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Ame-Comi: Jade

I think Jade quickly became my favorite Ame-Comi.   She has an outstandingly designed outfit, and such a cute expression and pose.

Dressed in a green and black outfit, trimmed with white, this statue definitely stands out from the others.  She is listening to her ring-constructed headphones and iPod with her rocker hair and stylish clothing.

That is a girl who is loving her music.  Many of the other statues are posed, where they are looking at you, the viewer.   This is a fun pose, where she does not see you, nor care you are there.  She is just loving life.

The lantern emblem is hidden all over her clothing.   It is hard to find them all.  It seems like every time I look at her, I seem more emblems.

You can see, her hair is not actually all black, but black and a dark shade of green.  A nice extra touch for the rocker look as well as giving the hair a little something extra.  Some of the other figures suffer from having all flat-black hair.

Another great touch.  The headphones are each a half of a lantern.

Lantern emblems from head to toe.


Ame-Comi: Star Sapphire

The Green Lanterns are making quite a splash as of late.  The other colors have been making quite a showing as well.   Maybe none show as much as Star Sapphire.  🙂

With nine previous Ame-Comi in my collection, I think I am a true collector of the line.  I don’t have them all, and at $60 a pop, I have to be selective.

If you read my previous post, you will see that I had to do a bit of tweaking with the base to get the post in the bottom of SS foot to go in the crystal on the base.

Star Sapphire is using her powers to make a cute little heart.  They gave her sultry eyes and pouty lips.

It was an interesting choice of a costume.  Very similar to her comic outfit, she has a bit of a Witchblade look to her.

Little stars and jewel shapes adorn her outfit all over.  A very literal translation of Star Sapphire.

She also has a visor that can be attached.  Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses?

In all, an okay figure.   Not the best in the Ame-Comi line.  Coming next I will be reviewing Jade, another Lantern, and a better statue, possibly one of the best in the line.

New Reviews on their way

I have done my photo shoot on two of the newer Ame-Comi, Jade and Star Sapphire.  These are two nice figures, one better than the other, but more on that when I post the reviews.   For now, let me tease you with this:

Yup, that is a power tool laying on my desk with a $60 statue.  Not my idea of a good time, but don’t worry, it was a successful surgery.

Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Hawkgirl

I am not the biggest fan of the Cover Girls of the DC Universe line, but today I saw the picture of Hawkgirl from the guys at DC Direct, and I am impressed.   Hawkgirl has been a favorite of mine from her time in the Justice League TV series as well as Justice League Unlimited.

She is her normal tough girl, but with a cute smirk on her face.

I guess I have a bit of time to decide if I want her or not.  She is not due out until June of 2011.

Ame-Comi Reprints

Did you miss out on the wonderful sculpts of the V2 Catwoman or V1 Batgirl?  Well, now is your time to get your hands on them…  well next May is anyway.  You know how it is.  They give us these little pictures to make us happy and hope… but then we see the bottom line.  We have to wait FOREVER.   I have been dying to get my hands on the Batgirl for my Ame-Comi collection.   I already have Catwoman, and she is fantastic.  The sculpt is wonderful.  If you don’t have them, I suggest you get them… after I have had my chance to get Batgirl.  🙂

MLiS: Ame-Comi Wonder Girl

Part two of my post today is on Wonder Girl.   It is very interesting that they would create these two figures in such very different styles.  While Wonder Woman was in the style of a 40s movie star, Wonder Girl is so much more of a modern teen.

I am really liking the styling of this one.   As a member of the Teen Titans, she is younger than most of the other ladies that are featured in the Ame-Comi line, and they treated she this way.  She has a slender, muscular build, and is not overly abundant in some of the other areas that tend to get a lot of attention in anime figures.

Her costume is really fun, tying into WW with a bikini type outfit, but making it her own with the jean chaps.

Any fans of WWE wrestling might easily mistake Wonder Girl for the beautiful Kelly Kelly who used to come down to the ring with her trademark blond hair and chaps.

This is another very well made figure.   She has great details, from a cute face, to a fantastic outfit.  If you want to see more, click to go to my Flickr site.   Lots more pics——-> Wonder Girl

MLiS: Ame-Comi Wonder Woman (version 2)

On Wednesday I was able to get my hands on the two new Ame-Comi figures produced by DC Direct, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. I will be starting with Wonder Woman, for no better reason than she came out of the bag first. She is the second version of the character, taking a much more artistic approach of the character while the first version was much closer to her current look.

She has the look of Wonder Woman, but this is not the modern Wonder Woman we know. She has been designed in a 40s style and has a bikini of sorts, instead of her trademark corset. No whip this time, instead, hefting a giant battle axe in one hand and the head of Medusa in the other.

She comes with reversible hair which really changes the character. The version with her hair blowing up is the standard we have seen for months and months. When I got to the store, I was a little shocked by the hair being down. I quickly flipped to the back and found that it could be changed.

The photoshoot includes both versions. You be the judge. It is very interesting that the same piece of hair can really make her look different. With her hair up, it looks more mystical, as if she had just cut off Medusa’s head. While in the hair-down version she looks like she just climbed out of a pool of water.

The sculpt is very nice, and for those of us with multiple Ame-Comi, it is a nice variation from the other figures, and very different from the first version of Wonder Woman.

She was a lot of fun to photograph, and I have uploaded a lot of photos on my Flickr account, so click HERE to go to the set and see all of the pictures. I promise you will not be disappointed. Just remember to come back again for the look at Wonder Girl.

In case you missed it above, there are a lot more pictures HERE.

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