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Hound – Combiner Wars – Sky Reign

Another G1 character re-imagined in the Combiner Wars line. This time around Hound is a bit more robust than a Jeep. He shares the same body, and everything but the head with Swindle. It is a funny pairing since they are both coming out at the same time, each in their own Combiner series.

In robot mode, it doesn’t take a lot to pay homage to the G1 version. Green all over with a touch of grey and some black.

He comes with two weapons. The hand/foot piece for Sky Reign, and a triple barrel blaster. The blaster has an additional plus of being able to be mounted to Hound’s shoulder via pegs at the back of the gun. This is one of the few Combiners that actually has a shoulder mounted weapon like their G1 counterpart.

The face-off of who wore it better.  Really, they are exactly the same with a new head and major paint changes.

I think Hound wins on this one since his G1 version was a stand-alone figure that was of some size, while Swindle was a part of Bruticus and on the small size.

In vehicle mode, Hound looks like a green version of Swindle. Not a lot you can do here for a redeco, as opposed to the original retool from Rook that had MAJOR changes to the body.


This is in no way the best vehicle mode we have seen in the Combiner Wars line, but it is okay, and it is somewhat militaristic, like we are used to seeing from Hound.

As with most of the Combiner Wars figures, most people won’t keep their robots in vehicle mode.  That is a good thing, since this one fails at getting the hand/foot anywhere near integrated into the design of the vehicle.   It works a lot better when the giant weapon is left off entirely.

It is sad to see figures all ready to go, but no Combiner leader.  I have finally found all 4 of this set’s Deluxe figures.  Where oh where is Sky Lynx?  Oh well, I am sure he will show up sooner or later.

“Come on boys.  We have captured Swindle.  Time for a photo!”

Vortex – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

Take Alpha Bravo, who was a rescue helicopter with rockets on the side. Repaint it with a crazy paint job, and you have Vortex. They didn’t even give him a new head.

I think overall the paint is a bit much. When you have Combaticons, you don’t think wild colors that stand out. You want more of a military look. And for the most part, Bruticus looks like he is going to be colored correctly… other than this bright green and yellow arm formed by Vortex.

In robot mode, we pretty much get what we got with Alpha Bravo. He is less than inspired. Blocky and out of sorts. On the upper half, his head is the best part. He has a great face with a good design and the red connected eyes.

His torso is clearly a part of the Combier. It is so much more blatant than the other figures. Probably due to so much extra color around the rest of the chest. Of course, if you put paint on the combiner tab, then it will rub off, and nobody likes paint rub.

He has that giant backpack of greeble back there that is super ugly. Really, there isn’t much they could probably do with it, but still, it looks pretty bad on the slim frame of Vortex. We have had lots of other helicopter robots in the past decade that have turned out well, so we can’t blame it all on the alt mode being a helicopter.

His legs are another part that don’t look great. They are rather blah down there. The bottom part especially with the strange shape of the calf, tiny feet, and the bulge off to both sides. It all had to get moved out of the way for the arm.

The helicopter is a pretty good looking machine. Vortex looks better to me than Alpha Bravo because of who he is. As an attack helicopter, I expect to see Vortex with missiles hanging off his sides. Not so much with the rescue helicopter.

Vortex comes with the same two weapons as Alpha Bravo. The rifle and the dual gattling gun hand/foot. This time in grey rather than black. They don’t really go too well with the helicopter, but the big gun does make a nice stand for the rather flat helicopter to sit on.

I cannot imagine Vortex and Swindle hanging out together. I am sure they do not appreciate the skills that the other brings to the team.

They are a good pair to look at to see the wide range we get when we see the Deluxe figures in this line. Swindle is bulky with large shoulders, and lots of bumpy parts, where Vortex is rather streamlined with a very slender body.

I cannot wait to track down the rest of the team and finally get Bruticus built. This is taking a long time to find them all. It is probably due to the inundation of so many Robots in Disguise figures still holding spots on all of the pegs at both Toys R Us and Target.

Tankor – Transformers: Generations (Deluxe)

This guy seems to be quite a bit outside of what we have come to expect from the current Generations figures.  He seems way too much like a Go-Bot, and not much like a Transformer at all.  He feels like a remnant of the old Cybertron.

He does have some nice things going for him.  He has spinning saw blades in his forearms.  He also has moving claws that open to reveal more guns in his hands.  The details he has are pretty well done. It looks like he has a missile pack in his chest, and each is painted nicely in red.

I don’t think the baby blue is a very menacing color for him.  Nor are the giant shoulder pads much of a necessity.

Transforming him into tank mode, and my biggest Transformer pet peeve is revealed.  Heads showing in vehicle mode.  We don’t have it too often, but this is pretty blatantly bad.   The front end of the tank is well executed.  Treads from his feet become the front end.    The back end is a bit of a mess.   Where the treads should be is the entirely wrong side of the arm.   You can see the blank internal structure of the figure.   That is a big no-no in my mind.   It is all just a little too weird for me on this guy.

It seems like this is a last ditch effort to throw a figure into a line.  Kind of when they have run through everyone else, and they don’t know what to do next.  We know this is not the case, since they are putting out some of the best Deluxe characters ever in the Generations line right now.  And then this guy comes along… maybe if he had been earlier in the line, it would have been okay, but I expect more now.  Even the comic that comes with the guy only shows him but for a minute, and then we move on.

Next time, we are going a totally different direction.  Pretty lady anyone?

Transformers Generations: Armada Starscream

Finally, the Generations line really does create some characters in different time lines, really living up to the name of Generations.   In his color scheme from the TV show Armada, this is a very different color for Starscream.  Still a jet, but this time around looking more space going with the futuristic look and large jet engines.

HIs wings hold a good secret.  Each wing has a folded up sword.   Pretty neat, especially since we usually see Starscream with guns, not swords.  If you remember the show, he would use his wing as a sword blade.  He lost it a few times.   This is a much better design to allow the use of swords, but still allow Starscream to have his wings.

Swords out, and look at that, he doesn’t look off center with a missing wing.

His jet mode is pretty sweet.    Those top engines make him look fast.   Not only are they engines, but he can also fire missiles.   And they fire really well.     They are a two part launch.  When you push on the back they pop in one click that makes the yellow insert pop out.  The second click with more pressure fires the missile.  They can be fired from the jet mode, as well as being rotated to Starscream’s shoulders in robot mode.

Armada Starscream is a good figure to kick off this newest wave of Generations figures.   Coming up next, Skywarp as well as a pair of teams that have a lot of little Transformers.  Stay Tuned.

Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters – Bumblebee, Soundwave, and Wheeljack

Ah, Beast Hunters.  Can’t wait to see what the show is going to bring us as we move into this new chapter.  We are definitely moving away from the whole “disguise” aspect of Transformers.  Earlier I posted a review of Lazerback, our first full new character and design for the Beast Hunters line.  Tonight I am going to look at the rest of the Deluxe figures: Bumblebee, Soundwave, and Wheeljack.


What to say about Bumblebee.  It looks like he locked himself in a closet and found every sharp object he could and welded it to his body.  6 missiles and a crossbow to launch them as well as his original blasters.  He has some major firepower going on now.  Add in a variation in his transformation, and and a better overall paint job, and this is not such a bad Bee.  I was really hoping for this Bee to be based off of the First Edition Bumblebee, but no luck there.  Thankfully, the changes they made to this one were really good, and I think the only thing that really bothers me is his head not always sitting down on his shoulders very well.

His crossbow folds up and can be attached to his back, the same hole it fits into when he is in vehicle mode.  I wish the color of the crossbow matched the rest of the yellow, or was an entirely different color all together.

Once in vehicle mode, he is a very dangerous looking variation of his former self.  The black blades all over are quite menacing. I like the bit of red mixed in with the yellow for the body mold.  It gives a unique look.

The added crossbow and blasters are really giving Bumblebee a run for the top Beast Hunter.

The comparison.  There are quite a few parts that are reused between the first version and this new version of Bee.  There are also a lot that have been retooled, or changes all together, especially in the chest area.


Soundwave comes with Ravage this time around.  Aaaaaaaaand that is about the only good thing about this version of Soundwave.  His colors are all over the place.  Yellow paint over blue body parts makes for fairly muddy yellow paint.  His additional “Beast Hunter” parts don’t really do much for him like they did for Bumblebee.  And he has a giant grappling hook that is way too bulky.

Old verses new Soundwave.  I am going to have to stick with the first version of Soundwave.  His uniform colors work so much better.  The extra wing extensions on his arms are way too long.

In vehicle mode, he is all over the place.  I don’t know.  Some of the original blue, some that is way too purple.  Yellows, and gold.  And it doesn’t stay together too well.  The front end of the plane wants to pop apart all the time.


Best figure by far.  I thought the original version was great, but this one is better.

Take Wheeljack, pump him up with armor, blades and a great color scheme related to his original color scheme.  Then give him some wings, and you have one great figure.

They took Wheeljack and changed just about every part of his body, keeping the same basic design, and most of the same transformation, but he is all new and all pumped up.  I would have loved to see the inclusion of his blades like how Bumblebee got to keep his blasters, but we can’t have everything.

Transforming into vehicle mode, and he is him, but different.   A beefed-up, “don’t touch me our you gonna get cut” kinda vibe.  I could see him saying that too.   The back end has been changed to allow for the wings to go back there. I like it.

A little more of the mixed plastic colors to give a bit of a camo look.  Can’t be too white when hunting beasts.

So, there you have it.  The first 4 Deluxe figures.  Lazerback is good, but is lacking in robot mode since he still looks like a beast.   Bumblebee is great looking with all the blades and weapons.  Soundwave is not as good as his first version, but he does have Ravage.  And Wheeljack, Perfection in plastic.

As always, click on any picture to be taken to my Flick page and see more shots of these figures and many others.

INCOMING!!!!!!! (New Transformers for you viewing enjoyment)

Are you excited yet?   Guess you need to see the pictures first.  🙂

Hunt Deluxe Wave 6 (Coming December 2010)

A Bumblebee I don’t have.  It was before my collecting time, so I am happy to be seeing them coming out again.  The only time I could get one was in the Bumbleebee three pack with the movie and animated versions I already had.

Perceptor!  Lookin’ old school in his robot form, and a nice vehicle mode for tearing up the turf.   How long until we see a snow bound version with those treads in the back?

A Generation 2 Optimus Prime.  not much to say there.  Have to wait and see when it comes out.

Wreck-Gar, say what?   He is back again.  This time looking like a dirt bike in his vehicle mode.  His robot mode is pretty good looking, having a bit of a mish-mash look.

Generations Deluxe Wave 6 (January 2011)

Cliffjumper in the War for Cybertron version.  With the new Bumblebee that came out, it was only a matter of time until Cliffjumper followed along.

Sergeant Kup.  The old crabby Sergeant is back with a “way too nice looking truck” vehicle mode.

Then we have a couple of jet Decepticons, Thunderwing and Scourge.  Wha?  A flying Decepticon?  Yup.  😉

Voyager Wave 4 (December 2010)

Don’t forget about those Voyager big boys coming out.   Mindwipe has been repainted into Strafe. Nothing like a red and silver paint job to scream stealth.  😉

We will finally get Lugnut in a more realistic version based on his Animated style.   If you have been following my posts, I am kinda’ excited about Lugnut.

Then we have Solar Storm Grapple.  Don’t know what makes him “Solar Storm” but I guess we will have to wait for the packaging story to find out.

Voyager Wave 5 (January 2011)

Wave 5 of the Voyager class is more of the same.   Except this time we get a repaint of Seaspray into a much darker an ominous looking Deep Dive.   It looks like an Aoutbot emblem on his chest, but I doubt he is going to be an Autobot.

I am giddy with excitement for the new stuff coming out.  The Hunt continues.

Sidearm Sideswipe – Not the same as the first version!!!

I know that Hasbro loves to repaint their Transformers and other lines to make them into new characters for collectors to hunt for.   In this case, Sidearm Sideswipe is not the same Sideswipe with a new paint job on the outside.


I was expecting a retool somewhere for his guns, but other than the basic idea of how Sidearm looks, this is a whole new mold.   I think the only thing on the whole robot that is remotely the same is how the back hatch of the Corvette folds up.

Gotta say I love these guns.   With twin shooters, he is more like Sheriff Sidearm, coming out of the wild west.  Great details and crisp designs on the body.   I am not hugely keen on the paint job on the body, but it looks good on his arms.

The cars look really close.   The break lines for the body are really different though.   It is clear that there was a lot done differently this time around.   I think it makes for a better looking car all around.   As I mentioned before, I am not really fond of the red paint, but it seems that a lot of the movie figures are “tattooed” right now.

The guns can either be in or out on Sidearm Sideswipe.  Not too many of the movie line vehicles have the ability to have their weapons deployed in vehicle mode, so a nice change.

I have to say I like Sidearm Sideswipe a lot.  Way better than the first version we got.   I was a little hesitant at first about picking this guy up, but thought I would give it a go.  I was really happily surprised, and I am really glad I did get him.  Taller, better put together, and handguns really make for a great character.  The old Sideswipe will just be living in vehicle mode.

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