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Para Zord – Green Version – Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

What the what?!?  Why is the Para Zord green you might ask?  Well, we have seen a bunch of homages paid to earlier Power Rangers show, and this is no different.  This Parasaurolophus is homage to the green Zord from Dino Thunder.

Same Zord, same features, new color scheme.

The 02 Para Charger is different from the version from the Para Zord we got in the original black color.  This one is the fossil version.

It’s the love child of the Para and Raptor Zords.  The new color of the Para Zord is really easy to mistake for the Raptor Zord in the store.  The color is right on, and is overall very similar since they share the same body.  Of course it has the different head, feet and tail.

Of course, this is why I had to pick up the green version.  Now I have an all green Dino Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation using the special recolored version of Rexy.   He looks awesome all in green like this.  He could easily be a new character, or a special power-up.


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