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Guardians of the Galaxy (comic) Marvel Legends – Entertainment Earth Exclusive Box Set

Way back when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was announced, I had know who The Guardians were, but not a whole lot about them. I had seen them pop up now and then, but not really that mainstream. I knew Marvel was really taking a risk going all in by adding a team that was mostly unknown. I trust Marvel, and I knew they were going to do a good job. I was all in. Well, the crazy hit, and The Guardians gained more followers. One of the advantages of that is that there are other risks taken when putting out toys.

The comic version of The Guardians was made in the Marvel Legends 6 inch line and was an exclusive to Entertainment Earth. Originally set at about $120, I was not going to be able to get this one. Besides that, it was WAY too high priced with each figure going for $24, if you are including Rocket as one figure, which would be hard to do for that price. Then back in March, I had some money for Amazon, and this set popped up for 30% less than it sold for on Entertainment Earth’s site. Funny enough, it is still available on Amazon for the 30% off, and EE says they are sold out.

Anyway, let’s take a look. That is a lot of stuff in one box of Marvel Legends. The whole team is here. Rocket in uniform. Groot is looking very angry. Star-Lord is looking great in his uniform. Gamora is clad in soft-goods mixed with some plastic. And Drax has some metal hands and is very very bright green.

Out of the box, they look even more dynamic. That is a team I can get behind. I LOVE teams, and this one looks great.

Let’s take a closer look starting with the firecracker, Rocket Raccoon. He comes with three different weapons. He is holding one that fits him pretty well. The other two are gigantic, but you know Rocket, that is the way he likes them. He is also posing with a baby Groot. Not nearly as cute at the movie Groot, but not much actually is. I really like Rocket’s paint. His face is so bright with the black and white face.

Star-Lord comes masked with his helmet and mask in place. With all of the extras, we didn’t get an unmasked version. Too bad. His suit is just fantastic. It has a classic feel to it, with the barnstormer jacket and the brown spats over his boots.

He comes with a pair of pistols. They are really well made with good details. They do need a bit of paint apps to really bring out the details. And some holsters would have been nice, but not the worse. He also comes with the Tesseract.

Drax has a pair of metal hands, as well as his bare hands. He comes with 4 knives. The metal hands do not allow holding of weapons. When the hands are removed, the gauntlets can be removed as well, but he always wears those.

The two big knives that look like big ole Bowie knives with guards for his hands. They are well made and look just right in the big guy’s hands.

The two smaller knives are the same as the pair that came with movie Drax, and they also holster in his boots.

Gamora is so lovely. Her paint is top notch. He comes fully dressed with a head that has a hood up. Her mouth is slightly open. She has the rest of the cape, made of plastic, going down the back.

There is a soft-goods poncho that goes on under the cape. There is one arm hole and a head hole in the poncho.

The extra clothing covers up so much great paint apps on the rest of her body. She is certainly not modest, wearing next to nothing. No wonder she has to wear a poncho and a cape. I hear space can be a cold place. She has a second head that does not have the hood. The hair is a bit more free. She also has a really big broadsword that is two-toned gold and silver.

You can make a lot of clothing choices with her. Her cape can be worn without the poncho, which is actually closer to the art from the cover of the box.

Finally there is Groot. This is not your ordinary movie Groot. This guy is angry. From the neck down, it actually IS the movie Groot, but with a darker paint job. The head is all new, with a look much closer to the comic books, with a much more root appearance.

This is a great team. They look so good together. They have the height, both high and low. They have a whole lot of different fighting attributes to bring to the table. I love teams!!!

And for good measure, the comic team is joined by the movie team. Comparing the two teams based on appearance: movie Groot wins, Comic Gamora. Comic Drax, Comic Rocket, and a tie on Star-Lord. I absolutely love the movie, and I cannot wait to see Volume 2, but for the Marvel Legends, the comic team wins on appearance.


As always, these pictures and thousands more can be viewed on my Flickr account.  Click here or on the link in the bar to the right. —>


Teslor and Brainstorm – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return Deluxe Class Walgreens Exclusive

Brainstorm gets special marks for being the first-ever Transformers Exclusive figure for Walgreens. Walgreens and Hasbro have been making exclusives for a while now with Marvel Legends and Star Wars. Now they delve into the world of the endless battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Thankfully what we get is a figure we want, and not just a repaint of something we will be able to get somewhere else. He is a retool of Blurr, and shares a lot of the same parts, but he is his own guy. Basically if you combine Blurr (Titans Return) with Brainstorm (Thrilling 30), you will get the new Brainstorm Titans Return Figure.

Brainstrom’s colors have flexed a bit over the years, but mostly in G1 he was a baby blue color like the Thrilling 30 version that came out in 2014. This time around they went with a more teal color that matches his IDW comic color scheme.

When you put him side-by-side with Blurr, you can see just how much of their bodies are the same. Pretty much the only differences between the two are the shoulders, the heads, and the shield. That is pretty impressive, since they look fairly different. Shoulders say a lot about a Transformer apparently.

In 2014, Arcana, on the right became the first modern Headmaster. He had a ball joint head, so Brainstorm could actually move his head. He very much looked like the testbed for the Titan Masters to come in the Titans Return series. You can see Arcana is a lot taller than Teslor. That is of course due to the face that he is a Headmaster for a Voyager Class figure, as opposed to the Titan Masters that are made for Deluxe Class figures. Since Arcana is bigger, he cannot be used on the Titan Master figures, nor can the Titan Masters be used on the 2014 Brainstorm. I don’t think anyone would really want to anyway, since he would have a tiny pinhead. We are once again bitten by the copyright bug, since Arcana had to be renamed Teslor this time around.

When you are ready, go ahead and transform him into vehicle mode. It is not that hard to do, especially if you have Blurr. It will feel strangely similar. Well, not that strange, since we know the bodies are virtually the same.

Side by side, we can start to see the similarities and differences. Where Blurr has the long, flat nose , Brainstorm has a more tapered nose with guns added.

Brainstorm is supposed to be a space ship, but while he does have the overall design of his earlier G1 version in the wings and the nose, he still feels like a cruiser in many ways. He has wheels for rolling, and they don’t feel like landing gear. He also has an open top. While these guys are robots, thus not needing air, it does not go with general thinking of a space ship with an open canopy. Even Wheelie, built as a car, has a better canopy ( https://flic.kr/p/Kb7YTz ).

Overall, I think the robot was well executed. The body has great articulation, and has a great design nodding to the original G1 Brainstorm. He is built on nearly the same body as Blurr, but they are different enough not not just be a repaint.

The vehicle is also a nice homage to the G1 ship, with good design and matching touches like the wings. Since it was built on the Blurr body, it still has that ground vehicle feel, so some points off for that, but overall well done.

He is a nice addition to the second wave of the Deluxe series, with a nicely growing Autobot crew.

Punisher – Marvel Legends – Walgreens Exclusive

Another good choice by Walgreens to get as an exclusive. I don’t know if there is someone at Hasbro/Marvel leaning in and telling Walgreens that this is going to be a must-have for fans, but this is the second exclusive figure to come out of the Netflix/Marvel shows.

Frank Castle here looks great. He comes with so many great weapons, and outfit is spot-on.

Frank mostly runs around shooting people and blowing stuff up, so you would imagine that he would get a few weapons. And he does. He gets a really big machine gun that is reminiscent of the Vietnam era, which fits right into Frank’s past. He also comes with a rocket launcher that pegs into the hole in his back. Finally he rounds out the weapons with a white shotgun with a canister loading system. For me, the shotgun is the weak weapon, as it is white. Who runs around with a white shotgun? I could not find anything about it on the Internet that shows the Punisher carrying such a weapon.
In addition the physical weapons he carries, he also has a shoulder holster filled with bullets and grenades. Everything a vengeful vigilante needs in a day’s work.

Frank comes with two heads. The bandana wrapped head with a grimacing expression, and a hair falling in his face with a five o’clock shadow stoic expression. Both work great with the figure. Of course if you are into photographing your toys, you will be happy to have both heads, as you get different vibes from each head.

The body is pretty standard. The paint apps are well done. The skull on his torso looks great against the black suit. The only drawback I could find in the whole figure are in the hands. Frank does not have a trigger finger, on either hand. That is a bit of a problem for me. He is going to be holding a gun in every scene. He should have trigger fingers on both hands. A bit of a mistake on Hasbro’s part.

Aside from the finger mistake, this is a good figure. Walgreens has another win on it’s hand. I have dozens of Walgreens near me, but I have such a hard time finding any of the exclusive figures. Luckily this figure overlapped with Namor, so I picked up both online for their normal $21.99, and got free shipping. So I didn’t have to kill the Earth with hours of driving around, and I have two new figures for my collection. Come back next time for a look at Namor to round out the Walgreens exclusives…for now.

I hate Toys R Us!!!

So I saw online this morning that Toys R Us is running a sale on the Mighty Morphin’ Legacy Falconzord.   $59.99 instead of the usual $79.99.   I went to the website, and there it was in all of it’s white and gold glory.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.22.20 AM.png

I clicked on the “Add to Cart” button, and it gave me a popup for a Free Store Pickup Today.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.19.16 AM.pngThe problem is that there is no store within 50 miles that carries the Falconzord.  So, I cannot order it online from the website because all of the stores in my area cannot figure out that they need to actually have a stock of a Toys R Us Exclusive toy?!?   Come on!   I have not even seen one of them in the store, and I have frequented many of these stores recently.

I have been burned too many times when items are labeled with this sign.  When I see posts of upcoming toys and I hear they are Toys R Us exclusive I have to shout, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuudge!”   But I did say ‘fudge’.  Anyone get my A Christmas Story reference?   If not shame on you and add that to your watch list for 9 months from now.


I don’t get it.  I am a grown adult with money to spend on specific items.   Toys R Us has the market cornered on one of those items, Power Rangers, and they cannot seem to get it right.   It is too bad there isn’t a store out there that is dedicated to selling toys… oh wait, that is exactly what Toys R Us is supposed to be doing.    They are a toy store… I think.  It is is in their name.

Bandai is creating some of the best figures it ever has, and they are working with the devil.  Toys R Us seems to have such a hit and miss record for ordering.   In my area alone, I have 4 TRUs within what I would call ‘driving distance.’   There were 5, but they closed one down so they could sell the land to put up apartments.  We live in one of the most expensive housing areas in the country, and yet they cannot stock the items people really want.  Nor do they stock items that they have the cornered market for.  It says exclusive right on the box.   That means no one else can carry it.   People will HAVE to come to TRU to get it.   Maybe that just doesn’t make sense to them.

Now that the steam is really rolling out of my ears, I will end this rant.  On to better things as I figure out what I am going to do about getting my hands on this beautiful bird.    I did get the Legacy Megazord on Amazon for a great price, so I can start back filling some of the old Zords I do no have in my collection.


Zootopia – World of Zootopia 14-Pack Target Exclusive

Zootopia is the upcoming movie by Disney. I found the last animated feature, The Good Dinosaur, to be lackluster at best. This time around, Disney has gone with some big hitters in the director and writing chairs. Written and directed by Bryon Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush. These guys bring Tangled, Bolt, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Big Hero 6 to the table. We are talking about some of the best animated movies in the past few years. Combined, we can’t lose with this team.

Zootopia is a story about a new police officer (Judy Hopps) who takes on a case that is bigger than she can handle. She is joined by Nick Wilde, who is a con-artist with a heart of gold. Let’s not forget that Nick is voiced by none other than Jason Bateman, with Gennifer Goodwin voicing Judy. There is going to be some majorly good dialogue in this movie.

This is the 14-Pack, World of Zootopia set, that is available only at Target. The standard 2-packs run $8.99, and this one is $39.99. Any way you slice it, you come out ahead when you get this bigger set. Instead of $9 a pack, it is more like $5.71 a pack. There are some color variation in this set you can’t get in the two packs as well.

This line is done by Tomy, which also created the Good Dinosaur line. It is very similar in style, where the larger figures have pretty good articulation, while the smaller animals lack any, and for good reason. Some of them are very small. Take a look at all you get in this set of 14.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps

Nick and Judy are our hero and heroine of this film. Judy comes with 7 points of articulation. Neck, shoulder ball and joint, and hip. This allows for some really good movement overall. Nick has one extra point in his tail. It is a ball joint, which is good, since his tail makes him back heavy. The tail can be rotated to allow him extra support.

Both of these figures are in alternate colors. Nick is in a pink shirt with tan pants, as opposed to a green shirt and grey pants. Judy is in a grey/black SWAT outfit. This is different from her blue variant.

Assistant Mayor Bellwether and Mayor Lionheart

She does however come with an awesome pair of glasses that look quite thick. She is assistant to Mayor Lionheart. A funny play to have a sheep be an assistant to a lion. Mayor Lionheart comes with the standard 8 points of articulation. He also has a tail that turns.

They are both in the same clothes they come with in the 2-packs.

Officers McHorn and Clawhauser

It looks like the majority of the police officers are going to be big and tough. About what you would expect to play off of the small wiry look of Judy Hopps.

McHorn and Clawhauser are in tan uniforms instead of blue. They both sport 7 and 8 points of articulation. Clawhauser has an extra for his tail.

Mr. Big and Kevin

Mr. Big is the very small bad guy in this movie. It looks like he may be using a bunch of polar bears as his henchmen.

Mr. Big is too small for articulation, but Kevin has 7 points. They are both in their 2-pack colors.

The Little Guys:

There are a bunch of smaller guys that come in the set. They are Finnick, Bat Eyewitness, Lawbreaking Mouse, Weaselton, Lemming Businessman, and Safety Squirrel.

Only Finnick has head movement. The rest are static. Safety Squirrel looks to be the only figure with different paint, a black band around his hat.

We have a bit to go until the movie comes out March 4th, two days before my birthday.  Happy birthday to me.  I know what I am doing for my birthday.   That gives us some time to see all of the toys in the store before then.  The size they chose for the figures allows for some great secondary accessories.   There are going to be quite a few cars coming out in this line.  This is the kind of stuff I think they should have done with Big Hero 6.  We had similar sized figures, but only figures.  I would love to have bought at least their car if not a few other accessories too.  With Zootopia, that will not be a problem.  We will see at least two more Judys with her in her light blue outfit and a police car, as well as her meter maid outfit with her electric car.   The vehicles look like they are going to be fantastic!

Transformers Prime: Dark Energon, Full Review

Six figures with special, unique color schemes. All full of Dark Energon.  An exclusive from Big Bad Toy Store, this one does not fail to impress.  The colors are very different, not just some little redeco.  Fully refined, and worth it for any Transformers fan.

Voyager 001 Megatron:

Lots of black and purple, and black/purple all mixed together.  It would not be a Megatron figure without a bit of purple.

The original Megatron had a bit of semi-transparent parts, once being brought back to life using Dark Energon.  The DE version of Megatron adds a new purple color in the forearms as well as the chest.  The rest of his forearms and shoulders are a different color of transparent purple.  The addition of black parts really gives Megs a much more menacing look.

In vehicle mode, his ship remains quite menacing with all of that black.  Still not one of my favorite vehicle modes, but this color variation is quite fetching.

Let us not forget the DE version of the Decepticon symbol.

Voyager 002 Optimus Prime:

Ah, Optimus.   Leader of the Autobots, and cornering the market on lots of clear parts. The entire truck cab is clear, giving him lots of clear parts all over his arms, shoulders and back.

Also a more menacing look with more black in the body.  He has some great details of color like his abs that really help him stand out.  All of the clear blue parts in the original version are now clear florescent orange.  Look close, and you will see the only new part of any of the six figures.  The head sculpt is all new, featuring more of an Orion Pax look.  At least and open mask face.

All of the clear red parts really come into play in the vehicle mode, which really happens with all of the vehicles other than Megatron who has much more black than anything.   You can see the alternate Autobot emblem on the hood, an orange shield around the symbol.

Deluxe Class 001 Bumblebee:

Unfortunately they used the second version of Bumblebee for this model. I was pretty sure that would be the case, but I was hoping.  The vehicle mode is okay.  The clear yellow is really good and shows off all of the unique special connector points.   The plastic has glitter inside that gives Bee a glimmering look.

Less black and more dark blue in robot mode.  It is interesting to see quite a change from the look of the yellow vehicle to the much darker robot mode.  I like the color in the head, the blue and silver work well together.  The eyes are creepily dark.

Deluxe Class 002 Wheeljack:

Wheeljack has taken quite a deviation from his original color.  From white to clear blue.  This color works well for him.

Still one of the best transformations from vehicle to robot.  Lots of movement in the legs to allow the changes.

The Dark Energon version of Wheeljack looks more like a “brother” than an alternate color version.  Most of the other figures keep at least a part of the original colors.

Deluxe Class 003 Starscream:

And then there is Starscream.  Lots of bright pink on this one.  Not many clear parts either.  Mostly just the wings, and a little bit around the fuselage.

Somehow in robot mode, the pink looks better.  Maybe it is because a plane should not have pink on it, but Starscream looks pumped up on Dark Energon with it.

I think I am going with the original version of Starscream on this one.  The alternate version is lacking some of the color variations that the original version has.

Deluxe Class 004 Knock Out:

Now THIS is how a figure should be changed by Dark Energon.   The bright green and pink really work well to make Knock Out look like he is glowing.  The Xed Decepticon emblem on the hood and a swept emblem down the side.

What else can be said about Knock Out. That guy looks like he took an extra dose of Dark Energon.   He is all kinds of jacked-up, and it suits him

All six figures




These guys look tough, and they look different from any other Prime figures to date.  This is a great set of Exclusive figures from Big Bad Toy Store.  Have some extra cash around, you might want to pop over there and buy them up before someone else does.

There are lots more pictures on my Flickr page.  Just click on any photo to be taken there.

Transformers Prime: Dark Energon

Big Bad Toy Store has an exclusive on a line of Transformers titles: Dark Energon.  Anyone who has been watching Prime knows that Dark Energon is some nasty stuff.   So, when six characters are treated with it, they get quite a great look.

I am not one to go and pre-order figures.  I never do it for anything I collect, but the only way to get these six was to order them from the source, so I pulled the trigger and hoped my Christmas money would come through for me.  It did.

There are six figures, including two Voyager figures (Optimus Prime and Megatron), and four Deluxe figures (Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Starscream, and Knock Out).  Each has a unique look and lots of clear parts.  I cannot wait to get the figures open and see them out of their boxes.  When I see them, I will share them with you.  I could not help but to share a quick post with some teaser pics.

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