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Iron Fist and Dormammu – Dormammu Wave – Marvel Legends

Tonight we are finishing up the Dormammu Wave of figures from the Doctor Strange Series. We have one last figure and then the Build-a-Figure of Dormammu,

First up, let’s take a look at Iron Fist. It hasn’t been that long since we received the white outfit version (First wave of 2015). You can see him in my review back then: http://wp.me/pRvoW-uh

This version is similar, using the same body, if not one that is very similar. It is the thin Spider-Man body with really good dynamic articulation. If you can’t make the pose with this body, the body wasn’t meant to bend that way. The white version had more of a realistic head, while this green version has more of a comic head.

The white version came with a huge assortment of hands that pop on and off at the wrist. This version has a unique variation. The wrist and forearm are together in one part. Iron Fist comes with energy fists attached. They have a really cool look of being clear yellow, but you can see something inside, like his skin is glowing but not the bones underneath. In this version, there is no wrist movement, which is what you would want in a punch anyway.

The other set of hands are wrapped, from the attachment point on the forearm to the fingers. This is more of a classic look for him.

He also comes with flames for his fists, which the white version did not receive. That gives a lot of different pose potential.

Building Dormammu. He has a lot of parts that come with the different figures. There are the standard parts, 2 arms, 2 legs, torso, waist, and head. He also comes with football player type shoulder pads, as well as a set of flaming skulls.

The building of Dormammu is pretty straight forward. I did have some trouble getting the legs attached. I found that if I removed his skirt, I could get the legs onto the pegs, and then put the skirt back on. The rest went together really well.

The paint is beautiful. The purple is bright and dark at the same time. It has a shimmer to it, even though it is a matte color. The red parts are gloss, while the black parts are mixed gloss and flat. His muscle tone is so well done. Being a figure that is a head and a half taller than the other figures, he has to be done well, since you can see all of his musculature so much better. From the front to the back, everything is so well detailed.

Now for the flaming skulls. They were so hard to photograph, since they are bright green and blue. On the box the art shows Dormammu holding the two skulls. If you were to look at the bottom of them, they have a rounded post hole that looks like it could fit…

That’s right, on the neck post of a figure. It works pretty well. They are a little high on the neck, but it gives the desired effect, and would definitely leave the Marvel Universe worrying if Dormammu was able to control other characters.

This is a pretty good wave overall.  There are a few I would have skipped if I didn’t want to build Dormammu, but I did get them for a good price on Amazon, so I am not terribly distraught about getting those figures.   There is a lot of magic going on in this wave, and now we can have some good magic wars.

Brother Voodoo and Baron Mordo – Marvel Legends Dormammu Wave

Continuing the Dormammu Wave of figures for the Doctor Strange Movie, we have two guys that sound like they should be bad guys. Brother Voodoo and Baron Mordo. Usually the portrayal of Voodoo and Barons in movies and comics are for bad guys. In both of these cases, they are allies of Doctor Strange’s, for at least a little while.

Brother Voodoo:

First up, Brother Voodoo. Even his look does not say “good guy.” He comes with a pretty well done dynamic outfit. The look of the skin tight suit is taken from 2009 when Brother Voodoo became Doctor Voodoo and took over as the Sorcerer Supreme. His outfit really fits what Billy Tan had drawn back then. From the hand painted white markings on his chest and thighs, to the red cape. They even gave him a great sash that makes it look like it is blowing in the wind. The head sculpt is well executed with the mix of black and white dreadlocks.

His staff leaves a lot to be desired. It is a new item, but it does not seem to fit in to me. I am thinking I may go back later and make him one that is more fitting.

Baron Mordo:

Baron Mordo is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, whom I have a yearly date with, as my wife and I have watched Love Actually every Christmas, since the movie came out. 12th annual viewing just a few weeks back. Though there were never any Love Actually figures (that I know about), we do get Chiwetel Ejiofor in toy form with Baron Mordo.

The likeness is pretty good. These are not 1/6th scale Hot Toys figures, so the likenesses are not going to be spot on to the actors, but this one comes pretty close.

He is wearing his tunic from the movie, and as with Doctor Strange, Hasbro did a really good job of executing the layers of clothes, and including realistic wrinkles and folds.

This is a great take on the character, as opposed to the comic character that seems a bit more cartoony, much the way that Steve Ditko drew back in the day. He was over the top evil, even teaming up with Dormammu. The movie version of the character seems to be much more layered, with some good reasoning for how he acts at the end of the movie.

Baron Mordo comes with Dormammu’s leg, but he also comes with some flaming skulls.  Those are pretty awesome, just wait for my Dormammu review.  They could be the best accessories ever!

Marvel Legends – Dormammu Series – Enchantress and Nico Minoru

Today we are going to look at the ladies of the Dormammu Series. First up is Enchantress.

She is a fairly basic figure. Not a hard one for Hasbro to choose. Take the basic thin female body, give her a new head sculpt and a skirt, and you are done. The colors are really nice. With a good variation of green, she really shines.

Her head sculpt is almost there. I think they made her lips a little too wide, and it gives her a rather large mouth. I like the tiara they gave her, and her hair is really well done. Nothing worse than making a rather good figure, and then giving them a blob of hair, like they did with the last Jean Grey.

Since she is magical, Hasbro gave Enchantress some power effects. This time in bright neon green. We are going to have all of the colors of the rainbow here in a little bit.

To me, Nico Minoru is a much better figure than Enchantress. There is a lot more going on with her. She has a more unique look, she is built on a smaller body, and she has some interesting accessories.

Nico’s face sculpt is really well done. She is pretty, and has a little bit of a rounded face, that is pretty standard for how she looks in the comics. She has had a lot of different hair styles, most of which entail having an explosion of hair out the back of her head. I really like the style Hasbro went with, using a wild bun on top of her head, and a few stands falling to the sides of her face.

Nico comes with The Staff of One. This is really well executed. It could have easily ended up as a hunk of plastic, but what they did was really nice. They created the staff with gold plastic, and then created the purple power that surrounds it with a completely different piece. Together they are fairly heavy, and tend to pull Nico off to that side.

Nico also comes with a really special accessory. She comes with a second arm, known as her Witch Arm. In a battle, Nico lost her arm, and her life. The Staff of One brought her back to life and gave her a new arm. This new arm has a gauntlet made from part of the Staff of One. The new arm is a totally different cast than her first arm, including the gauntlet and a texture on her transparent purple hand and arm.

These two are welcome additions to my Marvel collection. It is always a welcome sight to see more females added to the ranks. Hasbro has been going in the right direction, giving us more dynamic female characters. We are seeing a lot of different body types, which is really nice. They are not all going to look like the typical super hero lady, and they shouldn’t.

Marvel Legends – Dormammu Wave – Dr. Strange (Movie, Astral, and Comic Versions)

Well, it is no surprise that we would end up with a few different Dr. Stranges in the Dormammu Wave of Marvel Legends based around the Dr. Strange movie. Today we are going to take a look at the three Doctors that came in the wave. Let’s start with the movie version.

The outfit is fantastic. This has some of the best detailing that we have seen in the Marvel Legends movie figures. There are a lot of layers to this outfit that we see Stephen run around in, so they had a lot of work to do. The colors are really well done, with lots and lots of variation. He comes with his cape. I would really have liked to see it come in soft goods, but we don’t see that much in this scale, so I was not really surprised.

The good doctor comes with his shield that he can make with the magic. It is a really good looking piece. It was a bit bent coming out of the box, but with thin items like this, that is generally the case. The colors are well done to give a bit of a look like something that is glowing. There is a handle on the back for the doctor to hold onto. I think it would have been a better touch if it looked a bit more like it was coming out of his and as energy, and not a physical shield. But in the movie, it was out in front of him, and that would have been rather hard to pull off.

Dr. Strange comes with a second set of hands with mimic when he is using his magic. That was one of the best things they could have done for us. The hands are very important for the movie, and we needed them.

In the movie, Dr. Strange is sent out of his body, and and into the Astral Plane.

To accomplish this in the figure, they used the same body as the movie figure, but colored him with pearl white. There are actually some color variations in the white.

This is not probably going to fall onto anyone’s top 10 list of best figures, but it is still really well done. He comes with the necklace, and that is the only accessory he comes with. He has the magic hands, and no cape.

This is one figure that will probably make it into people’s collections just since they need the part to complete Dormammu. I would have skipped him too, but I also wanted to complete Dormammu. I am glad I was able to get him for a pretty good price on Amazon.

Finally we have the comic Dr. Strange. This is a reuse of the body of Dr. Strange we got back in the Hulkbuster wave. They gave this Doctor new forearms, a new red paint design on his chest, and a cape.

They had to give him the cape this time around, since it was a big part of the movie.

He also comes with the energy effects we have seen a lot of recenly. This time the energy effects are in orange to match the movie version’s colors.

This is a pretty good start to the wave. Not the most creative, with one figure used twice, and a reissue of a figure we had not that long ago. It could have been better. I don’t see why they didn’t include some of the other key characters from the movie. There were plenty to choose from.

Well, next time we will look at a few more of the figures. More movie and comic figures to come. Plus one thrown in for good measure who does not really tie into Dr. Strange.

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