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MiniMate Scale Vehicles

We will continue looking at MiniMates today. They are on my mind, since I have immersed myself in the scale to try and make a quality diorama for them, which I have never had before.  Now it is time to look for some vehicles. The scale of MiniMates is between 1/35th and 1/24th scale. I some 1/24 scale models around, and they are a bit too tall for MiniMates. I do not have any 1/35 scale cars to use.

But I do have Transformers, and plenty of Transformers. I figured, why not look at the newest of the lot. The Titans Return figures.  As a vehicle, a Titans Return Deluxe Class figure works fine. The cockpit is too small, since it is made for a Titan Master that is about half as tall as a MiniMate. Too bad, no going for rides in the cabs of these vehicles. But from the outside, they work quite well.

Comparing the robot mode, this works well too. This could be the start of some pretty fun photography.

And as you continue to increase the scale of the Transformer, it works better with MiniMates. It is a good thing Colossus didn’t attack Fort Max, thinking he was a Sentinel.

Fortress Maximus – Titan Class – Transformers: Generations, Titans Return

This guy is HUGE!!! You know from the box that he is going to be big. Open that box, and he is actually that big. Head to toe and shoulder to shoulder, he fills that box. They did put him in the box with one arm detached. It was a little funny, since it took that much space to add his arm. It would have been the same amount of space if they had just put in in the box all put together.

He comes with a sticker sheet with a lot of stickers. So, you will get to know Fort Max pretty well while you spend a long time attaching all of the stickers. A necessary evil to be sure. The stickers are shiny metallic and really do accentuate his details.

Standing tall, you know Fortress Maximus is more than just another robot. He has giant guns mounted to his knees, parts hanging down the back that looks like a cape. His head is big, and it is clear he has lots of articulation. Arms and knees, shoulders and hips. Movement down to the fingers.

Standing with other figures, you really get the sense of how big he is. The Constructicons, being made up of all Voyager Class figures, only comes up to the bottom of his chest. There is a lot of robot beyond. The other Combiners only come up to his crotch. And the smaller Voyager and Deluxe figures look downright tiny next to him. The newer Titan Masters are comically small down there at the bottom. That is an amazing range of figure sizes, and Fortress Maximus is hiding three figures in one.

He has an amazing face. Hasbro did a great job of the melding the robotic head with the more organic face. The head plays sounds and the eyes light up when the button on the chest is pressed. Of course this is the Titans Return line, so this is no ordinary head.

Remove the head, and it transforms into Cerebros, the mild mannered robot that is a return from the Headmaster Line back in the day. Performing the same task of becoming Fort Max’s head, he makes a really good looking robot.

Cerebros is a mid-sized figure. He is taller than the Deluxe figures, but shorter than the Voyager Class. They definitely had to go with what worked best for making the head of Fort Max, rather than trying to make him fit into one scale or another. He is already special with is unique job, so now he is a little extra special.

And, since he is in Titans Return, he also has his own little Titan Master. Little Emissary runs this show. Emissary is so tiny compared to the giant figure.

That guy holds a lot of power.

Being a Transformer, you know Fortress Maximus is not going to just be a robot. A few flips and turns, and he becomes a battle station. He becomes extremely long, and looks like he would be quite happy cruising around space as an aircraft carrier. Cerebros becomes a tower in the middle of Fort Max.

A few more flips and turns, and Fort Max becomes a city. He will be able to combine with some other figures to create “Cybertron City”, but I don’t have them yet, so we will have to revisit that in the future.

This is when the playtime really starts. A lot of parents would find it hard to pay so much for a toy, but the play will become endless with this guy teamed up with the rest of the line. They look great driving and landing all over him. From the Titan Masters up to the Voyager Class, they all look great on his giant body.

Fort Max has a little extra. He can hold the tablet computers in his shoulder. Why he would do that, I don’t know, but he can.

He also has some parts left over from Metroplex, like the opening arms. Though there are a few parts that are reused, Fort Max looks very different and transforms differently than the previously released Metroplex. I did not get Metroplex when he was released, opting to wait for Fortress Maximus. I knew having two of these monstrous robots was going to be a massive amount of room, and this one seemed to be the one that went together with other figures better.

I really like Fortress Maximus. He is a lot of fun. He has strong but functioning articulation that you want to see in a giant robot. He is big enough to actually look and play like a legitimate “city.” The sculpt is right on with so many details that you cannot take them all in on the first go around.

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