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G.I. Joe – Retaliation

Is this the G.I. Joe movie we should have gotten the first time around?   It looks like more action, more ninjas, more cool futuristic weapons, and less super-suits.

I think they are on a better track this time around.   It looks like they are taking the idea of the animated series, Renegades, and making it live-action.   What do you think?


The Prusuit of Cobra heats up for the G.I. Joe Team

A look at a few Joes who are really looking forward to mixing it up with Cobra.


Dusty gets two machine guns and a special mask for his tour in the desert.  In this head version he has a removable military hat.  The “cape” does not come off.

I really like him in his mask.  It is a really nice modern look.   I don’t know about the piece of barbed wire.  It does not really make for a very good trap considering all of the technology that the different teams are running around with.


Now THAT is a lot of gear.  Two guns, two hatchets, two bear traps, a mask and a special backpack.  Oh yeah, and his hat he is wearing.

With his backpack on, there is a wire that attaches to his sniper rifle.  I can only assume that is where it goes.  There is nothing that shows that this is how it works.   No directions and it does not show in the little picture on the back.  Those solar panels are pretty bright for a guy who is supposed to be hiding out in the jungle.

Snake Eyes (and Timber):

Snake Eyes, in his 1 millionth version, comes with a nice leather jacket this time around.  He has two smaller machine guns, one large machine gun, and a sword.   The best part about this figure is that all of the parts can be put on him somewhere if he is holding the large machine gun.  A lot of times we are graced with a ton of extras, only to find out that they don’t go anywhere.

Timber is a bit head down for my taste.  If you flick his tail, his head moves.  Sometimes there is a loss of look for a gimmick, and this is one of those times.

Overall a bunch of nice figures.   Updates for Dusty and Recondo that look really good with the current mix of characters.

Quick Pics of the Wolf Hound from the Arctic Assault line of GI Joe

This is a great vehicle with some awesome features.  Big and tough and ready for battle.

*Some assembly required
Wish that track rolled like the new HISS tank
Now THAT is some firepower. On machine guns though. 😦
You can see the plastic molded in two colors for camo
White Out fits inside, even with his hood up. Good Job Hasbro.
Slider launches missiles in sequence. Pretty neat feature.
Wolf Hound with Snow Job in his Arctic gear
Wolf Hound with Ice Dagger and Arctic crew

Another fine vehicle from the guys at Hasbro.  I really like the versatility of this vehicle over the Ice Dagger.  With wheels and treads, it is possible for it to be repainted a new color and be a part of the Jungle crew as well.

GI Joe Vehicles – Having the most fun since I was a kid!!!

Okay, to be honest I am having more fun with toys now than I was when I was a kid.  There would be no way my parents would have bought me as many toys as I have now.

One of the best toys are the plethora of GI Joe vehicles that are currently coming out.  Most of them have some sort of interest for me, so I am having to be a bit careful with which toys I get.  There are so many with great features.

Today’s look is at the Ghost Hawk driven by Tomahawk:

It is amazing how small some of the boxes are that are full of vehicle.  They have some pretty snazzy packers.  When Ghost Hawk is unpacked, it does have some assembly required.  In the photo above, I further took it apart to show just how many pieces there are to this thing.

Once finally, fully assembled, this is a tight little vehicle.  It is a one-seater VTOL with a rocket launcher and a gatling gun.  You can see just how short it is, being just about head height to Tomahawk.

On the box they boast that this vehicle takes a strike-force into the jungle.  The only way they are getting in is by holding onto the skid as there is one peg on each side.

One of the detail shots.  One side has a removable panel to show some of the electronics underneath.  A nice little extra that seems to be a standard on most vehicles, and good if you are going to display the vehicle and want to show someone doing something to it.

With Jungle Snake Eyes on the side, you can see just how small this ship looks with people around it.  You can also see the smaller gun mounted to the underside of the skid support.

This is a great little vehicle. Movable pieces, and a lot of room inside to fit the driver.  I don’t think there are any complaints I can think of for this one.

Did Hasbro make a BIG oops?!?!

In the Rise of Cobra line, Hasbro made the Rockslide A.T.A.V.  The vehicle is really cool, but they really made a boo boo when they did the box design.

Nowhere on the box do they show that there is a cockpit inside Rockslide.  I think there were a lot of people, including me, who were turned off from the figure since it looks like the figure has to ride on this over-sized snow mobile, and would look pretty silly doing so.

They show all of the other great features on the back, but the biggest oversight is the lack of notification that the top canopy opens so Snow Job can climb inside.

Well, turns out is actually is a cool vehicle.  And the best part?  There are lots of them still at Toys R Us, and they are on clearance, and this past week they were on an additional percentage off on top of the clearance price.   I think with so many left over, it had to be the poor box design that did them in.   All the better for the rest of us.


A high-tech vehicle built for the snow. Riding in comfort while speeding across the arctic.  Of course the back of the cockpit is open, so it is probably not really that comfortable.

Cockpit opens so Snow Job can climb right in.  He fits in just right, and the canopy can even be closed with his hood on.  Too often, canopys do not close because of added head wear.  Thankfully not in this case.

The front skis turn to the left and right.  They have a pretty nice suspension under the body that makes them really solid.

The rear track raises and lowers and makes for a true “all-terrain” vehicle.  The Rockslide would easily be able to climb over some pretty tough terrain.

As you can see, with it parked next to the Wolf Hound, that this is not piddly little snow mobile.  This is a major piece of hardware.  Missiles, machine guns, and more missiles make this a great tool for the Joe forces.

G.I. Joe – Pursuit of Cobra – Jungle Viper

“You can’t see me.”     John Cena has nothing on this guy.  Now that is camo gear.    A high-tech version of the ghillie suit to keep the Viper hidden from view.    He comes with so many accessories, it isn’t even funny.

Eight pieces for the camo.  Two hand guns.  An anti-tank sniper rifle that come in three parts, eye wear of some sort, and a vest.   That is a lot of gear for one guy.   I bet that gets a little heavy.   Not to mention hot, since this is the Jungle Assault theme.   Phew!

Fully opened, the Jungle-Viper looks more like he is going to be an Air-Viper.  The camo gear is on ball joints so it can be moved around into a lot of different positions for optimum hiding.

Now THAT is a gun.  An anti-tank sniper rifle.  It has three parts, the main gun body, the barrel, and a stand with skis attached.

Wait a minute, isn’t this guy from He-Man?   The arm camo only is not the best look.   I do wish the armor on the lower arms could come off since it has the ball joints on it for the camo, and looks a little silly when he is not wearing the armor.

I was able to get him into a laying down position.  It was not easy, and the head cannot really lean back far enough to look forward, but with all of the camo, and the eyewear, it looks pretty good.   Plus this is probably a position we would find a Jungle-Viper in anyway.

This guy has caught some flak for not being the best, but I like him.  He comes with lots of stuff, and has a good function.   He is unique, and getting some different Vipers is definitely a good thing.

Snow Job – One of GI Joe’s dirtiest names. ;)

He may have one of the dirtiest names on the Joe team, but boy does Snow Job come with a ton of accessories.   He is constructed well in the very articulate style we see now in the Joe line.

Look at the size of those skis and the size of that gun.   You can tell Snow Job is out to hunt down Cobra, and he is not afraid to do it on his own.  With his backpack full of everything from fuel to a camping lantern.  He is geared to go!

You can see his backpack has everything but the kitchen sink.  And it all attaches on there somewhere.  Very well done on the backpack, including an extra long post to connect it to his back, through his big parka.

Everything has it’s place.   Very nice design to be sure.   It makes me want to go out and get the new snow vehicle.

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