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Custom Mystic Turtles – Complete

15 days and 4 turtles later, and I have a much more show-accurate set of Mystic Turtles from the episode Vision Quest.

Let’s take a look at each of the four, and I will tell you all about how I got them from their original close design up to where I feel happy with them.

Donatello was the first of the turtles to get paint applied to his body. I started with white, since that is what the turtles seemed to be wearing in the episode. It turned out to be WAY too bright, so I had to go over it with a wash to bring the color back a little. With the rest of the turtles, I went with more earthtones.

Donnie’s outfit stayed almost intact. It was a good design, and close to the show’s design. he had a star on his hood that needed to be removed, and a whitewash was applied to bring down the brightness of the purple.

Donnie’s original Axe was a good design. The only thing it was lacking was a handle that was long enough. I decided that it would be better to just go ahead and build a completely new blade and handle since the original was a bit soft anyway.

The handle is a wooden dowel rod that was colored with a marker to make it darker. The head of the axe was thick sheet styrene that was then formed into shape with a Dremel.

Michelangelo came with great detailing on his outfit. He is covered in tree bark armor. It was so well done that all I had to do was paint the different layers of bark and rope holding it on. Nothing but paint apps were applied to Mikey’s outfilt.

Mikey’s two kamas were bright orange. They were the only one of the four turtles to actually be hard plastic. But as I kept moving on the different turtle parts, it seemed the right thing to do to create new weapons for him. The handles of the Kama are wooden dowel rods with tape applied for the wraps. Thin sheet styrene was attached into grooves cut in the dowel and formed into shape.

Raph was the one I was really looking forward to working on the most. He had some great design aspects to his outfit. The more I looked at it, the more wrong it all was. He took a lot of work to get everything just right.

He came with only one Tegaki, and it was a dismal piece of rubber trash. It was bright red, floppy as a dead fish, and there was only one. A new set of two Tegaki were formed from sheet styrene and tube styrene.

His two fuel tank backpacks looked great. He needed two extra harness straps to attach the backpack to his belt in the front. Thin pieces of styrene were cut and added, along with ‘x’ stitches where the straps met his belt.  I also added a strap over the top of each fuel tank to make them look more correct.  Finally I added hoses to deliver fuel from the packs to the flame throwers mounted at his wrists.

Along with the terrible Tegaki, Rahp also came with a flame thrower (never appeared) and some weird extra neck piece that looked like a brain around his neck. Both were added to the pile of plastic extra stuff.

Leonardo needed the most work with weapons, but not as much with his outfit.

The only modification with Leo’s outfit was with the body length cape. In the episode it was torn mostly off really early on, so I wanted that look. I ended up cutting the cape on a wrinkle line in the rubber that matched the look of the hood in the rest of the episode.

He came with his two Katana blades. In the episode he mounted them to his hip. They did this for the toy, but the sheaths were GIANT!!! It was amazingly out of control. I used the really well made swords and made two smaller sheaths and mounted them to his hip using the available slot. The Katanas were painted with silver, grey, and gold to be more show accurate than just brown.

The next part that needed to be addressed was the bow and arrow. The one he came with was a single piece. Perfectly okay for a kid’s toy. No telling where a single arrow of that size would end up.
I took the dimensions of the bow and reformed it in a thick piece of styrene. I added a handle made of a piece of cut dowel and wrapped it. A piece of wire was added for the bow string.

A bow is no good without arrows, and arrows are no good without a quiver. I made a quiver using an old felt-tipped pen body. It was a thick piece of plastic, so I could use a dremel to rough it up and not have it a perfect cylinder.

The arrows were made from thin styrene rods with small cut pieces of flat styrene added for heads and fletching.

When all was said and done, only Leo kept his two Katana.  Every other weapon or accessory was either rebuilt or ditched.  This is the pile of extras that was left.

I think this project really gave me a push that I needed to try my hand at some scratch building, painting, and modifications. It was a lot of fun, and I proved to myself that I can do it, and that I should probably do it more.   These four turtles were going to be stand-out figures before, since they were so unique from the other turtles that came before.   Now they are really going to be stand-outs since they are modifies from head to toe, and everywhere inbetween.

Custom Mystic Turtles – Day 1

Today was the first full day of customizing my Mystic Turtles, and things are going great.

First things first with my Mikey repaint.   Gotta get that bark painted.   I had a great color that matched so well.  He has big pieces on his feet that were easy to paint.  On his hands, he has smaller pieces that are wrapped with rope.  It was a bit trickier to paint around the rope pieces.

I am still going with the white on this one.  I am going to do a new layer of black wash to bring down the brightness.  I found a concrete color that i used with the rest of the guys for their light color wraps and pads.

First thing I noticed from the reference picture I took during the show was that he had extra straps to hold on his flame thrower tanks.  I used strips of styrene and then added the ‘x’s on the belt.  I later painted the first coat on all of his major outfit parts.  I am NOT looking forward to painting the mesh on his arms.

The axe Donnie came with was rather rubbery.  Mostly the handle.  I figured I would have to paint the handle anyway, so I might as well try my hand at making a duplicate axe that is a little taller, as it was in the show.  I used a wooden dowel that was the exact right thickness for his hand.

Down at the bottom of the pic is Donnie’s original axe. Above it is my remodeled version with wooden handle painted.

Above the axes are Raph’s new Tegakis. The one he came with was super soft and rubbery, and it is supposed to be a pair. It was easy enough to just make two, as it would have been to make one. The much more sturdy styrene was way easier to paint than the rubber would have been.


This was a fun Sunday.  It has been so long since I have used the creative side of my brain for something so small.  I cannot wait to get back out there and finish these guys up.  So far, so good.

Transformers – Generations: Legion Class repaints, Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the first two repaints, Nemesis Prime and Cliffjumper.  Today, we look at the other two, Gears and Acid Rain.


Gears is a repaint of Swerve.  I really like guys like this because they fit in well with the Deluxe figures.  These guys were always smaller in stature anyway.   The larger figures like Optimus and Starscream are out of scale, but these guys are right on.

He comes with a repainted Flanker, who is now called Eclipse. He is a good mini-con sidekick and makes for a good weapon.  I am glad they stayed together for this repaint.  The other mini-cons wouldn’t really fit well with Gears.

I have to go with the original this time around.   They are both painted well, with distinctive details and a new head for Gears.  It is just that Swerve was the first of the Legends to really make a splash and be that smaller size that fits so well.

Acid Rain:

Acid was a copy of Starscream, so it makes sense that he would be a direct repaint of the original bad guy.   His color is amazing.  That black and extremely bright green really play off one another.    He comes with a repainted Waspinator, this time called Venin.  I found Venin to be much more difficult to transform, and wouldn’t hold his gun mode very well.  That is okay with me, since I felt that this version of Waspinator was a poor execution anyway and will live in Beast Mode.

There we go again, adding purple to the bad guys.  And it looks GREAT!    He stands out so well in both modes.  The bright green is fantastic.   That is why I have to say:

This one is totally based on color alone.  They are both good robots and vehicles.

There you have it.   4 new repaints of some original Generations Legends figures.   Again, fantastic designs.  I will keep buying these little guys as long as they are being produced.  We are now up to 12, and I will buy t

Transformers – Generations: Legion Class repaints

The repaints are among us.  The first two I came across were Cliffjumper (019) and Nemesis Prime (018).  Fitting as they are repaints of the original two Legion figures, Bumblebee (002) and Optimus Prime (001).


Cliffjumper is a direct repaint of Bumblebee, down to the same face.  This is not totally weird, as they are generally reused this way, with the exception of the Prime show.

Cliffjumper comes with a repainted Autobot Roller (who came with Optimus), who is called Suppressor.  He is a bit too big for Cliffjumper to hold well when he is in gun mode, but his extra gun fits quite well in Cliff’s hand.

Nemesis Prime:

He may not be purple, but to show he is a bad guy, Nemesis prime holds a purple gun/helicopter.   Another direct repaint, this time of Optimus Prime.   He was given Bumblebee’s Blazemaster, repainted and renamed Spinster.  Not the best name for a sidekick.  One problem with the reuse of this mini-con is that there is no place to put the rotors when it is in gun mode.  On Bee, the blades could be attached to his other arm.  Not so with Nemesis.

Up next, we look at the rest.  These little figures are great, and they keep coming….

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