suits are the heroes, Rhodes get his name on the box instead of Iron Patriot.  Maybe since they already put Iron Patriot on the first figure, they wanted to make sure to differentiate it with this one from the movie.

He has great movement.  The only problem I have is the lack of ankle movement since there is extra armor over his feet.  It make him hard to hold a pose.   He comes with the cannon on his shoulder.  It can be mounted on either side, but does not look right over his right shoulder.  It looks like it was designed for the left shoulder, but there is a hole in the right side if you care to have it over there.

The paint is fantastic on this one.

Five figures, and most of a Monger.  Waiting for that last one, and then we will really get to see what Iron Monger is all about.  I really like this wave of Iron Men.  I was sad when I saw that there was such a poor showing for the Iron Man 3, 3.75 inch figures, but this definitely makes up for it.

Marvel MiniMates – Iron Man 3 (Wave 49)

Iron Man 3.  I really liked the movie.  I thought it was a lot of fun, and really moved Tony Stark forward in the Marvel (movie) Universe as well as looking back and connecting from Iron Man 2 through The Avengers to get to Iron Man 3.  There is a very nice linear approach Marvel is taking to really tie their movies all together.

The Marvel MiniMates have not really been on my radar as of late.   I was walking down the super hero section of a Toys R Us to see if I could find the remaining figures to complete my Marvel Legends Iron Monger.   No luck there, but they did have a nice collection of Iron Man 3 figures by our friends at Diamond Select.  What we end up with are two bad guys, 4 Iron Men, Tony Stark, and Iron Patriot.  It is not as if I need another Iron Man MiniMate, but these are new, the design is well executed, and there are some special surprises in there too.

Mark 42 and Mandarin:

There are a lot of bumps and color all over the Mark 42.   A really well done figure.  With the armor we get Tony hair and an extra helmet that has a removable face plate (more on that in a moment).   The Mandarin is in his evil Mandarin garb, with his short beard.  Fear not, he also comes with the long beard for easy swap for his onscreen time.

Back to the Mark 42 extra head.   Great for taking pictures of:

Tony in the snow. Mark 42 is out of power.


Iron Patriot and Extremis Soldier:

Iron Patriot looks bright and colorful with his new paint job.  He comes in his new slimmed-down appearance after shedding most of the weapons from War Machine.   He has the nice shoulder mounted cannon that can be removed.    Look down there.  It’s Rhody’s head.  So, whose head is under the helmet?  A little surprise I am not going to ruin for the people who have yet to go to the movie.  The Extremis Soldier is just starting to warm up.   Getting hotter!   He comes with a vest and a hand gun that can go in the holster on his leg.

Heartbreaker Iron Man and Tony Stark:

The Heartbreaker is one of the armors we see in the big battle at the end of the movie.  This Mark 17 can create quite a powerful blast out of the over-sized chest plate as well as creating shield.  He is a pretty menacing looking Mark of the Iron Man armor.

Along with Heartbreaker, we get Tony, while he was trying to perfect the Mark 42 in the movie.  He comes wearing the Mark 42 gloves and boots.  He comes with alternate shoes as well as hands.  One hand is bandaged.

Silver Centurion Iron Man and Skeleton Armor Iron Man:

Two more Iron Man suits.  Mark 33 and 41.  The Silver Centurion Suit creates pulse blasts that increase in strength the further they travel.  It also has some force fielding.  The Skeleton Armor is made for maneuverability.   Very light weight in design.  Both come with yet more Tony hair.

All that Tony hair leads to…

5 Tony Starks.  I guess he really is Iron Man.   The fun part is that we get 4 Tony heads.  The Mark 42 and Skeleton Armor heads are the same, but the other three are different.  Not that they would be displayed too often with their helmets off.

All 8 figures for the Iron Man 3 wave.  Really nice figures.  A couple of bad guys, and more armor for Tony’s Hall of Armor.  No repeats in this wave.  Nicely done!

The box features the Avengers Initiative logo.  I am thinking the Initiative of the Avengers was not what Tony did at the end of the movie, but maybe that is just me.  It will be really fun to see how we get to the next Avengers movie from here.

Marvel Legends – Iron Monger Series – Iron Patriot

I am pretty sure, when I have a conversation with myself, I am there.  And I am pretty sure I was there when I was looking at some of the more recent Marvel Legends figures I told myself I was done with the Marvel Legends.   After the days of getting the Sentinel, and some other big, bad figures, the new stuff from Hasbro has never really grabbed my attention.  Even when the Iron Monger wave came out, I was not really interested.  Well, I saw some pics of the upcoming figures from the Iron Man 3 movie that fit into this wave, and I was sold.   I had to go out and get the first three figures since I would eventually need to build the really nice sized Iron Monger.

The first figure I tracked down was Iron Patriot.  This is the Iron Patriot that Norman Osborn created to give a false sense of patriotism, and seducing the people to follow him.

First figure in a long time that is of this scale, and I like him.   I am used to the Iron Man 2 figures I collected a ways back, and they were great, but it is nice to hold a figure that is about double the size.  He has great coloring.  I was able to select the best of two I found at Target.  The other had a few paint mistakes on the chest area, but the rest looked this good.  Bright, shiny paint, all in the right places.

Disneyland – Iron Man Tech


Life size replicas as well as movie props.   It was worth the wait in line to go in and see all of the great armors.  My wife and I were already headed down for the weekend to kick-off my Spring Break.  It was the end of our annual passes for Disneyland, and we wanted to go one more time.  Then the news of Iron Man Tech coming to Disneyland to promote Iron Man 3, and I knew that it was fate.

They had the new Mark 42 on display, as well as the first 7 armors.  It was so cool to see them side by side in a comparison.   Here they are:

Mark I:

Mark II:

Mark III:

Mark IV:

Mark V:

Mark VI:

Mark VII:

All seven of these armors are displayed like the Hall of Armor in Tony’s work area.   Lights all around, and in the middle is displayed the Mark 42 armor:

The gold color of the other armors is a lot more subdued, taking on much more of a tan color.  There is also the addition of more silver in certain areas of the body.

In addition to the 8 armors around, there is an area where you can stand on a platform, and an artificial Iron Man armor is built over your body on the screen.  Then it runs tests on the screen with you presumably inside the suit you are looking at.    The line grew quickly, it took a while to be built up inside the suit, and it was not all that impressive.  So I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the props that were hanging behind the glass along the first part of the line.

The Mark I prop was outstanding.  To see all of the weld lines and the dents in the armor really shows how Tony would have pieced this together out in the desert.

The Mark 42 parts are really well detailed.  Looks like the end of the battle for these parts.

There are many, many more pictures to share.  Just click on any picture above to be taken to my Flickr site and peruse the rest of the pictures.  Lots more detail shots of the armors.

Iron Man Hall of Armor at Disneyland

On May 13th, a new display is opening at Disneyland featuring Iron Man 3 props.   Iron Man 3

My wife and I drop down that way a few times a year, and I am feeling extremely luck that we will be down there for Spring Break just a few days after the exhibit opens.  I can’t wait to get an up close look at some of that stuff.  Should be a real treat.

At first I was excited to think there would be all kinds of toys for sale there, but we still have the problem of the small scale Iron Man figures having no elbows or knees.

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