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Transformers: Reveal the Shield – Solar Storm Grappel

So, in the infinite wisdom of Hasbro or someone else, they decided to cancel the Reveal the Shield series of Transformers.  You are in luck though, since they were picked up by Ross stores.  Yup, you can dress for less, but you can also get a few awesome Transformers for half price too.   Ironically they were the few I was really after.  So after a search around at all of the stores near me, I have the three I wanted.  And they are cool.

Today, I will be looking at Solar Storm Grappel.

You may remember him as a day dreamer and architect in the original TV series.  In this newest version, he still retains the crane body he once had.   He does have a bit of a change, two hands.   Yup, unlike his G1 counterpart, this version of Grappel has two working hands.

One of his best features is the resemblance to the G1 characters with big bulky body parts.  This guy looks big and tough and ready to build.

The G1 toy of Grappel was a retool of Inferno, taking the ladder off the back and changing it for a crane arm.  This version of Grappel also takes his body from Inferno, this time from the Universe version of Inferno.  There are some little changes here and there in the body, but if you look closely, you can definitely see a fire truck under those hazard stripes.

With the boom extended, the truck gets a lot of reach.

This is definitely a Transformer to go after.  He may not sound like the greatest vehicle or character, but he is a fantastic Transformer.  Big and sturdy.  Nice paint, fun transformations, and he has that classic G1 look that can’t be missed.

Get out there and search those little tiny toy aisles in Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.  So far I have only seen them at Ross.


INCOMING!!!!!!! (New Transformers for you viewing enjoyment)

Are you excited yet?   Guess you need to see the pictures first.  🙂

Hunt Deluxe Wave 6 (Coming December 2010)

A Bumblebee I don’t have.  It was before my collecting time, so I am happy to be seeing them coming out again.  The only time I could get one was in the Bumbleebee three pack with the movie and animated versions I already had.

Perceptor!  Lookin’ old school in his robot form, and a nice vehicle mode for tearing up the turf.   How long until we see a snow bound version with those treads in the back?

A Generation 2 Optimus Prime.  not much to say there.  Have to wait and see when it comes out.

Wreck-Gar, say what?   He is back again.  This time looking like a dirt bike in his vehicle mode.  His robot mode is pretty good looking, having a bit of a mish-mash look.

Generations Deluxe Wave 6 (January 2011)

Cliffjumper in the War for Cybertron version.  With the new Bumblebee that came out, it was only a matter of time until Cliffjumper followed along.

Sergeant Kup.  The old crabby Sergeant is back with a “way too nice looking truck” vehicle mode.

Then we have a couple of jet Decepticons, Thunderwing and Scourge.  Wha?  A flying Decepticon?  Yup.  😉

Voyager Wave 4 (December 2010)

Don’t forget about those Voyager big boys coming out.   Mindwipe has been repainted into Strafe. Nothing like a red and silver paint job to scream stealth.  😉

We will finally get Lugnut in a more realistic version based on his Animated style.   If you have been following my posts, I am kinda’ excited about Lugnut.

Then we have Solar Storm Grapple.  Don’t know what makes him “Solar Storm” but I guess we will have to wait for the packaging story to find out.

Voyager Wave 5 (January 2011)

Wave 5 of the Voyager class is more of the same.   Except this time we get a repaint of Seaspray into a much darker an ominous looking Deep Dive.   It looks like an Aoutbot emblem on his chest, but I doubt he is going to be an Autobot.

I am giddy with excitement for the new stuff coming out.  The Hunt continues.

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