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The rest of the Halo MiniMates Series 1

I got down to Toys R Us today to search out the remaining Halo MiniMates from Series 1.   Thankfully they were all there at the first TRU so I did not have to go on a hunt for them all over the earth.


The Toys R Us Exclusive version is nice and clean.  It looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.  Way to clean for what we would expect from a vehicle in the Halo world, but this is still a great vehicle.  Well made and sturdy.

UNSC Marine 1 and Spartan ODST (Active Camo):

The Marine has some really nice color variations that give him a unique look.  He has a full face under his helmet as we have come to expect from the non-full helmet Halo figures.

The ODST has great details.  Of course they are hard to pick up on the camera since he is in his camo, duh!  I am really happy with how clear he actually came out.  He has a really great gun that is unique from all of the other figures.  I hope we get to see it again in a colored version later.

Sgt. Johnson and Spartan CQB (Blue):

Sgt. Johnson is a tough looking guy, and to lead a bunch of Spartans, I would think he would have to be tough.   The CQB is a great version of the Spartan Armor.  The blue and black really make for a nice combo.

Jorge and Noble 6:

The offering from Halo: Reach brings Jorge and Noble 6.  Noble 6 is fairly standard with a slightly different gun from the standard Halo gun.  Dark grey and black… can’t go wrong for an armor color.

Jorge is very detailed and very colorful.  He comes with his heavy gun, but with some tweaking of the arms, he is actually able to hold it… just don’t touch him after you put the gun in his hands.

Jorge is unique in that he has a face under his full helmet.  Now I have said it before that I don’t know much about the game past what I have learned from the toys, but I have to assume we see his face in the game, thus making it okay to put his face under the helmet.

Master Chief and Arbiter:

Well, if they have to have a double from the standard part of the wave and the TRU exclusive, I guess having the Master Chief be the repeat, that is okay.  He is a standard Spartan, so it does not matter if there are a few of him running around.

The Arbiter looks great, and comes with two of the hand blade weapons.  His helmet comes off to reveal an ugly little face I doubt even a mother could love.

Here is all of Series 1.  2 vehicles and 14 figures.  A great collection that really has a nice look.  I really hope these do well and gets us other vehicles and hopefully the rest of the Reach soldiers.

I still don’t know what they are talking about.  They say it conveniently holds six figures.  The Warthog cannot hold six figures.  Five in each, and the other four guys have to walk.


Finally my Halo MiniMates arrived

They were supposed to be out in November, but they did not come out until mid December.   I received two packs from  my favorite online MiniMate source stuckakid.

Warthog and Driver

4 Pack

These are different from the sets that are supposed to be at Toys R Us, though I have not seen any yet.   I am afraid that the Halo fans beat me to it, but I will keep my fingers crossed that they will start to show up after New Years.

Everything I know about Halo I have learned from the toys.  I have never played Halo, and probably will never get to as I do not have a game console that has it.

4 Pack:

Group photo from left to right:  UNSC Marine 2, Master Chief, Elite Assault Armor (Cobalt), Spartan Scout (White)

Four figures, and four distinct armors.  I love the MiniMates.   There are a few parts here and there that are reused, but even though these guys are so tiny, they (at Art Asylum) go to a lot of trouble to make sure the figures are as accurate as possible.

The figures are well made.  The Master Chief and Spartan Scout have black heads under the helmets.   The Marine has a face under there.  even the Elite has a face under his helmet.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but suffice it to say it is one ugly face.  🙂


The Warthog version I received is a dirty one.  The TRU version is clean.    This is a REALLY well built vehicle.  Very sturdy, and strong feeling.    The driver is a little tricky to get down into the seat since he has giant bulky armor on his legs.  I figure that a standard MiniMate would just slide right down in there.

The turret on the back swivels 360 degrees as well as moving up and down.  It is really easy to attach a gunner back there.


The box for the Warthog says that it can “conveniently” hold 6 figures.   Tell me, do you think all of this manhood can fit inside this vehicle:

Well, here it is with all five figures inside:

That was five figures, and it looks like they had to be shoved in with a shoe horn.  I don’t know how they expected six figures to fit in there.   And as a military vehicle, there is nothing “convenient” about their seating arrangement.

Over all I am very pleased with the figures.  I am looking forward to hunting the others down at Toys R Us and seeing how the rest compare.   Hopefully this will take off so we can get some other vehicles.  I would love to see the MiniMate version of the Halo quad bike.

Quick Pics: Captain America Through the Ages (MiniMates)

Do I really need another 4 Captain America MiniMates?  Well I thought not, until I was in Toys R Us, and I saw the new 4-pack that they were offering.   Getting Steve in a block of ice, and an Armored Cap.  It was too much to resist.    Being that they are MiniMates, and the standard for really good work is high, I decided to go forth with a Quick Pic run for these figures.   All come with a head of hair, shield, and gauntlets with a post to attach the shield.  No more of the ring around the arm for the shield to attach to.

Boxed (Can't see Ice stuck in the middle of the packaging.)

Two plastic layers to fit all of the goodies into the box.

"Suspended Animation"

"World War 2" (Chin Strap Mask)

"World War 2" (Alternate Mask)



All Four Figures

All of my MiniMate Caps

Nice set of figures.  Different from everything that came before.   Not a double in the pack to anything else released.  Yay to Art Asylum and Diamond Select.

MiniMates to the MAX!!! Elite Heroes are Here!

“Gear Up!” Is what is says on the front of the box, and they are not kidding.  I have never seen so many accessories in any action figure box… ever!!!

Currently there are four sets out.  Two police teams and two fire teams.

Special Ops

Law Enforcement
Fire Fighters
Smoke Jumpers

As you can see, each set comes with two figures.   Not a hard thing  for Art Asylum and Diamond Select to do since the bodies are all the same.   They do give you different accessories, so you end up with two different figures.


Special Ops

The Special Ops team consists of two heavily armed military type men.  Think of SWAT.  Helmets, vests and knee pads for everyone.  In addition the  jaws of life, four handguns, two machine guns, and a shot gun. If you are keeping track, that is 7 guns so far.   The officer that comes in full gear gets an extra hair piece (nice extra).

Law Enforcement

Police with Riot gear, or SWAT as well.  These guys are actually Police as opposed to the Special Ops guys who might be police.   They both come with their police uniform, all the way to their hats.  Extra arms for the change of clothes (Great addition).  This set giving one officer two helmets (movable visor), a riot helmet and a gas mask.   The weapons consist of four hand guns, a shotgun (different from the Special Ops), a rifle, and a grenade launcher.  That is another 7 guns, for a total of 14 guns for four officers.  They are heavily armed.

Fire Fighters

This set comes with gear for the two fire fighters.   Breathing apparatus and mask, jaws of life, fire extinguisher, flash light?, two fire axes and a fireman’s hook.  The fully suited fireman does not come with an extra set of arms, so he is stuck being in full gear.

Smoke Jumpers

Similar clothing as the Fire Fighters, but with a tan scheme.   Different fire hats, the breathing apparatus with different color, two axes, flashlight, fireman’s hook, power saw, and a chainsaw.  I know, a MiniMate chainsaw.  How fun is that?

In addition, the Smoke Jumpers and Fire Fighters sets come with a clear torso to hold the arms on the jacket.   And the Law Enforcement set has a clear torso, waist, and legs for the riot gear.

Tough Guys of the Elite Heroes

When they say "Gear Up," they are not kidding.

Great sets so far.  I am really looking forward to seeing the vehicles we are supposed to get sometime.

Fantastic 4 – MiniMate Style… again, but really good.

We get yet another set of MiniMates of the Fnatastic 4 in the new Toys R Us Marvel MiniMates Wave 8.

Confused with all of the different waves and such?  Well, me too.   This time around with the Fantastic 4 we see the usual suspects: Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny.  We also get Namor and Dr. Doom.  Gotta have some baddies right?   Well added to that, Mole Man and an Atlantean Soldier, and we have an even number of good guys and bad.   Hmmm.   That doesn’t happen too often.  Of course MiniMates are the toy line that likes to throw convention out the window and get really wild sometimes.   🙂

Don’t be surprised if you look at this wave and start to see something similar about it.  Every figure has a bunch of re-used parts this time around.   We know that the MiniMates are based on a simple buck that allows Art Asylum to make a LOT of characters while keeping the prices down.  This wave seems to be the wave of “see how many parts we can reuse.”   I don’t think I caught them all, but I have found a plethora of fun parts that have been reused from earlier sets.  Don’t tell the Marvel folks, but some of them are from *whisper* DC MiniMates.

Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom:

No better pair to be put in a box together. 😉

The fun does not begin until you open the box to see all of the goodies.

So, the reuses this time.   Mr. F’s twisty body from the last Mr. F.   We do get the 4 in a lighter blue that looks really nice.    Dr. Doom is in a lighter weight suit from the previous versions.  He has a hand gun on his hip, and a messed up face.    The boots are from Ares, and the hood is from Besty Braddock.

Namor and Atlantean Soldier:

I think it is funny how the soldier’s face is blocked by his picture.  🙂

The reuse brothers.   Namor wings from Black Bolt, Trident from Aquaman.  Soldier’s gun from Cable, helmet and chest plate from  Ares, and hair from Lobo (minus the front dred).  He has wrist gantlets that are new to me, and they are pretty cool looking.

Human Torch and Thing:

A Bro-mance like no other.

Lots of repeats here too.   Human Torch is on the same flame as his last design.  He has much darker lines this time, but the hair piece is the same as the two previous HTs as well as on Ghost Rider.  His fist-flames are much smaller this time around, using those of The Beyonder.

Thing has the same big mitts as before.  His feet get a cartoonish make-over with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s legs and feet.   Fear not, he comes with regular sized of both hands and feet.   The head-piece is new and smaller.  It does not look like his brains are trying to get out this time.

Mole Man and Sue Storm:

The Toys R Us exclusive pack of the set.  Beauty and the Beast.  Back underground with you Mole Man!!!

Lots of accessories here this time.   Mole Man has the cape worn by both Hellfire ladies.  He has smaller feet to make him shorter, so the cape hits the ground and he falls over.  Boo on that!  He cannot stand there with the cape on.

Sue Storm comes with solid arms and legs.  Her hair is the same as Secret Invasion Phoenix, but this is some of the best styled hair they have done for their women yet.  A happy reuse.   The shield is the same as any number of shield,but in clear.   And the flying base is the Slimer base.

There are quite a few reused parts, but the overall set is really good.   The figures have great paint apps,  and this is one… fantastic team.  They are the best of the previous FF figures we have seen.

Here is my Fantastic Four collection so far.  Hmmm.  There are only two  Namors and Sue Storms.  Maybe the others ran away together.  I always knew she had a thing for Namor.

As always, click on any picture to go to my Flick page with all of the pictures and more.

You know Halloween is just around the corner…

We are starting to get some pretty interesting toys out there right now.  With Gremlins and Bio Shock, we have some of the grossest toys of the season.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the gross.  I was just commenting on how interesting the specialty aisle at Toys R Us is right now.

Now for today’s look at the Halloween season:

Art Asylum and Diamond Select have gotten their hands on the classic monsters of Universal.   Oh what fun we get to have with these little creepers.   The wave that is now showing up at Toys R Us is a combination of The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Wolf Man.

These are classics of the 50s, and really laid the framework for the “horror” genera.  There is absolutely nothing frightening about these little cuties.  🙂

Toys R Us Exclusive with characters in their original Black and White.

So, there they all are.  3 Creatures, 3 Wolf Men, and two other dudes.  Unless you are a MiniMate collector, or enjoyer of fine cinema from the silver screen, you might not want to get the whole set.  They are pretty much a repeat of one another.   As I am a collector of the coolest little guys on Earth, I needed to get them all.    I will be excited to see the Creature in the dark.

MiniMates continue to get vehicles with the DeLorean

A trip this afternoon to Toys R Us yielded yet another exclusive vehicle from the Art Asylum folks.  This time, they gave us the DeLorean.

The folks at Art Asylum are creating some pretty cute vehicles.  They are much like their character counterparts, displaying a bit of cartoonish fun.   The DeLorean is a squashed down version of the actual car.  It has the famous gull-wing doors, and has plenty of room to seat two.

The car comes with a number of decal stickers complete with everything from front headlights, to interior lights and of course the flux capacitor.  Oh yeah, cannot forget the famous license plate: OUTATIME.

Thank goodness Marty fits well.

Marty comes in his standard wear.  Thought to be a sailor because of his down vest in the first movie, he always seemed to get back to his regular clothes.   A cowboy with tennis shoes?  Haha!!!

It was not until I uploaded the pictures that I noticed Marty's rolled up sleeve had fallen down. DOH!

This is a very fun little vehicle.  It will be a welcome addition to the rest of my MiniMate BTTF collection.   I know there is an alternate version out there where the DeLorean is frosted from time travel, and I think Marty is in his yellow nuclear suit.  Won’t that be a fun one to get.  🙂

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