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Tortured every January

Woes from a toy collector in after-Christmas-empty-shelves.

Every year about this time, January into February, we come to a dark time in toy collecting… if you are a collector like I am, who loves the hunt and search in the stores.   For reasons that I can only assume is due to the end of the year push of new toys for the holidays, we are left with empty shelves and pegs in toy stores and toy aisles all around.

What we have left are the dregs of the left over garbage nobody wants.  Right around the new year, Toys R Us put out a whole bunch of Transformers from the last movie.  I don’t know if it was to get old product sold by people with money to burn, or to try to pawn off old merchandise on people who don’t know their movies from their generations lines.

Either way, it has been a wasteland of plastic, and I am ready for the new stuff.   What a great year we have in store for us, with Green Lantern, as well as Thor and Captain America.   Not to mention the next installment of the Transformers movie.  There are statues galore, and so much more that I am sure are under tight wraps.

A few weeks back, I was in such dire straights I bought a Scout Class Transformer.   I don’t particularly like the scout class since they are small, usually poorly articulated, and otherwise out of scale with any other figures.

What I got was a small Decepticon, Crankcase.   Turns into a dune buggy with big guns and not much else going for him.   Very tricky to transform, only because it is hard to keep some part together while clicking other parts together.

There are some major gaps in the body when in vehicle mode.   The roof does not attach to anything, so if it is pushed down too hard, it will come apart.  I am sure any little kids who own this one HATE him.

As for the whole “Hunt for the Decepticons” story line, I would think the first thing a dune buggy like Crankcase would do is to get a paint job.  It is hard to hide if you are painted yellow and black.

I think he convinced me that this is the last Scout Class vehicle I am going to get.

I am however excited for the new toys on their way.


MLiS: The Avengers are coming!

This is the first poll on My Life in Scale.  Today we are covering the topic of The Avengers. They have been big news in the comic world as of late, but they are getting bigger. A number of titles are beginning, and that means a lot more characters being pulled into the mix.
Not to mention the prequel movies leading to the big budget Avenger movie in 2012.

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