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Gurren Lagann – Full Drillized

One of my favorite Anime, Gurren Lagann has about everything you could want.  I finally got one of the action figures off of amazon for a really good price.

This is the Full Drillized version of Gurren Lagann.  Let me say that this is NOT a kids toy.  The drills are REALLY sharp.

The colors are sharp and there are differences from flat to glossy.  As with the Revoltech figures, there is really good articulation.   He does have some trouble standing in certain poses.  I think his torso is a bit top heavy.

He comes with a good amount of accessories.  Four extra hands, an extra head, a chest plate with glasses, his giant glasses, and a drill that can either be put on his hand or can be put on the green loop to attach to a necklace like Simon wears.

I love that they gave him his giant glasses.  With the stand, he can be posed in some classic poses.

That is a lot of drills.

With one of my other favorite mechas from Patlabor.

Not the world’s largest Gurren Lagann collection, but growing.  🙂

"Are YOU the Spiral King?"

Tough ladies in strong rolls. Any genre.

I am a huge fan, and I mean a HUGE fan of the tough ladies.  I like ’em independent, but not without feelings.  Girls that don’t take garbage from anyone.

Growing up in the 80s, we had Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman.   As we moved into more modern times, we were graced with Buffy and Xena.  TV produced some majorly tough ladies.

Video games were no different.  Lara Croft?   She could beat up just about anyone… and with her TV sisters, she generally looked good doing it.  How about the big surprise.  Samus from Metroid.   Surprise!  It is a girl under all of those armor plates.  I have to say, that was a good one.

Not to mention countless movies with strong female leads.   Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Underworld, and countless others.

I know, you are wondering why I am going on about strong female leads, on a toy site.   Well, after I was looking around on one of my favorite go-to sites for all things anime based toys, http://myfigurecollection.net.   It has a lot of great pictures and the ability to store your collection online to keep track.

Well, it was while I was looking around there that I saw a new-to-me version of Yoko Littner from the Anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.  Now she is what I think of when I think of a strong female.

Sure, I know what you are thinking.  Of course he would pick a girl like this.  Big boobs, big hair, and little clothes.   It really does not have anything to do with that.   She has a heart of gold, would do anything for her friends, and in one flashback episode of the show, she shows how far she will go to protect her students.

Maybe that is why I like her so much.  She gets out of the gun business for a while and takes up teaching.  We teachers have to stick together. 😀

I think these companies have to make the girls marketable.  On the list I made above, there is not an ugly girl on there.  Who wants to follow a show or give up a few hours to watch someone who is not beautiful and able to kick some booty?  They do have to sell the idea to the mass market.

I guess that is why reading a book is better sometimes too.  Jane Austin write some of the best, and strongest female leads, but they were not necessarily beauties.   Of course, in their portrayal in the movies they tend to be.

The strong female lead.   She can take charge, get things done, not be afraid to sacrifice herself for her friends, and generally speaking she does show she has a heart.   The best female leads have to end up being nice.   They don’t have to start out that way, but at some point they have to do something that melts the heart of the audience.  Usually she falls in love.

PS There is a saying that sex sells.  Well the statue I was looking at turns out to be ¥7800.  For those of you keeping track that would be about $98.   Expensive to be sure, but most things we get imported are expensive.  But getting a good mold and a really nicely built figure can bring a premium.  Prices have jumped to ¥15000 or about $180.   Talk about your inflation.  Phew!  Guess I will have to gaze upon one of my favorite female heroes from afar.

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