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Falcon – Marvel Legends (Captain America: Civil War) – Walmart Exclusive

I felt really lucky to find this Walmart exclusive version of Sam Wilson, Falcon. It was not easy to get. I HATE Walmart exclusives. I do not have many Walmarts around me, and they are terrible wastelands of no toys. Empty shelves and pegs galore. Usually I have better luck on road trips elsewhere.
This figure was no different.

This is Sam Wilson in his flight suit from Captain America: Civil War. He was awesome in the movie, with all of his great aerobatics and acrobatics when fighting.

The biggest problem I had with this figure was opening him after I already put Vulture’s wings together. There is no articulation in this set of wings, so it was a bit of a letdown. That being said, this is a good figure.

He has standard articulation. A bit less movement with the movie figures than the comic counterparts. Generally the clothing gets in the way.

Sam comes with the backpack in place. A closed up Redwing fits in the top of the backpack.

The wings attach with two posts (top and bottom). They do not stay very tightly in place, so that messes with the playability a bit.

He has grasping hands, ready to shoot someone, but he did not come with any weapons. He is all about cool guns, right after even cooler wings. He needs something.

In addition to the closed up version of Redwing, Sam also comes with a flying version. A nice addition.

Overall this is a good figure. It helps to fill out Cap’s team of Avengers. Up next, the other Walmart Exclusive…

Falconzord – Power Rangers Legacy

Almost two weeks ago I wrote a not-so-happy post about Toys R Us.  Basically saying that their website does not live up to what we should expect from web sites today.  Basically, the Falconzord went on sale, and as I was never able to find it in the store, I would try online.  They would not let me order the figure online because they were trying to get people to pick it up in the store.  There was not a store within 50 miles that actually had it in stock, so I was stuck.  Well, I went as far as to write to them on a survey and explain where the website was lacking.   Checking back a day later, the button had been turned off to pick it up in store.  I don’t know if it was a coincidence of the computer catching up to the stock, or if someone is actually reading the surveys, but things improved drastically from there, and I have to hand it to Toys R Us for a good job from there.   There was a popup that said the item was out of stock, but they would send me an e-mail when it became available.  I was not totally trusting of the e-mail system, so I kept checking back in.   $20 off is $20 saved, so I really didn’t want to miss out.  Checking first thing in the morning, two days later, the Falconzord became available.  I was able to buy it for the discounted price, and it was delivered 5 days later with free shipping, since it was over $19.  For me, I was able to get yet another piece of Power Rangers history reborn better than the first, and for Toys R Us, they will be getting more money, since Falconzord will have to attach to something… and I am guessing it is going to be really expensive.  So, though I don’t think Toys R Us necessarily runs the tightest ship around, I am only a little miffed, since I have this beautiful Falconzord on my shelf and now for your pleasure, here is the review:


The Falconzord is a thing to behold straight out of the box. It is so crisply molded, with perfect lines. The paints have been so finely detailed.

This figure probably has more articulation than the original model used in the show. It has two different joints in the wings to allow flight display. It has head movement, as well as a beak that opens. No side to side motion for the head, but that would have been a lot to ask for.

The legs have a lot of motion, as well as the gold parts being made of metal. That really helps with the standing, since the heavy parts are on the ground. The feet have a really good grip with movement in both the front and back talons. The legs move at the hips as well, to allow for great posing.

The Falconzord is expensive at $79.99. I was able to get it for $59.99 with a sale from Toys R Us. It is still expensive for one Zord that doesn’t do much on its own. You can buy the center body parts of Dino Charge Megazord for $24.99, and those attach to most everything out right now. Is Falconzord worth three times as much? The simple answer is yes… if you are a fan of Power Rangers, and more specifically the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The detailing and heft of this figure is outstanding, and the other Zords don’t stand up to what is coming out in the Legacy Collection.

He is thin, since he is a bird, but he is wide. He has a wingspan that covers the area of both Megazord and Tigerzord, when they are standing side by side. That is a lot of area that it covers.

He is pretty tall too. When standing upright in his firing position, he is nearly waist high on Megazord.

If you are looking to get him for a deal, he is still $20 off at Toys R Us online, and you can buy him online and have him shipped to your home.

Halo: Micro Ops – Wave 1

Halo is getting a smaller release, Which is great for people like me who love the vehicles as much as the figures.  Of course getting a Warthog or a Falcon in the size of the standard Halo figures would eat up a lot of cash as well as a ton of room… though a giant Falcon could be really cool hanging from the ceiling.

There are three sizes of packaging and what they come with is equivalent to that size (highlighted sets are featured here today):

Small Blister:
-ODST Drop Pods (2)
*Ghost vs. Wolf Spider Turret
*Warthog and Mongoose

Large Blister:
-High Ground Bunker

Small Box:
*High Ground Gate
-High Ground Tower (October 2012 release date)

All of the sets, except for the High Ground Tower are out now.  I have found them at Target, and a few at Toys R Us.  It looks like lots of online retailers are carrying them as well.  I have also seen some info about the upcoming Wave 2, which have some more great looking vehicles.
The first four sets I bought have really great vehicles.   The details are outstanding, as we would expect from McFarlane.  The High Ground Gate comes with two soldiers, a gatling gun and a Warthog.  The only problem is that the Warthog does not come with a driver.   So, it is more of a static vehicle unless we get more drivers in future sets.  The second Warthog comes from a small blister pack.  It comes with a driver as well as someone to fire the anti-aircraft gun.   The two Warthogs have slightly different paint patterns so they do not look like a copy of one another.
Along with the Warthog in the small blister pack, it comes with a Mongoose.

The Mongoose has a driver as well.  All three vehicles have rotating tires for a little bit more fun.  I like how sturdy the vehicles are made.

In the other small blister pack I bought, it contains a Ghost with an Elite Spec Ops pilot.   There are some really great moving parts on that to allow the pilot to fit into the vehicle.

The set also comes with a Wolf Spider Turret.

It rotates, and it can also close down when the gun is removed.

Then we come to the large blister.  The first I bought was the one that made me decide I needed some of the Micro Ops sets.  It contains the Falcon.

Rotating blades, rotating engines, rotating front gun, and highly moveable side guns, this thing is ready for action.  Don’t forget the opening canopy with a place for the pilot.   There are 4 seats in the back of the Falcon.  Unfortunately, we don’t get anyone who can sit in there.   We do get two soldiers to go along with the pilot, Carter and a UNSC Trooper.

I am really amazed at the amount of detail put into these small figures and vehicles.  This is really a vehicle driven line, with collectors getting toys they would never get otherwise.  Nobody would make them since nobody could afford them.   The large scale Mongoose seemed to sell well, in fact I have two of them.   The Warthog did not seem to sell as fast, many sitting for a long time.  I guess they sold well enough since there are sets out now to change the gun to another weapon platform.

I guess the only thing to do now is start on a base to display these.  I can’t leave them in my backyard all of the time, and they are too well detailed and weathered to leave on a shelf.  I know I will have to get the tower when it comes out.  That will add an extra level of height that will make this really stand out.   Off to the hobby shop for so supplies.

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