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Alpine Strike Autobot Drift – Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Autobot Drift. How many Drifts can we possibly have in the Robots in Disguise series? Well, three in the Warrior class, one in the Legion Class, and one Mini-Con Deployer. That is so far. Might we see more? Who knows.

We started off with the orange version. That was standard for the show. Then we got Blizzard Strike. Paint him two-tone blue. Gotcha. I can get behind clear wheels. Now we have Alpine Strike. Basically repainted to be in his IDW comics red and white version. But why “Alpine Strike”? Maybe because he is white.

Anyway, this is the same figure we have seen twice before. He is one of the best of the Robots in Disguise series of figures. He has two swords, and features a really good transformation.

The paint is well done and does pay homage to the IDW origin of Drift. Each iteration of the figure has paint apps highlighting different aspects of the character. There is a lot of good molded features for them to touch upon.


Blizzard Strike Drift – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class

I am not a big fan of doing a redeco on an already established character. I can see slapping a new head on there and calling it a new character, but a simple repaint is not great. This time however, was well accomplished. Blizzard Strike Drift is pretty sharp in his two-toned blue paint scheme.

In robot mode he is a good mix of the blues with some silver added in for good measure. He comes with his two swords that can be held on his waist (still one of my favorite features of all of the RiD figures).  He was already a good figure in the original orange release, so there wasn’t anything that I had heard about that would give people troubles in subsequent releases.

Once we get into vehicle mode, things get better. There are a lot of times where these vehicles has molded color plastic, and some paint, and they try to match the body panels, and it is terrible. That did not happen with Drift. The colors are fantastic. One of the best features is the clear wheels he is sporting. I don’t like the general deviation from standard black tires, but in this case, it really works on this car.

The red of his horns in robot mode transfer to the hood ornament and headlights to give a little extra touch there at the front. The body panels of the overall design were fantastic the first time around. He looks like he could easily be a car on the street right now.

He came out in the wave with Quillfire and Thunderhoof. He will not have any trouble keeping ahead of those two. They are not going anywhere fast with vehicle modes like that.

I am really happy overall with this figure. I grabbed him because he was on the peg, and I figured I would give it a shot. And boy did he pay off. What a nice vehicle.

Autobot Drift – Voyager Class (Age of Extinction)

A Voyager class of a Transformer car?   Ummmmmm, nope.  This time around, we go way off the tracks and create an all new Autobot Drift.   We cross the color scheme and the head of the Age of Extinction Drift, and then mount it to Skyhammer’s body.  “A helicopter?” you ask.  Yup, a helicopter.

At least he got some big swords to still look like a samurai.   I think he is actually a really cool version.  In fact, it would have been really cool to see him in the movie.   Maybe there wouldn’t have been so much death on the Autobot’s side.

The Voyager Class version is a lot larger than the Deluxe version we got the first time around.  Their colors match perfectly.  The new Drift is on the body of Skyhammer, who I thought was really well done the first time around back in 2011.   That version was for Dark of the Moon, in which the character also didn’t appear.  Funny that this body would make two toy releases for figures that weren’t in the movies.  Ah, well.  They could do their own thing, and it is still a great figure.

These two make good bookends to one another.   They look different enough, but they still have a lot of similarities.   I really like them together.  They are almost like twins as opposed to two versions of the same figure.

Turn them both into vehicle mode, and you have every rich man’s dream of a matching car and helicopter.   They fit so well together.

I really do like this redo of Drift.   I think it would have been better if they had done the same as they did back with Skyhammer and just make up a new figure.   They don’t really have a lot of figures to go with for this movie, so making an expanded universe would have been a little better.  We are also getting a new Dinobot, and he is coming up soon.

Generations of Transformers

With a new video game that is supposed to be one of the best games ever, and gearing up for the next movie, Transformers are starting to amass on the toy shelves.

Today we are going to have a look at two of the new Generations characters.

Transformers: War on Cybertron – Bumblebee

Bumblebee is one of my favorite characters.  Maybe it is because he was the underdog, the little guy of the team that could do so much with so little.   In any case, he is back in the new War on Cybertron game coming out soon.

For his vehicle we get something that resembles a Cybertronian Beetle which is a nice omage to his Generation 1 roots and would explain why he chose the vehicle mode he did when he got to Earth.  Not so similar to the Camaro, but at least he has the yellow and black combination.  😉

His robot mode is pretty solid.  He has a look that more closely resembles the Generation 1 stylings of big arms and legs, and less of the organic feel that we saw in the movies.

A nice color combo with some great touches of red that are probably light-up features in the game.   He is a little difficult to get transformed into the vehicle mode.  There is a lot to get stuffed under the body of the car, and it all has to be just right to get him all buttoned up under there.

Generations: Drift

Drift is one fast looking dude.  He has a sense of being a loner, even in his vehicle mode.  He is a fairly long vehicle, with some nice touches of being a street race car.   Graphics, a tall fin, and big exhaust out the back, make for a fast ride.

The real magic comes in his robot mode though.

Drift comes with three weapons.  On his back he holds a long sword.  It has a long handle that be held with both hands if so desired.   It is etched with Japanese markings.  When in vehicle mode, the sword is held in the same place as on his back, but it is under the car now.

Two short swords that are hidden in his doors that act like sheathes.   They hang down at his side and make for easy access to the smaller weapons.  This is fairly unique for a Transformer to have, not only blades that he holds, but also to have three weapons.

Transformation for Drift is easy and straight forward.  A lot less twisting and folding down of appendages that in some of the movie styled characters.  He closes down nicely and has a good display quality in either mode

Both of these figures are really nice, and would look good in any collector’s collection.  If you are a fan of the new game, get Bumblebee.  He is a very well designed character, and from what I have read in ToyFare magazine, he is very close to his video game counterpart in how he transforms, and how he looks.

Up next:  A look at one of the two-packs from the Hunt for the Decepticons line.   We are getting some re-issues, and the paint schemes are getting out there.  I think I found a good set though.

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