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Brawl – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

I got my hand on the third of the four Deluxe Combaticons. I like this guy overall. He is not without some problems, but they are minor to an overall well done robot and tank.

As for the robot, overall he is a good looking guy. He is robust like you would expect from a tank. He also hides the giant post for combining better than most, since his chest folds around in a way that the post is under the chest.

There are two places that bother me in robot mode. The arms and the waist. The arms are an odd design. He has tiny forearms, and from the shoulder to the elbow is short as well. He does have tall shoulders that we see time and time again in the Transformers, and that saves the look overall of stubby arms.

The waist has a strange rotation that can be easily knocked out of shape when playing with him. It has a bit of a wasp look to it where the connection from the waist to chest has a very small area where they are connected. It looks off with such as big, strong chest.

His gun is the cannon from the tank, pulled off and held in hand. That is a great use of the cannon. As a stand alone gun, it is a bit light on details, but they are not all going to be great. The cannon can be stored in the turret along with the Bruticus hand/foot gun so Brawl can have his hands free, or the cannon can be mounted on a hole on the outside of the hand as well.

As a tank, Brawl works really well too. He is a stubby little tank. The details are fantastic. The only part that is a bit strange is the back end that has holes in the back with fins inside. I don’t know if those are supposed to be exhaust ports, or what, but at least they have some detail to them.

The Bruticus hand/foot gun can be mounted to the top with a flip-out tab that sticks up. The gun can be mounted, and the thumb folds down the back of the turret to make it fit in and add support. The turret cannon swivel around.

Brawl has what is probably to easiest transformation into a leg that one can possibly have. The back part of the tank rotates out of the way, the connector post folds out, and the turret moves up to be a knee. Very efficient and fun. Now I just need Blastoff and Onslaught, and I will have another functioning Combiner.


This is the best looking Brawl of the three I have.  I have one from back in 2010 that was Desert Ruins Brawl from Hunt for the Decepticons:

He is all over the place, as were many of the movie figures.  There was just too much going on for him.

The other Brawl was from a little bit more recently, in 2012 with the Fall of Cybertron attempt at a combiner with Bruticus:

Overall, this Brawl looked good, except with a neon green paint job that made Bruticus look like a giant Skittle rather than being made up of Combaticons.   It will be fun to compare the two Bruticus’ when I get the Combiner Wars Bruticus completed.

Shockwave – Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

Now this is what a Legends figure should look like that changes into a weapon for a Combiner!!!! We should have seen Shockwave sooner with other figures like him, but better late than never.

Shockwave looks like his G1 self, as do most of the Combiner Wars figures. He has one hand, and one gun/hand. He transforms into a large cannon that can be wielded by anyone, since he has the same post that goes into a standard port. The only problem is, with his size, he is too heavy for any of the Deluxe figures to hold him up in their hands. Of course, he goes with Bruticus, so he would be in the proper scale with him, though I am still not finished collecting all of the parts to Bruticus to see just how cool Shockwave looks in his hand. Gotta be better than the strange design of Powerglide and Viper.

Overall, he is a really good figure. He makes sense in the smaller Legends scale, though in the G1 show he was quite big. But then again, he was one of those strange Transformers who became smaller as he transformed to fit in another bot’s hand. This works much better.

I know, you are thinking, “If you don’t have Bruticus, who is holding Shockwave?”  Well, I was having a bit of fun with a photoshoot, and you will have to wait and see who is holding Shockwave.

Vortex – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

Take Alpha Bravo, who was a rescue helicopter with rockets on the side. Repaint it with a crazy paint job, and you have Vortex. They didn’t even give him a new head.

I think overall the paint is a bit much. When you have Combaticons, you don’t think wild colors that stand out. You want more of a military look. And for the most part, Bruticus looks like he is going to be colored correctly… other than this bright green and yellow arm formed by Vortex.

In robot mode, we pretty much get what we got with Alpha Bravo. He is less than inspired. Blocky and out of sorts. On the upper half, his head is the best part. He has a great face with a good design and the red connected eyes.

His torso is clearly a part of the Combier. It is so much more blatant than the other figures. Probably due to so much extra color around the rest of the chest. Of course, if you put paint on the combiner tab, then it will rub off, and nobody likes paint rub.

He has that giant backpack of greeble back there that is super ugly. Really, there isn’t much they could probably do with it, but still, it looks pretty bad on the slim frame of Vortex. We have had lots of other helicopter robots in the past decade that have turned out well, so we can’t blame it all on the alt mode being a helicopter.

His legs are another part that don’t look great. They are rather blah down there. The bottom part especially with the strange shape of the calf, tiny feet, and the bulge off to both sides. It all had to get moved out of the way for the arm.

The helicopter is a pretty good looking machine. Vortex looks better to me than Alpha Bravo because of who he is. As an attack helicopter, I expect to see Vortex with missiles hanging off his sides. Not so much with the rescue helicopter.

Vortex comes with the same two weapons as Alpha Bravo. The rifle and the dual gattling gun hand/foot. This time in grey rather than black. They don’t really go too well with the helicopter, but the big gun does make a nice stand for the rather flat helicopter to sit on.

I cannot imagine Vortex and Swindle hanging out together. I am sure they do not appreciate the skills that the other brings to the team.

They are a good pair to look at to see the wide range we get when we see the Deluxe figures in this line. Swindle is bulky with large shoulders, and lots of bumpy parts, where Vortex is rather streamlined with a very slender body.

I cannot wait to track down the rest of the team and finally get Bruticus built. This is taking a long time to find them all. It is probably due to the inundation of so many Robots in Disguise figures still holding spots on all of the pegs at both Toys R Us and Target.

Swindle – Transformers Generations – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

The return to the Generation 1 designs continues. Currently we are seeing the Combaticons trickle into the stores. It has been pretty quiet out there on the Trasformers aisle since the holidays. Bruticus and Sky Reign are on their way, and the showing so far is good.

The first figure I found was Swindle. He has been around for a good long time, and as any good scoundrel, he comes out of the woodwork when needed and disappears again. We have seen a lot of him over the years in the different continuities, and we see him again in the Combiner Wars line.

If you know anything about this guy, this is usually what we get. Big purple eyes on a black head, with a yellowish body. He is some kind of light military vehicle, similar to his G1 version, but this time he is bigger and has better articulation.

I am not really digging this backpack.  We have had some big backpacks in the past, but this one is crazy.  It sticks out and up.  If it rains, Swindle is going to have his pants full of water.

His articulation is fantastic.  He has all of the good movement we see in the current run of Deluxe figures.   In addition, he also has hinged feet so he can keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, no matter the pose.

He comes with two guns.  His primary gun is a three barreled rifle.  It has good details, and fits well in his hand.   He also comes with the requisite foot/hand gun that all of the Deluxe figures come with. It is a bit too large, as most of these are.

Swindle turns into a light armored, open air vehicle. It is a highly detailed vehicle, but unknown as to what it is. Definitely setup for running in the desert.

The guns can be mounted on the top with a post in the middle and holes on both of the back portions. The black gun actually mounts sideways on the center post. It is a bit weird to have the gun mounted sideways like that, but they needed a post to be able to mount the big gun there too.

A very nice robot, and a good vehicle.  It is hard to imagine that this is a retool of Rook, looking at the vehicle.   The color makes him stand out from the other figures we have seen so far, and we have seen a lot of figures.  There are just minor nit-picks with this figure, and he is done very well overall.  I am looking forward to finding the rest of the Combaticons, and really getting the Combiner War started.

Attack of the Drones: Power Core Combiners

The new line of Power Core Combiners are out and combining.   There are going to be 5 in all, and so far I have 3.   My first was the Combaticons, which I bought to see how this line was.    I was impressed enough to get more.  Not quite as impressed with the other sets.  There are some drawbacks with each figure.


Bombshock is the Commander of this team.  He is a good looking Transformer in his standard robot mode.  Two giant cannons over his shoulders makes him a formative foe.  Adding in his 4 Drones and he is quite a hulking beast.   The line of Combiners does not combine Transformers as they used to in the past.  Instead we get a Commander, and 4 “Drones.”   Said to be just as powerful as any standard Transformers, the drones become body appendages.

Good and bad.  It would be nice if they transformed into robots as they are supposed to.   Not all bad since they actually transform into a body part.   No need to have extra hands or chest plates or any of that any longer.

These vehicles are well outfitted for battle in their vehicle modes.   This adds up to a deadly combination when this Decepticon goes up against his Autobot foes.

Up next, the Destructicons.   My least favorite Commander.  And I will show you why…

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