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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Half Shell Heroes – Leo with Glider Wings

Playmates, going for a younger audience with the toy line, came out with Half Shell Heroes, which fits in their cute lineup of other figures from different licenses. Being the lover I am of all things TMNT, I had to pick one up. Of course I am starting with my favorite Turtle, Leonardo. He comes with Glider Wings that allows him to fly. Play with the wheel on the back, and his wings flap.  The clip that goes around his waist does a great job of holding him in place.  He also has shoulder restraints that flip into place for a little extra protection.

He is a cute little guy with some good articulation for his size. His two legs have a swivel at the hips. They move together. He also has joints at the arms that allow for good rotation.

I think the Half Shell Heroes are a great Evolution figure for the Nickelodeon figure line.  

He is bigger than the little guy, and takes on a younger look of the big guy.  I think he fits perfectly inbetween.   Pre-teen adventures await.

I think he is a great figure.  There is some good value in these little guys.  They are not outrageously expensive since they come with a figure and a vehicle for about $7.  There are also 2-packs with other characters from the show, both good and bad guys.    They also have vehicles of varying sizes, from the small that come with the main characters, to larger vehicles that come with a special version of the figure (wearing helmets and the like), to really large vehicles, like the Turtle Van.  It also looks like there is a giant playset.  I don’t think I will make it all the way to buying the big stuff. but the smaller stuff is pretty fun and won’t take up too much room on the shelves, or in the case of Leo, hanging from the ceiling in his glider.

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