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Flashpoint Wonder Woman

I am taking a little break from the Transformers to show off a great single figure I picked up at the San Jose Toy Show earlier this month, Flashpoint Wonder Woman.  I did not even know about the Flashpoint storyline until I got the same version of Wonder Woman in Action League design.  Wondering around the Toy Show with my friend Ann, we spotted this figure on a table of a place I like to frequent each time I go to the show.  They are usually good for a single figure outside what I usually get.  And come to think if it, they are usually DC figures.

As this line was unknown to me, I did not know what to expect.  I was taken by the really great design of the costume.  Then on closer inspection, I saw that fabulous helmet.  The design of the helmet was great, but the details really made it stand out.   All of the scratches and dents are very appealing.

As you back up and look at the figure as a whole, the colors really work well together.  There are so many details on her armor, and the slight color variations in the metallic colors are really nice.  Silver to dark silver, with some blue silver mixed in.  Stylize the WW for her breast plate, and you have something going there.

Man, oh man did they do a great job with that hair.  Usually her hair is falling down her back, killing any ideas people might have of having a turning head.  Not this time.  They blew the hair out to one side.  That allows the head to turn one way much further than the other.  People with multiple Wonder Woman figures will be happy that at least one will not have to be standing in a static pose.  (I was a little bummed to find the paint scraped off at the bottom of this side of the helmet)

The other side shows just how far the hair blows out.  Nice details to boot.  Gone are the days of blobs of plastic that resemble something that may or may not be hair.

Her nice long cape gives a very regal appearance to her overall look.   She is in charge of this army.

Unpacking her, I was really excited to find that she has quite a bit of articulation.   Way back in the day, the DC figures went the route of style over articulation, while the Marvel figures went the way of articulation and crapped on style.   It appears that DC has really gone to a lot of trouble this time around and really got the articulation thing down pat.   There are a bunch of places, 15 by my count.  Neck, shoulder (pivot and ball), elbow, wrist, hip, knee, top of shin, ankle.  We did not get waist articulation, but I figure that is a good call since it would have broken up the great armor.  I don’t want to forget that the elbow has an armor cover that is also articulated, and can move freely over the elbow.

In all, a fantastic figure.  She really stands out on the shelf.   No other WW like her in my collection.  The details are the best I have seen.  Hopefully the future of the DC lines.


DC Universe Action League Wave 5: Flashpoint

On my outing yesterday, I was surprised to see a new wave of Action League figures.   It seems like it has been so long since the last wave came out, and I was starting to wonder if they had gone to the wayside.

But, there they were, in all of their miniature plastic glory.  Wave 5 is based on the 2011 storyline called Flashpoint.  Named for the Flash characters who are the only ones who realize there is something wrong.

I decided to grab one set: Wonder Woman vs Aquaman.

I know what you are thinking, those of you who are not avid comic readers: “Wha? Wonder Woman verses Aquaman? Aren’t they both good guys?”  Well, apparently not in this alternate reality.  Wonder Woman, known as Princess Diana has killed Mara, which leads Aquaman to rally Atlantis against the Amazons.

I grabbed this set because seeing WW in a unique armor outfit is just too fun to pass up.  She has a great variety of colors that really make her outfit stand out.   As with the standard design of the Action League figures, she has very little articulation.   Head swivel, and both arms swivel at the shoulder.  Her stance is nice and solid.

Aquaman comes ready for battle.  Holding his trident, which can be removed from his hand, he is in a running pose.  He has one more part of articulation than WW where he swivels at the waist.   He comes with a stand which he does need in order to keep from falling onto his face.

There are three more sets in the series.  Project: Superman & Batman, Cyborg & Element Woman, and The Flash Vs. Citizen Cold.  At this point I am going to wait for the rest of the wave.   The price on these little guys just keep on creeping higher.   With only three or four points of articulation, and such easy designs, I don’t think the continued higher prices are worth it.   But then again, they may surprise me with some outstanding figures for the next wave.  We will have to wait and see.

San Jose Toy Show Haul Part 2: Green Lantern Stel

Part 2 of my toy haul.  I am going to show you my newest action figure from DC Direct.  It has been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I bought an action figure, since they are getting really expensive, and I have most of the major characters, and generally I am not so deep into the comics to know who the other characters are.  And… it is this with with this figure.  I have no clue who he is, so I had to look him up on Wikipedia.  Ironically, there is not much to know about the guy, but he looked cool, and that is what I like.

Presenting: Green Lantern Stel

A powerhouse of a figure, I was really intrigued by the armor plating and the great contrast between the very vivid green and the dark grey, almost black.   He has the powerful legs that really ground him, and give him quite the powerful stance.

If you are looking for a figure you can play with, then DC Direct is the wrong place.  There was a time when DC and Marvel competed with one another for the best action figures.   Marvel went the route of major articulation giving 20 or more points, while DC kept the articulation to a minimum while focusing instead on the design and detail of the figures.   Stel does not have the best articulation, but he does have great details.  The articulation is basically his neck moving back and forth as well as some up and down movement.   Both shoulders move around, but can also swing out slightly.  Elbow and wrist movement which not all DC figures have.   Finally we end with the bottom half of the body, torso, hips and knees.  Hope you like Stel standing.  No articulation in the ankles what-so-ever.

The only problem I have with the figure are his hands.  He has tiny little hand.  What is up with that?  They are pretty seriously distracting.  I did not notice it in the packaging, but once out… they look weird.

Stel looks giant.  Like he should have been an over-sized figure like Kilowog, but he is pretty standard.  Taller by the tiniest of margins.  I put him next to 2005 Flash, and 2007 Wonder Woman.  I thought they were good choices for comparison, since they have similar articulation.  Note that neither of them have the waist swivel.  Advantage Stel.

He is a great looking figure, and the green really stands out among the other figures.   Maybe I will have to hand Stel and Flash on the Christmas tree.  That red and green really look good together.

Tomorrow is the last part of the San Jose Toy Show haul.  Then I have some new Transformers to look at.  ‘Tis the season.

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