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Transformers: Age of Extinction – Target 2-pack – Silver Knight Optimus Prime and Grimlock

I am not always a huge fan of the 2-packs that come out in stores.   Sometimes they are just repaints, and other times they are to get us to rebuy figures we already have in order to get “that other” figure.  Well, this two pack falls into the first category.  An old Optimus and an old Grimlock, recolored to be packaged and sold again.  This time around though, it has two things going for this 2-pack.  1. Lots of chrome, and 2. An excellent repaint of Grimlock to match his G1 color scheme.  So, I had to pick up this set.

Optimus Prime:


This version of Optimus was ironically enough, a Walmart exclusive the last time around.  He certainly didn’t have this much chrome going for him that time around.  There have been a bunch of toys starting to show up with the Silver Knight title.   I don’t know if Optimus is going to be making quite an entrance for the finale of the movie, but it looks like that may be the way we are going to be going here.  I am pretty sure that we will not see him revery back to his Dark of the Moon truck, after seeing the new truck.  Just another way to get a little more money out of us.  I do thin we will actually get a good version of the Silver Knight a little later this summer.

The only change for this version are his sword, which is pretty weak.  It is seriously lacking details, and it is too big.

As good as he looks, chromed out in his robot mode, he really looks good in his vehicle mode.  The transformation is pretty easy and fun, with a few tricks in the legs to shorten them up.

Overall, this is a good version of Optimus.  I am not a huge fan of the Deluxe versions of Optimus.  He really needs to be in the Voyager Class to fit into scale with the other team members.

One thing to watch out for:

The first 2-pack I brought home had an Optimus with 2 left hands. I had to take it back to the store to get a replacement. No flipping these hands around.


Truth be told, I was way more interested in Grimlock than I was in Optimus.   I was really excited to see the Fall of Cybertron Grimlock with the G1 color scheme.  I knew this was going to be a good figure to get my hands on.

The silver of the new Grimlock is a lot lighter to resemble the old color.  He also has on the red bike shorts as well as the colors down the front of his legs.  It is clear Hasbro went to a lot more trouble getting this new Grimlock ready than they spent of Optimus.   I guess that is what we would expect, since Grimlock is the new character in the newest movie.

He really looks like the G1 Grimlock when he is in T-Rex mode.  I think the only drawback of this version is his stumpy tail.  He has the button on the back of his neck that allows for a light-up mouth (batteries included).

This is a very good version of Grimlock.  Grimlock fans will definitely want to get their hands on this 2-pack.  Optimus is not the best one out there, but this version of Grimlock more than makes up for it.

Kickback – Fall of Cybertron

Alas, I took a metric ton of pictures last weekend.  It took a few days to get to downloading them.  Finally done, they were ALL covered in dust.  Something happened in my DSLR camera, and all of the pictures are terrible.   I have to take it in tomorrow to get it professionally cleaned.  Until then, my review today was shot entirely on my iPhone 5.  Ironically, the pictures turned out great.   Ah well, there is still stuff my DSLR can do that my iPhone cannot.  Until then, enjoy this review of Kickback.

I know, he has been out for a while.  I have had him for a while, but he was in the pile of figures that needed to be shot (pictures).  I was reading the Beast Hunters Cybertron comic, and Kickback was featured, along with the Dinobots.  They are all in their Fall of Cybertron glory.  Using a comic to tie a video game into a TV show.  I like it.

Kickback looks really good with the purple and silver, with highlights of gold and dark grey.  Lots of good color.  Shiny and bright.  As a robot, he is really well done.  He moves nicely, has lots of articulation, and even has the nice big feet that allows him to stand strong.

I am really tied of all of these gimmicky weapons.  Oversized weapons that don’t work, two strikes in one.

The use of the secondary weapons, the wings, works much better.

Finally, transformed into a bug of some sort, most likely a grasshopper.  Not really a bug that sends terror into the hearts of the enemy.  I am not overjoyed by this insect mode.  The back legs are very weird.  The feet of the robot stick up in the back, and he stands on his knees.   The front end is working  much better.  Lots of small legs, and the robot head folds up well into the face of the bug.   I wish the wings were able to be deployed.

I nice clean robot.   Not without faults, but overall a good figure.Trans

Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Starscream and Air Raid

It is hard to keep up with all of the Transformers lines right now.  We get a few here and there as they begin to trickle back into the stores.  Slow as slow can be, but at least there is something out there to go hunting for.  Last weekend I was on a little road trip and passed by a Target I have never gone into before.  Gotta check, right?  Right.   I found two of the new Fall of Cybertron figures, Starscream and Air Raid.   Funny that I could not find all four, but two is better than none.


Whatever universe he is from, you know Starscream is going to be a bad boy.  Either stabbing Megatron in the back outright, or going behind his back to find someone else to do the stabbing for him.  Not a team player.

Red, white and grey.  Good to see Starscream back with these colors.  Looking very much like his G1 robot mode.  Good head sculpt and overall body.

His guns can be mounted on his forearms for that classic placement of his original blasters. Both of these guns have rotating turrets.

As we are seeing with this current wave of Fall of Cyberton figures, if all else fails, combine your weapons together for MORE POWER!   I am sure there is some advantage for Starscream’s two guns to go together like that.  When combined, the two spin together.

Dropped down into his vehicle mode, Starscream is a Cybertronian jet.  Pretty good design all together.  I am not a huge fan of the pyramid wings on top, but follows a theme we have seen before with the Cybertronian jets having a bit of a pyramid design to them.

Top down view to give you a look at those swept forward wings.  The low point of this mode is right there in the middle.   Not only is Starscream’s head exposed, but there is also a gap where you can see right through the jet.

Speculation time.  Are we going to see more figures in the Fall of Cybertron line.  Aaaaaand, what is this hole doing on the side of Starscream’s leg.  Are we going to see another jet?  A little Thunderwing action perhaps? Acid Rain?  Thrust?

Air Raid:

Air Raid is a redeco of Shockwave.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are similar in very many ways.   A new head, a new chest, and throw in a new weapon, and we have quite the change in characters.

Air Raid comes with two unique swords, as well as the double-barreled cannon on his back.  The smaller, sword opens into two blades.  The other looks more like a gun with a sword attached to the end.  Kind of a strange design.

Surprise!  They combine together to make a three-bladed sword.  It is big, but I don’t think it looks very usable.  Oh well.

Here you can see Air Raid facing off with Shockwave.  I think the biggest changes between the two is the use of color.  Bright and shiny on Air Raid, while dark and muted on Shockwave.

Air Raid turns into almost the same vehicle as Shockwave.  Again, the colors really make Air Raid look different.  But wait, what is that?  WHAT IS THAT?!?!  Close up:

Oh no they didn’t!!!!  Oh yes they did!!!!   When Air Raid transforms into his vehicle mode, his Autobot emblem is UPSIDE DOWN!!!!   I am sure there is some cardinal rule against that.  That is a big no no as far as I am concerned.

The same but different.  Really different.   I like the changes to make them their own robot.

These guys are pretty good.  I am glad to have a classic looking Starscream in those great colors.  Air Raid, though not really high on my list of favorite Autobots, does have some great stuff going for him.   To be a redeco of Shockwave is quite a feat.  This is the first time that I know of that a redeco figure has been made from Shockwave.  With such a unique look, it is hard to re-purpose that body into another form.   The hunt continues…


Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus

I cannot seem to find all of the Fall of Cybertron guys at the same time.  Good thing I guess. It keeps me on the hunt.  The first two I found from the newest offering is Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus.  After Bruticus, we needed a few more good guys… until the other two in this set come out.

011 Sideswipe:

What to say about Sideswipe.  A washed up race car, turned freedom fighter.  He is a redeco of Autobot Jazz, but there is a lot of new stuff on Sideswipe to make him REALLY different than Jazz.  Starting with a new color scheme that screams “different.” Add in the whole new hood and roof sections, as well as a new head, and he really only has arms, legs and the torso skeleton in common with Jazz.

Oh yeah, and the GIANT gun he comes with.  This is quite a piece of engineering we get this time around.  No hunk of plastic on this one.   The gun barrel slides in to be reduced in size when it is on his vehicle mode.  The round part at the bottom looks to be some kind of magazine.  It actually spins.

And in case you were wondering, Sideswipe’s gun is WAY bigger than Jazz’s gun.  If you think it looks big in this form, just wait until you see Sideswipe in vehicle mode.

Similar, but not the same.   Standing side by side, you can see the much rougher cut of Jazz’s body, as opposed to the sleek lines of Sideswipe.  We also get a little bit more along the lines of detail paint on Sideswipe.

From about the doors back on the sides, the two cars share some similarities.  Other than the wheels, there is not a lot that is the same.  It is really nice to get some figures like this.  Not just a repaint of a figure.  (You will see that with Ultra Magnus).

And because you demanded it, one more look at Sideswipe’s giant gun.  The barrel slides in really far.  The car is still certainly heavy on one side, I am sure destroying all of the aerodynamics that Sideswipe’s body is known for.  But with firepower like that, who really cares?

012 Ultra Magnus:

Unpacking Ultra Magnus, this is what you get.  Optimus Prime with a new head and a patriotic paint scheme.  There are a few major faults about the directions that came with him.  They show the exhaust ports on his shoulders laying down like you are supposed to do with Prime.   They also don’t say anything about the sword coming apart and being able to form with the gun.  If you look on the back of the box, you can see him holding the super sword.  You will have to kinda piece it together from there.

The super sword.  I don’t know, it does not seem to have a name, since they did not even include it in the directions.  It goes from being a really cool big sword, to this amazing huge thing.  I think this makes up for UM being a repaint of OP.

Prime and Magnus.   I always think of Ultra Magnus being a really large, overly armored figure.  Having him be the same size as Prime is a bit disappointing.  Having him be small compared to the other figures is also a letdown.  I do like his paint scheme.  The only thing that I don’t really care for are the white toes.  It looks like he is wearing sneakers.

His truck mode is good.  Just like Prime, Magnus is nice and tight.  He has some great extra paint apps that were left plain plastic on prime.  The parts that stand out the most are the front grille, the exhaust tips, and the wheels that are a reversed paint scheme from Prime.

Similar, but similar.  No way around this one.  They are the same in truck mode with a different paint scheme and a sword.  Of course this is not the most important mode.

These guys really blend well together, color wise.  Red, white, and blue, with shades of grey.   Magnus and Sideswipe definitely have the better weapons.  Hopefully this is the way things will be from here on out.  Some killer weapons.

Here is the Fall of Cybertron offering so far.  I am missing the other two, new Decepticons, and the Soundwave recolors, but a great line-up so far.  I am really happy with what Hasbro has done with the Fall of Cybertron line, and looking forward to what is coming next.

Fall of Cybertron Soundwave

I have been collecting Transformers for a long time.  Before my last delivery of Dark Energon figures, I was so glad to find this guy, Fall of Cybertron Soundwave from the Generations line.  I posted a few posts back about the other data discs that went along with Soundwave.  Thankfully this figure (#300 in my collection) stands up to the original, looks great, has a good transformation, and actually works with the data discs.

Everything in the right place, that is for sure.  He is a truck/SUV type vehicle, but that is to be expected since it was always so strange in the original show for him to be a big hulking robot and turn into a small tape deck.   I think this one makes much more sense.

Planned or not, it is pretty darn awesome that he can press his own ejection button.

Once his front is open, you can see where the data discs go.   They fit tightly into the compartment.   I was able to get three of them into the compartment.  It was a little difficult to get them back out, but I had to at least try the experiment.

Here is how the holding of data discs works.   Soundwave’s back  moves out to allow the hole in his chest to elongate.   So, when there is one in there, it looks like the picture above.  If you try to fit three in there, it looks like his spine is sticking straight out with his back attached about three inches away from the body.  Kinda silly looking, but great for playability.

Soundwave comes with Laserbeak.  He was what I was thinking we were going to see.  Pretty much the same figure as Ratbat with a different head, and a new color scheme.  Still no legs, but at least Laserbeak can sit on Soundwave’s hand or shoulder.

In vehicle mode he looks a lot like the War for Cybertron vehicle mode.   This time he is WAY bigger and can have his shoulder cannon fitted to his exterior.  The wheels are a great looking clear purple color to match the front windshield.   There are a few other touches of purple around that really stand out.

Let us not forget he is still a transport, and in this mode he can hold his data discs.

It is clear that they are not just trying to throw something together in this Fall of Cybertron line.  They have found that people like it, and we are getting, not only more figures than the War for Cybertron line, but we are also getting better figures.  The first Voyager figure is the best to date in this line.

And we are talking BIG!!!  He is head and shoulders above the other figures.  A great figure you will not be disappointed with in any way that I can see.  I am really looking forward to what they are going to bring us next.

Transformers Generations: Fall of Cybertron, Data Discs

Hasbro is kinda putting the cart before the horse on this one.  I was at Toys R Us, just hoping for something new to be out over my last few days of vacation.  Usually a pretty dead time of the year with lots of empty shelves and pegs.  Then I saw a familiar graphics in a less than familiar packaging.

Two smaller packages, and I knew right away what they were.   The Data Discs for Soundwave.  The Fall of Cybertron line is expanding, with the introduction of a large scale (Voyager Class) Soundwave in the near future.  To get us ready for that, we get four of the Data Discs that will be compatible with Soundwave.   Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Ratbat.  When Soundwave comes out, he will come with Laserbeak.  That is an amazing 5 figures that will be compatible with Soundwave.  This is the largest collection of mini characters to ever come out at the same time to go with one character.   There were lots of redeco and parts changes over lots of countries in the original Soundwave and mini-cassette line from 1984.

Ravage & Rumble

Ravage and Rumble.  Glad to see these two guys pop up first.   Some of the most iconic mini robots from G1, these guys were a pain in the Autobot’s resisters more than a few times.  The only character used more than these two is Laserbeak, and he is coming with Soundwave.

Both figures transform into a disc.  Ravage has some really unique transformations to get him all rolled up into a disk.  He is fairly open in design, but does represent is G1 self pretty well.

Rumble is, just like is G1 self, a tiny little man.  Haha!  Not much to him.  He transforms into a standard robot.  It would have been nice if these figures came with some small accessories like the G1 counterparts.

In their Data Disc modes, they are just that, discs.  They come with boxes to hold the discs.  A nice addition since each of the discs have a switch on the bottom that allows for the automatic transformation to begin.   In the box, they sit just high enough to lay flat.

Frenzy & Ratbat

Two lesser-known G1 figures, Frenzy and Ratbat have been chosen for a reason.  Frenzy is a red version of Rumble, from head to feet.  A direct recolor.   Ratbat is what I am assuming is going to be a redeco of Laserbeak with a different color and a different head.  Hasbro is saving some money and creating new characters.  They have done it since 1984, so why stop now.  I am not complaining, just pointing it out.

Ratbat has an interesting transformation, since his head and tail both fold into one another and then get surrounded by the wings.  Simple and effective.

Could they have found two colors that clashed more?  I think not.

I really like these guys.  People were bummed when we got Soundwave in the Hunt for Cybertron line and did not get any of his support staff.  I think Hasbro listened to that, and now, not only do we get support staff, but we get 5 figures, as well as a big Soundwave.  I am really excited to get my hands on him.

***Looking at the upcoming lineup, we are going to see Soundwave as well as Soundblaster, as well as Blaster.  So, along with the addition of Laserbeak, we will also see Buzzsaw (Gold version of Laserbeak) and the Autobot Steeljaw (a yellow version of Ravage).  So now we are up to at least 7 of these figures.

Transformers: Generations, Bruticus

Sometime it is hard enough to find a figure that I want for a collection.  When that one figure becomes 5 figures, it becomes quite difficult.  To go along with the Fall of Cybertron game, the Generations line of Transformers is presenting Bruticus.  Five figures formed into one giant robot.

In the not so distant past, Hasbro tried to give us combiners in the form of Power Core Combiners.  One Transformer with four drones that would attach and make a slightly larger robot.  This ain’t that!   We have five independent figures of normal size that are able to combine and form a REALLY large robot.  We are going to start with the five figures, and then we will look at this guy all together.


The torso of Bruticus, Onslaught is known to be pretty tough.  He is a well designed Cybertronian version.  The only letdown in his robot mode are his forearms.  He is so tough all over, but the arms are a little weak looking.   As the torso, we have seen other figures with giant knobs sticking out in weird places.  For Onslaught, he has two knobs, one on each shoulder that don’t really stick out that far, and don’t detract from his appearance.   He also has two knobs on the back of his knees, but those are really out of the way until they are needed.

He comes with a big gun that is hollow underneath, and detracts from the overall appearance a bit, but it is light and easy for him to hold.  The gun attaches to the back of Bruticus in a few different places, thus the need for the hollow back.

Blast Off:

Blast Off on first appearance is very purple and very yellow.  At least they are complimentary colors and work well together.  Blast Off, has the look of a Knight.  The chest plate looks like a knight’s visor, and he has big shoulders with the fins.  I really like the look of the robot mode.  Add in two blaster pistols (I love dual blaster pistols) and we have quite a guy.

In vehicle mode, he becomes a very well done space ship.  Everything fits tightly together, taking away any of the extra pieces that reveal he is a robot.


Vortex  is probably my least favorite of the five.  I am not a huge fan of his colors. Other than that, he is okay.   He looks good in his robot mode. He has hollow legs that are very apparent.  In vehicle mode, he is a helicopter.  Nothing special there either.   Not the best helicopter we have seen from Hasbro, but it is fine.  I do like the flip-out gun on the front. That was a nice extra touch.


Swindle, here we go with purple and yellow again.  Still okay.  Especially since this seems to be Swindles trademark color as of late.  In the Animated series he was purple and a more off-yellow tan sort of color.  And there would be no way THAT Swindle would be a team player.  But as a leg, I am sure this Swindle would definitely play nice.

He has a really weird design for his torso.  His head is way up there, and detracts from his overall appearance.  In vehicle mode, he is a tough looking vehicle.  Wide wheels and a sturdy stance.


I was so surprised at how skinny Brawl was… and small.  He is usually tough and big and break-em-all.  The last time we saw him, he was a massive tank on the Transformers movies.  This Brawl looks like he is a little less brawn and a little more brain.   He is a good looking figure.  He has the giant cannons on his back, so he has a bit of the turtle look to him.   Not much you can do with that.

The Cybertronian tank is a neat design.   Going with a hover tank over a standard treaded tank.   The turret turns all the way around.


The moment you have been waiting for.  Five Decepticons come together to form on giant Bruticus.   A return of the original from 1985.   All five characters that originally formed Bruticus are once again thrust together to create one massive robot.

Standing together you can see the slight size differences.   Onlsaught, in the middle is the tallest, and rightfully so as the torso.  Swindle (yellow on the right) and Brawl (Green on the left) make up the two legs.  It is funny to see them standing together and see such a size difference between them, but ultimately they fold up to the same height.   Then we have the two fliers making up the arms.   The size difference is not too different, but when they are in arm mode, they are quite different looking arms.

He is big, he is colorful, and he makes a statement.   He has movement all over the place, from shoulders to torso.  Knees and hips.   He is not just a block of colorful plastic in this form, he is a GIANT Transformer.

In case you were wondering, all seven weapons combine as well and become a “sonic blaster.”

And for those who were wondering just how big Bruticus is, here he is to Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime.  Bruticus is HUGE!!!

And for those of you who were turned off by the Power Core Combiners, here is a relationship shot between one of the PCC and Bruticus.  He is about twice as tall, and he stays together until you take him apart.  No more legs randomly falling off.

There you have it.  The hunt has begun.  Five figures to make one big robot.  A little hard to find, but they are coming out now.  He is totally worth the hunt. Good luck and happy hunting.

For those of you also collecting the Prime figures, you might be as happy as I was when I found that they “First Editions” have been given a second run, and now you can find those missing figures you could never get before.  For me it was:

Vehicon and Terorcon Cliffjumper.   I was so happy when I found them.

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