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Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Megatron and Armada Megatron

These new Leader Class figures are big… and expensive.  Are they worth the cost?  Let’s take a look at the first pair.  Megatron and Armada Megatron are basically the same figure with a different head and a different paint scheme.  They are basically identical.   Is it worth picking them both up?  Well, yes and no.   Here is the rundown:

The color alone really sets the two apart.  Megatron looks so much like his G1 counterpart.  Even his legs look like they could be triggers or handles to a big gun.  Armada Megatron has a whole lot of purple added in, and other than with G1 Megatron, really says they are a Decepticon.

If the big difference between the two is going to be in the face, then it sure is a good thing they nailed the face.  It is about as perfect as you would want.  There is not a lot of emotion there, but you can tell it is not a boring robot face with no movement.

Of course Armada Megatron has to have the beetle head.  He has such great details with so many colors in his face and head.  He has an awesome scowl.

There is definitely a backpack going on back there.  You can’t get away from the giant working treads, so you have to put them somewhere.  They fold back and then slide down on those red arms.  It is quite a smooth and amazing part of the transformation.

Megatron looks like an unpainted version of the other tank that just rolled off the factory floor.  With Megatron, there is a cleanliness to the nearly all silver theme.  The juxtaposition is Armada Megatron with the green paint and the grey details all over.  There is still a lot of purple showing in A. Megatron to show who he is.

And to confirm, yes.  Real rubber treads that really work.  There are four separate treads.  Two on the front and two on the back.  They roll really easily.

Holy Shmoly!  There is a BIG size difference between the Voyager Class and Leader Class.  Megatron is half again as tall as Optimus.  That does not bode well for our Autobot leader.

And just when you thought, “That’s okay.  This is the Combiner Wars.  Surely Superion can take on Megatron.”  Well take a look at that.  Superion is only about a head taller than Megatron.   That is not nearly enough size, especially when you are talking about all of those Autobot brains having to control one robot body.   Where is Ultra Magnus when you need him?

“Go ahead Superion. Say that again!”

With Megatron, there is a set of stickers in with his art card.  There are two Autobot and two Decepticon emblems, a grate, and some art for his chest.   I guess I will have to hurry up and read the Combiner Wars story to see what stickers I may want to put on him.  Don’t worry.  Megatron comes with regular Decepticon tamops on his body to begin with, so you don’t have to put on stickers if you don’t want to.

The directions show transforming Armada Megatron the same way as Megatron.  The art work at the end of the transformation shows Armada Megatron with his treads separated and slightly elevated.  That really gives AM a different look.

Overall, I only found Armada Megatron at first.   I knew I needed at least one of these guys.  Much later I found the silver version, and I just had to have him.  He is so clean and great looking.   Do you need both?  Probably not.  If I were to choose, I would definitely go with the Silver version over the Armada version.  I do like them both a lot, and they look different enough that I am not disappointed to have both.   I will probably display Armada Megatron in vehicle mode since that is just as well made as the robot mode.   Megatron will remain in robot mode as the best resemblance to G1 Megatron EVER!

Autobot Drift – Voyager Class (Age of Extinction)

A Voyager class of a Transformer car?   Ummmmmm, nope.  This time around, we go way off the tracks and create an all new Autobot Drift.   We cross the color scheme and the head of the Age of Extinction Drift, and then mount it to Skyhammer’s body.  “A helicopter?” you ask.  Yup, a helicopter.

At least he got some big swords to still look like a samurai.   I think he is actually a really cool version.  In fact, it would have been really cool to see him in the movie.   Maybe there wouldn’t have been so much death on the Autobot’s side.

The Voyager Class version is a lot larger than the Deluxe version we got the first time around.  Their colors match perfectly.  The new Drift is on the body of Skyhammer, who I thought was really well done the first time around back in 2011.   That version was for Dark of the Moon, in which the character also didn’t appear.  Funny that this body would make two toy releases for figures that weren’t in the movies.  Ah, well.  They could do their own thing, and it is still a great figure.

These two make good bookends to one another.   They look different enough, but they still have a lot of similarities.   I really like them together.  They are almost like twins as opposed to two versions of the same figure.

Turn them both into vehicle mode, and you have every rich man’s dream of a matching car and helicopter.   They fit so well together.

I really do like this redo of Drift.   I think it would have been better if they had done the same as they did back with Skyhammer and just make up a new figure.   They don’t really have a lot of figures to go with for this movie, so making an expanded universe would have been a little better.  We are also getting a new Dinobot, and he is coming up soon.

Transformers Generations: Armada Starscream

Finally, the Generations line really does create some characters in different time lines, really living up to the name of Generations.   In his color scheme from the TV show Armada, this is a very different color for Starscream.  Still a jet, but this time around looking more space going with the futuristic look and large jet engines.

HIs wings hold a good secret.  Each wing has a folded up sword.   Pretty neat, especially since we usually see Starscream with guns, not swords.  If you remember the show, he would use his wing as a sword blade.  He lost it a few times.   This is a much better design to allow the use of swords, but still allow Starscream to have his wings.

Swords out, and look at that, he doesn’t look off center with a missing wing.

His jet mode is pretty sweet.    Those top engines make him look fast.   Not only are they engines, but he can also fire missiles.   And they fire really well.     They are a two part launch.  When you push on the back they pop in one click that makes the yellow insert pop out.  The second click with more pressure fires the missile.  They can be fired from the jet mode, as well as being rotated to Starscream’s shoulders in robot mode.

Armada Starscream is a good figure to kick off this newest wave of Generations figures.   Coming up next, Skywarp as well as a pair of teams that have a lot of little Transformers.  Stay Tuned.

Transformers: Prime, Deluxe Class Series 1, Arcee and Bumblebee

The Series 1 figures have been coming in slowly but surely.  Generally a ton of Bumblebees, and a few other figures thrown in there. Generally Cliffjumper seems to be second most prevalent.  I was excited to get my hands on Arcee to see if she was as great as the First Edition version. And, not thinking Bee could be better, I waited a long time before I picked one up.  Today I am going to look at the two figures, look at how they hold up on their own, and how the compare to the First Editions.


Arcee comes in a blue color with some silver details.  She comes with a gun and a blade that can be attached together or used separately.  Her wheels spin freely, something cycles have trouble doing, especially when the wheels come apart, as the back one does.

She is much lighter in color than the First Edition, to the left.   Her basic design is pretty similar, with only a few minor modifications.  It is interesting that they were able to keep the two motorcycles so close, being that they have few to no parts that transform the same.

In robot mode, she is very much Arcee.  Her transformation is really straight forward, with a lot fewer parts to change to get her to robot mode than the design of the First Edition.  Her “wings” stick out quite a bit further than her cartoon version.

That is quite a gun they gave her.  Nice to see her trademark blade this time around too.

Version 2 is almost a head shorter than the First Edition.  She does not have anywhere near the articulation either.   There are a lot more details on FE Arcee as well.

If you were not lucky enough to get your hands on the First Edition of Arcee, the newest Arcee will be fine.  She is a good design and a solid robot.   If you already have FE, you will probably not be nearly as happy with the new version.


I HATE this version of Bumblebee.  And this is coming from someone who LOVES Bumblebee.  Look at that picture.  They used a blue-clear piece of plastic to make the roof and door sections, and then painted it.  It does not even kind of match the rest of the car.  At least the stripe is in the right place.  And those wheels.  AHHHHH!!!!  Black with metal posts holding them on.  Really?  You guys couldn’t go with silver paint for the rims?

The only redeeming quality of the robot mode is that most of the horrible paint is hidden on his back.  There are so many things visually wrong with this figure that it is not even funny.  He has giant gaps at his shoulders so you can see to the inside of his body.  His head just sits up there on top, out of place (at least it swivels).  His feet look like they were added on later and don’t really connect with his legs.  And I love me some big feet to make a sturdy robot, but come on!  That is ridiculous.

If you have the chance. Get the First Edition.  He will be worth it.  Everything is better.  Details, filled gaps, stance, wingspan.   He is so much closer to the cartoon version.


Coming up next, a look at a guy that seems to really be keeping a low profile in the toy market, figure 004, Soundwave.  He does not disappoint.

Transformers: Prime – Optimus Prime

Today we are looking at THE MAN!  Or I guess to be more correct, The Robot.   But none the less, he is the guy who leads all, and wins always.  How any iterations have we had of Transformers?  Every one of them has Optimus Prime in charge of the Autobots.  Generally out maned, out gunned, and often with some human tag-alongs that are really more trouble than they are worth.  But their worth is what keeps Prime going.

Looking very much like his cartoon counterpart, he is still his iconic self.  When they originally designed this guy, I bet they did not know he would go through so many variations over the years.

He has great range of motion, being articulated everywhere you could want.  He even has the great shoulder articulation we are getting with all of the Prime figures.

This is the “gun” that Optimus comes with.   It is really crappy looking, more of a mix of clear-blue and silver plastic than anything else.   I wish they would just give up on all of the dumb transforming weapons they did back in the Dark of the Moon series.  They were dumb then, and they are feeling even more stupid now.   I just threw mine into the cabinet with the rest of the weapons that don’t work.

If the gun had the ability to be open on its own, I might feel better about it.  But it doesn’t, so I feel Hasbro wasted time, and charged us extra money for something we did not need.  And with Optimus  costing around $26 at Toys R Us, I would have liked to save a few dollars there.

In vehicle mode, Optimus Prime is the big nose truck we see in the movie series.  I know there are a lot of haters out there that wish we could get the classic flat-nosed truck back.   I do think it allows a little more wiggle room for the designers to create better body parts.   The way the arms fold up in here is nothing less than extraordinary.  That is what gives Optimus long arms that look right for how tall he is.

“Robots in Disguise”…except from the back.  🙂  There is actually a really cool transformation here too which allows his shins to fold forward and under the truck cab as you fold the arms down into place.   I am sure that was a tricky piece of design work there.   I was really glad to see the 5th wheel on the back, instead of some post or nothing at all.  The way it closes up, I am thinking they are leaving the option open to make a trailer at a later time.

And then, they say to attach the weapons like this.   Um, I guess if you squint at it, it could be a generator being delivered on the back of a truck.  I don’t know.   Like I said, the gun went into the void of a cabinet with the other stuff I don’t like the figures holding.

And then there were 5….plus Starscream, but he is not an Autobot, so he doesn’t count… this time.   I am sure my Decepticon ranks will grow too.  I am really looking forward to getting my hands on Bulkhead and Ratchet to round out the Autobots.

It seems slow in coming, but I did find some new figures out at Toys R Us last night.  Unfortunately, it was about 14 Bumblebees, one Wheeljack and one Cliffjumper.   Soundwave is supposed to be in Wave 1 too, but he was nowhere to be seen.   The hunt continues.

I did get the new Bumblebee, so I am going to be doing a comparison between the two.  There are definitely tranformation differences, and the new Bee has two arm cannons.   What else?  Guess you will have to come back and find out.

Transformers: Animated – Jetpack Bumblebee

I know there are people who did not like the Animated version of Transformers.  Well, I was one of them, and really, it was the show that really got me back into collecting Transformers.  I think what I like the best about Animated was that the toys looked exactly like the show.

Apparently people in Japan really liked the show too…or at least the toys since they have way more over there than we ever got here.   Having to go second-market on these does drive up the price for those of us in the United States, but sometimes it is worth a bit extra.  Especially now that we will probably never see any more come over here.

So, the one that caught my eye: Jetpack Bumblebee by Tomy Takara

Bumblebee is painted in a really nice, shiny gold paint.  His interior parts are still basic yellow.  He also comes with his jetpack and two of the missiles that the regular version comes with.

All fitted with the jetpack, everything attaches well, allowing him to hold onto the guns mounted on the front.  The guns can swivel up and down, but do not come off.  The two missiles mount on the wings.  None of the jet “fire” is removable from the pack.

Back to Bee, you can see he is slightly smaller than the standard Deluxe version.  The transformation is different too, but he comes out looking pretty close to the other version.

In vehicle mode, he is is sporty little hatchback from the show.  The gold paint is really shiny.  The fit of the pieces have a lot larger gaps than the regular version.

Transformed, the Jetpack is again able to attach to Bumblebee.  It actually uses the same attachment clips that were on Bumblebee’s back, but are now on undercarriage of the car.  The guns are the only part that look out of place in this mode.

For comparison sake, with the standard Deluxe version of Bumblebee, the Jetpack version looks a lot smaller in this mode, and has a much more angular design.

And fear not, for the fans who loved it when Bumblebee attached the missiles to his back in the show, you can still do it with this version.

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