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My Life with a Bookcase

Today marked a milestone for me.  I have been plugging along on the hobby room all week, but today was the fun day.   I finally got to the place where I could build myself my Manga bookshelf.   It is specially designed to be narrow in depth so it can hold my mangas.

Those are my hands on the left, getting putty in the nail holes.

The book case is five feet long, the width of the window.  With three full shelves, that makes 15 feet of manga storage.  I have my collection scattered around the house in different rooms, so I am not sure how much space my current collection will take up, but I am pretty sure I will have room for growth.]

The bottom shelf is a little shorty shelf, so I don’t really know what to do with it, but I am sure I will think of something.  🙂

My Life in the Flooring Buisness

Last night I went to IKEA and got my flooring. The hardwood planks will be going down tomorrow morning. By the afternoon I should be working on the molding around the room, getting the molding around the door, the base board, and the crown molding. It is going to be awesome.

I am thinking that by about Thursday or so, I will be back at IKEA to get started buying furniture. A desk and three glass display cases are in the first go.

I have to do a little measuring to see what all I will be able to fit in there.

My Life in Construction (Drywall DONE!)

The walls are finally drywalled.  Hmmm, is drywalled a word?  Well, it is not coming up as a problem for the spell checker, so I will go with it.

We (my wife and I) got the walls on in just a few hours.  It was a little hard working in the small area.  120 square feet sounds like a nice size until you try to wrestle with a bunch of 4ft x 8ft pieces of drywall, and a 6ft long table for cutting the pieces.

Everything is done except for the little ceiling pieces leading up to the skylight.  It was getting a little dark, and I was really tired, so it will wait for another day.

A look at our new high security system.  Haha!  We went for an electric lock since it would have cost us more to buy a door handle, and a deadbolt, and then get them keyed to match.

This way we also get to go out to the hobby room without having to remember a key.

The hobby room is getting there.  It will not be long now.  I can feel it.  I have to go to the hardware store and get mud and tape for the walls, and then it is a race to the painting.   Guess I will have to get over to Ikea sooner than later to start looking for furniture to go in there.  Oh yeah, we need flooring too.  Dirty old cement is not going to cut it for this project. Off to think about that one too.

My Life in Construction

Today is THE DAY!!! When I get home from work, my wife and I are going to tackle the walls and get the drywall up. We did the ceiling last weekend, but with the nice weather, we moved to outside jobs. You know, cutting the two foot tall grass, and getting my wife’s garden plumbed for the season.

With her help today, we will get those walls knocked out. I think it will only take a few hours, and then I will be ready to get down to the mud. If you are not familiar with mud, it is a mixture that fills the lines between sheets of drywall to make your wall flat, instead of being made up of a lot of big rectangles.

Look for pictures soon. I will get some posted as soon as we get the walls on.

MLiS: Hobby Room Outside Complete! (Pictures)

After a long week, I finally was able to say goodbye to my dad this morning.  We had cold rain, and hot sun, but we triumphed and got the outside of the building done.  Here it is:

It has turned out to be quite a cute little building.  It is almost a square, but with the peaked roof, and the nice siding, thankfully it does not look like a box. 🙂

Here is a look at the inside of the building.  It only has one piece of drywall up since my dad wanted to get that one up before he left so he could wire up the one set of wall switches.

This is one of the great features of the building.  There are four switches.  Three turn on different banks of lights.  One switch for the three lights in the middle of the room.  One switch for the lights over my desk.  One switch for the lights over my wife’s desk.  The fourth switch turn on tow of the outlet plugs which will be for display cases.  🙂

One other nice feature we built in was a skylight.  It will give some nice light during the day, so we will not waste electricity, but it is opaque so it will not get direct sunlight into the building.  My toys will thank me.  🙂

Up Next: Drywall.  We have to get the building insulated, and then get the drywall on the ceiling and walls.  A few coats of paint, and a few details, and then I will be able to start looking for stuff to fill this place.  I know already I am going to Ikea to get some of their nice glass display cases. (Thank you Bluedrakon, I will remember to get an assistant to put them together.

I guess I will look at Ikea for a desk too.  I have been using a drafting table for the better part of 15 years, but it is too big for this place.  Time to downscale.

If anybody has any good ideas let me know.  This place is a blank canvas as of now!

My Life with Walls! :D (Construction)

Today was a milestone in the hobby room construction project.   We got the walls all finished, and the roof is done.  We are water tight.  Just in time too.  Apparently it is going to rain this coming week.  We will see.

Now for the really rough part. We have to drywall the hobby room.   I am not looking forward to it, as we have already done it to our entire house and garage.  It is a lot more messy than one would think.

We have 10 lights in the ceiling.  Now let me say that the usable interior space is about 110 square feet, so that is about a light for every 10 feet.  That will be enough light for anyone. 🙂

Tomorrow is a day off.  My dad helped with all of the work this week.  He got all of the wiring completed inside.  Now he can go back home, and my wife and I can get to work on the stuff we have already done before.

My Life Without Pictures (Construction)

Here we are, one day til my dad leaves. We have the outside walls about 1/4 the way done. The roof is 1/4 the way shingled, and most of the power is in. Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures since it was dark by the time we got done working.

Tomorrow is going to be the big day. We are going to get an early start, probably about 7:30, so we can get the roof finished before it gets too hot. We started to hurt the singles as they warmed in the hot sun today.
The walls will be next, which I will work on as my dad buttons up the electricity inside. We actually have the wires run, so now they just need to be connected. Yay!

There is definite progress being made. I am really excited to get this project all finished. I was having trouble sleeping last night, since I was thinking about an idea I have to build a little bookcase into the wall below the window. It will be narrow, to hold my Manga collection, but it will be about 5 feet long, so it should hold many, many of the tiny little books I am addicted to. 🙂

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