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Power Rangers Dino Chargers Display

I was having some trouble finding a good way to display my Dino Chargers.  A bunch of batteries don’t really make the best display pieces in a shelf, so I needed to find a way to display them on the wall.  First off, how to mount the chargers to something:

dino chagerAfter trying about everything under the sun, I found the easiest thing possible.  1/2 inch pipe holders for the plumbing under a house.  They come with a nail already installed and they do not have to be modified at all.  The hard part was making sure they were nailed down in nice straight rows, spaced apart well.   I know with this many pieces, it could really stand out, if one was out of place.

The next part was to add some firepower.   The Chargers themselves would look okay, but so much better if their weapons were there too.  In came the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher and Saber:

The hard part was putting these two down and actually get on with my building project.  The sounds are so much fun!

Finally the build is complete:

The board I cut is an elongated version of the Dino Charge emblem background.  Round on the top, with the angular bottom.  I made sure to add plenty of holders for the chargers, including 28.  I am sure that is not enough, but good enough for a start.  We will see what happens as these things really start to roll out.  The Morpher/Saber combination sits on a set of brackets I built from scrap metal.  I had actually mounted the whole thing on the wall, and then went back and remade the brackets a second time once I saw how the gun sat on the wall.

I am happy to have a place to store the Chargers out of the way.  I can take them off easily if I want to play with the gun, or load them into the Zords.


Power Rangers Dino Charge – Dino Charge Megazord

A few months back, I went onto Netflix to find something to watch.  I clicked on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and I was instantly hooked on the show.  From the guys dressed in suits to the terrible lines, I couldn’t stop watching.  Come three weeks ago, the new series Power Rangers Dino Charge was set to begin.  In pre-emptive enjoyment, I grabbed a few of the figures which I reviewed here.

Since then, I have grabbed the rest of the team, and began my hunt to track down the Red Rangers released at the end of the Super Megaforce run.  That is a completely different problem I will address on a different post.  Today we are going to look at the main guy, the Megazord.

I was not sure what to expect when he first came out.  I had only ever collected a few Power Rangers, and only figures.  So, to get a Zord was a whole new ball game.  Last week he was on sale at Toys R Us, so I figured it was a perfect time to get him.  When I picked up the box, I knew I was making the right decision.  It was very heavy.

He is made up of three Zords.  The T-Rex Zord (red), the Tricera Zord (pink), and the Stego Zord (Blue).  He doesn’t have a good articulation as I was hoping for, but there are always limitations with large figures like this that have to do a lot of things.   They have to come apart to form other parts.  They need to be able to eat their Dino Charger.  And of course they have to transform into a dinosaur.

Watching him form into Megazord for the first time in yesterday’s episode (3), it is clear that his transformation is very similar onscreen as it is in toy form.  His head rotates into place and then his helmet is dropped on top just like this.

The Zords are powered by a Dino Charger.  A battery the Rangers keep in their belts and then throw into the air and powers the Zord.  Megazord came with a T-Rex Charger (#1).  It is a special version with a clear case, instead of a flat silver color that comes in the Dino Charger Power Packs.  Speaking of Power Packs, a Power Pack has two Dino Chargers and a hard rubber Zord. There is a button on the top of the charger that turns the picture inside.

I grabbed this pack to get the #5 Triceratops Charger, which is used by the Pink Ranger and powers the Tricera Zord. It also came with what is being listed as an auxiliary charger #16 Dino Stretch Charger which is supposed to stretch one’s neck to extreme lengths. We will see how this one plays out in the show.

When the Zords are apart, they become their standard dino mode.  They can fight in this mode too, as we saw when they were called at the end of episode 3.  They do not have very much articulation, with just movement in the legs.  Rexy has a little more with a his head being able to swivel, and his little front arms can move up and down.

When the Dino Chargers are inserted into the mouth of the dinosaur, their bodies change a bit.  The Tricera Zord’s tail extends and she uses a drill action to attack.  In her premiere episode (3), she blasted through two Giant Vivix, which look like Godzilla.  The Stego Zord has an extra spike that comes out in his back.   The T-Rex Zord’s feathers/spikes on top of the head spread out when the mouth is closed.   He can close his mouth over his charger.  The other two are left with wide open mouths.

Over all I am happy with this set.  I don’t know if I would have been happy at the original $34.99, but at $24.99 with an additional $5 off at Toys R Us, it made for a much better deal.  I just have to remind myself that these are not Transformers.   They serve a different purpose, and are fun in a different way.

Up next I will be looking at the Dino Cycles.  This week they are on sale at Target for $10.99, $4 off.  They come with “an exclusive Ranger.”  Check back to see what that is all about.  And how do they look when they are combined with Megazord.  You don’t want to miss that one.

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